Reviews: Pre-Order ETA 09/30/2016 KWA Full Metal M1911 NS2 PTP w/ Railed Frame Airsoft Gas Blowback - MKIV / OD Green


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Model: GP-KWA-MK4-O

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by Tyler C. on 2016-04-30 19:49:10
"This gun is great over all but I found out the magazine easily falls out while running.
by Caleb P. on 2015-06-14 14:36:43
"I had this pistol for about 2 weeks. extremely fun to shoot. When I used it in my first war, i accidentally dropped my magazine. The slide would not catch after that, but it was my fault. I'm returning it now, but other than that, it's fantastic.
-Full metal
-fantastic fps
-one of the most comfortable pistols you will ever hold
-crisp, good sounding blowback
-effective hopup (extremely) and easy to adjust
-21 round magazine
-gas efficient (2 mags on a 70 degree day on one fill)
-easy disassembly
-nice sights
-comes with silicone oil
-one of the best gbb pistols there is. We-tech
by Lane W. on 2012-02-21 08:00:00
"This is a great gun. I have had it since 18 June, 2011. The accuracy is great with .25's. This gun isn't good in cold weather. If it is under 50F the bb's will go in random directions. I use propane in this gun and it works great and still does. I am going to switch to green gas though becasue I have heard from other people that using propane all the time isn't good for the gun but so far using propane hasn't damaged my gun at all and propane is lots cheaper.

Weight (could be pro or con)
Good with propane

Not good in cold weather
by Chris B. on 2011-07-06 12:17:03
"Great gun. it is accurate to about 150 ft. I used this in an airsift war alone, and in 15 min I got 5 kills. great gun

Displaying 1 to 4 (of 4 reviews)