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Model: AEG-GG-BB-CM16-TN

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by sebastian a. on 2016-08-23 15:12:25
"Exellent gun.... Very nice gun. Great performance. Nice price. GyG quality products.
by Joe M. on 2016-08-21 18:27:53
"Very good gun. I put a longer barrel and better bucking in mine an it shoots HARD. If you want this for cqb you'll need to downgrade the spring, but if you want it for field use its perfect. The only bad thing I would have to say about this gun is that its blow back so the internals of the gearbox are harder to work on.

acceptability of mags

No ris (personal con)
ROF(rate of fire) is slower than I"d like, fixed with a evike tornado motor(could be a pro if your going to make it a DMR)
by luke w. on 2016-06-24 14:23:13
"I just got this last Tuesday and I went to bingfield airsoft park in Illinois and it worked flawlessly only con is that it's pretty hard to open the battery compartment but that's the only thing bad also it shoots very straight and I love the electric blowback.
by Ty H. on 2016-06-14 19:08:13
"Absolutely love this rifle! I've been playing with a KWA LM4 PTR for a while now and I was starting to get sick of the maintenance that comes with owning a gbbr. I knew I wanted a combat machine and this one was on sale for only $115 so I picked one up. It has a good amount of weight to it and feels very solid in your hands. The only flaw right out of the box was a chip in the flash hider. When I went to shoot it the fps was hitting 350 very consistently and I could hit a man sized target from well over 100 feet away. The gun is pretty loud and has just enough recoil to notice, but its nothing compared to a gbb. I swapped the spring out for an m120 spring and that bumped the fps up to 400 making this rifle perfect for the kind of fields I play at. Many people said that the delta ring was very tricky to move in order to change the battery but I never had this problem. I've been using a 9.6V NiMh Which gives it a decent rate of fire but a lot more than my LM4. In conclusion I was scarred of how much I'd be downgrading from a KWA to a G&G combat machine but honestly this gun is not far behind in terms or performance once I upgraded it some, and so far has never malfunctioned or given me any sort of problem. I would recommend it to both new and veteran players, this is by far the best AEG I've ever owned.
by Jake C. on 2015-12-15 06:23:44
"Well, where do I start? This rifle was my first (and only) airsoft rifle. I've had it for two years now I think, and it preforms like it's brand new (with less hassle from the delta ring, as it eventually loosens up). I have brought it to multiple sandy, dirty, dusty environments, and it rocks on like a champ. I have brought it through cold, hot, wet, dry days and settings, and it still keeps-a-tickin. This is a great rifle, and I highly recommend buying it. BUT!!! If you do, and you want to add attachments you are gonna have to scour the internet (if you're like me, and are a newb at Airsoft) to find an RIS. Now here's some Pro's and Con's list.
1) It's durable
2)It's light
3)It's cheap
4) Good starter gun

1)The delta ring (for the first few weeks)
2)The front sight is not removable
3)It doesn't come with an RIS (this is more of a personal con)
by Chris B. on 2015-12-12 08:19:38
"We just received this rifle. After using it a bit, it's well made, predictable, accurate, but the MAJOR flaw is how the battery goes in and out. You pull down on a ring just below the rail and pop out the rail itself to expose the battery. The ring is soo hard to pull down it's extremely tough to get the rail off. It takes two people. A child definitely couldn't do it by himself. I'm actually thinking about trying to require it or by a mod to put the battery in the stock.
by Deacon B. on 2015-08-05 07:44:13
"Got this gun a few months back and I love it. The Delta Ring is quite tough out of the box but it does get better after you move it up and down a bunch. The flash hider is not removable (not without cutting into it) and neither is the from sight. The material the gun is made out of is very sturdy and can take a ton of hits and still preform like a beast. The FPS was hitting 380, so I switched out the spring which was very easy. It's a great gun for upgrades and I highly suggest it.

Looks Great
Blowback is useless, but fun

Delta Ring
Flash Hider
Blowback is useless, but fun
by todd b. on 2015-07-24 11:01:31
"this gun is amazing. solid fps and good range (about 45 yrds). hope up is nice as well, bbs drop instead of fly up or sideways. got this gun on sale for 109 and it outperforms some of my buddies 200 dollar guns.
by Matt S. on 2015-06-10 12:46:18
"Pretty good gun, especially for the price. $170 for a blowback M4 is a steal.

Good price.
Looks good, especially in tan.
Combat machines are versatile

Magazines are way way expensive for this
High maintenance
Recoil can knock off the dust cover
by Kevin F. on 2014-10-28 13:34:07
"Got this from the Box Of Awesomeness.

Has a good weight to it
Mag well has little to no wobble
though it is plastic, it feels tough and strong
FPS seems good

The delta ring to open the bottom of the handguard on my is extremely difficult and causes problems putting the battery in.I feel like this will get better over time.
The dust cover won't stay close, but that does show the blowback so oh well.

I plan to make this an upgraded gun by putting a new m120 spring in it, with possibly a new motor. I also plan on getting a new handguard with RIS and putting a PEQ2 box to house the battery.

Overall, decent gun with minor flaws.
by CJ L. on 2012-09-02 13:57:47
"This Gun Is Amazing I've Had This Gun For About A Year And A Half And I've Had Minor Problems That Aren't Really Anything To Worry About. I've Took This Gun To Backyard Skirmishes Indoor And Outdoor Games. This Gun Has Never Let Me Down. I Have Never Upgraded Anything On The Gun And It Still Works Like A Charm. I Recommend This Gun To Beginners And Intermediate Players Who Are Looking For A Gun For a Cheap Price. I've Dropped This Gun Many Times And It Still Works

Pretty Light Its Only Like 2-3 Pounds
Plastic So Its Light (May Be A Con For Some)
Good ROF
Great FPS
And Great Price

The Delta Ring Is Really Stiff Out Of The Box
And Mag Wobble
by Maryanne H. on 2012-07-22 19:38:19
"This gun is amazing I just got it today.

Good rof
good fps
light weight

The only con I have is that the delta ring is a little stiff when you first get it.

I would recommend this gun to anybody.

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