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KWA Full Metal M1911 NS2 PTP w/ Railed Frame Airsoft Gas Blowback - MKII / Black

8 Customer Reviews

by Rob K. on 09/10/2016
"Bought this about 3 months ago and it's great hasn't let me down yet has great consistency and accuracy along with power. Yeah its a little pricey but still worth it. I'd recommend the blade tech dropleg holster for it. It's really easy to use and you will never worry about losing a mag or the gun
by Robert P. on 02/26/2016
"Great gun super accurate mag holds a perfect amount of bbs without making the grip too wide it feels great and it's probably the best sidearm on the market right now if you have the money BUY NOW if you can
by Claire K. on 01/27/2015
"Great gun, this was my first green gas gun, and I love it. Before I had a Elite Force 1911 Tac and It was good but not great. I'm not really a fan of co2. I sold it and baught this. LOVE IT! I give it a 5/5 for overall performance. Also, Some other review of this gun says it does not have extra mags. But they do have extra mags. Which i love.
by Sven M. on 02/27/2014
"Great gun. Looks and feels like the real thing.

BEWARE: There are no extra magazines available. Have been looking for over a year. So.... if you lose it, makes for a great paperweight.............
by david z. on 01/03/2012
"This is an awesome piece of kwa! It is full metal, except for the grips. I used this thing in an indoor park and i couldn't be any happier, this thing RIPS! The only con is the magazine because of the 13 rounds.
by Eric R. on 08/06/2013
"The gun is a solid piece of equipment like most KWA products. Have owned this gun for over a year now and it has not failed me once. I play out in the field and believe me this thing has gotten dirty from crawling around in the dirt. If you clean this gun, keep it lubed and use the type of gas recommended you won't have any problems.

It shots hard and accurate. I have the older model with the 12 round mags. That's the only down side but KWA has released the 21 round double stack mag for the 1911 series. So it's a win win again. The older mags do however have issues. Such has not holding enough gas to get through a full mag, or the O rings falling out where you fill the gas. Hence "you got it" the release of the new mags!!

I don't recommend using any type of hard shell fast draw holster with this gun. A very common issue is that the mag release button gets pushed while holstered or upon draw and you end up losing your mag or it falling out in your hand. Just some food for thought. I've actually lost a mag due to this issue and have had my mag fall into my hand while drawing my weapn while using these holsters.

I would give it 5 out of 5 but since my weapon is older and came with the 12 round mags it gets a 4 out of 5.
by Claire K. on 11/02/2015
"Bought this gun 6 months ago. GREAT at first... I played in many games and it worked great. Until a 2 months ago when the mag catch started to break. After every shot, the mag falls out. Cant figure out how to fix it. If anyone can help, please comment.
by Cole B. on 08/28/2015
"Let it be said that this gun is an accurate representation of an actual fire arm, has good power for a cqb environment and is very accurate. Unfortunately it is very unreliable and poorly made. I have had numerous problems with this gun. I am a very experienced air softer and followed all the directions. The first time this gun failed me is when the air nozzle in the slide (the black thing that propels the bb and can slide back and forth that also takes bb from the mag) broke in half. I was firing it as normal and it just broke and flew out. This was so recently after I bought it that it had less than 500 shots through it. Luckily it was under warranty. The total shipping costs to get it there and back was excess of 20 dollars and took the majority of the summer. Shortly after I got it back the thumb safety gave me troubles. On a real gun the thumb safety is very strong and takes some strength to engage it. On this toy gun it is very flimsy and comes on and off while while you are barley touching it. If the pressure screw on the trigger is not perfectly adjusted the gun will fire with the safety on but the slide cannot move back and all the gas in the mag ties out into your face. Eventually the thumb safety fell off of the gun. once again this was still under warranty and i sent it back for another 20+ dollars to get it fixed. I lost interest in airsofting for the most part because of this gun. Another year goes by with little use and regular maintenance and I go back to use it. This time the barrel lug (yes the metal piece at the tip of the gun that keeps everything together) broke in half on the first shot and sent the pieces flying everywhere. I picked up all the pieces and proceeded to order the part. Not to mention how crappy the magazines on this are. They market the metal tips as a plus and that these mags are the best you can get. Unfortunately they are lying. The bb follower is very sticky and is so hard to pull it back that it breaks your nails so you need a screwdriver to do so. Even then the lock doesn't always work and it can slam forward and send bbs flying everywhere. This gun is extremely overpriced as well. It i the most expensive gas pistol you can get for the most part and that is not factoring in all the money you will have to put into fixing it. It has probably cost me about 220 plus dollars to keep this gun kind of working. My friends WE G17 has been more reliable than this. Very disappointed in KWA