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Model: AEG-M1919

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by Kenneth H. on 2016-07-28 12:58:09
"Got mine a few weeks ago, pre-ordered october 2015.


Out of the box it did not work at all, after a almost complete disassembly i found one of the connector to the motor was completely broken in half, some of the screws on the receiver had fallen of.

Fixed it and took it for a field test the following morning, the accuracy sucked big time and the bbīs did only travel about 15-20m (50-60ft)

The magazine holder is placed to far back so you can only angle it up a couple of degrees before it hits the tripod, so forget about shooting up hill or into high buildings without some modification, and its not in line with the bullet feed on the gun.

Bought an original tripod instead of the one thatīs for sale with the gun, but the measurements is the same.

The charging handle is a joke and you risk shorting cables to the battery if you force it.

The inner barrel ends about 10-12 cm inside the outer barrel, and worst of all it does not have a adjustable hopup like they say, have removed the inner barrel and hop up unit from the gun and it is no way you can adjust the hopup, it is 100% fixed without modification.

It is a cool looking gun, but donīt expect to be able to take it out on the field without some modifications right out of the box.
by Micah M. on 2016-07-08 09:38:44
"After almost a year of waiting, IT HAS ARRIVED! The box in came in was bland, but I'm fine with that. I have had the 14lb tripod for a while and am finally able to have its counterpart on it. This beast of a ~25lb gun is just pretty as the pictures, even more so in person. I was going to do some modification of the trigger so I could fire it whilst moving, but the distance between the trigger and handle is A LOT smaller than the pictures show.

-Fantastic feel
-Great features
-Satisfying to hold
-Great FPS
-Mine is fairly accurate
-Love the box mag
-Comes with a VERY nice certificate of authenticity

-No spare mags
-My charging handle seems to get stuck about half way
-HUGE orange tip, but that is not really a HUGE issue
-I Pre-Ordered mine last August, got it on July 8th 2016

All in all this is going on my list of guns that no one else but me, gets to use. The only "problem" is no extra mags, but it is not gonna hinder my perfect 5 rating on this magnificent piece of art.
by Woodrow C. on 2016-07-07 20:38:07
"I have not fielded the weapon yet, so this is a fresh out of the box backyard review.

It was well packed and arrived undamaged. It is really heavy and solid feeling! The only plastic I can find is on the pistol grip. The ammo box mount has to be attached with two allen screws you will find attached to the weapon on the left side. Unscrew them, and then attach the mount with those screws. One very welcome surprise is that the ammo box has been wired to load bb's when the trigger is pulled, like on my A&K M60! No red button to push with one hand while you aim and fire with the other! I was VERY happy to see that modification. The ammo box uses 4 AA batteries. I only wish the whole ammo box system had been better engineered to allow dummy rounds to be placed in the top of the ammo box and feed into the weapon for that authentic look. The box is placed too far aft and the bb feed tube is right where the rounds would go. I will have to try to figure out some way to fix this because dummy rounds are just a must have for a weapon like this. The good news is that the system fed bb's just fine, so you can't fault that.

The charging handle feels a bit funny in that is doesn't want to slide back very easily. Also, there is the potential to damage the wires for the weapon's battery and the wire that connects the trigger to the ammo box feed motor when actuating the charging handle. Caution is advised.

I appreciate the tag that came with the weapon showing that it had been test fired, with an FPS of 380-390. However, my XCORTECH X3200 only showed 260 FPS with .20's. A bit disappointing. Not sure who to believe now. If my chrono is reading that low, then all my other guns are shooting way hotter than I thought! The rate of fire was 9.6 rounds per second with a 7.4v lipo.

So, I still really like this weapon despite the minor gripes. I've been wanting one for a long time, and it's finally here! It was obviously engineered to be a reliable, real-world, no kidding, take it into battle weapon for honest airsoft use, not just as a pretty display piece.

Pros: Realistic weight and look.
Almost no plastic.
Auto winding ammo box operates with trigger.
Feeds reliably.
Lots of STEEL!

Cons: Ammo box placement could be better to allow dummy rounds.
Feed tube interferes with dummy round placement as well.
FPS appears to be low. (could just be my chrono, but I doubt it)
Charging handle feels sloppy and proximity to wires inside is a concern.

So there is my preliminary review. Hope this helps you guys.

Carry on, and be careful out there.
by Liam H. on 2012-03-29 00:11:25
"I have had this gun for a while and I think it's one of the most intense airsoft guns I have ever owned. I mounted it on a dune buggy and me and my friend drive around in it all day in a war just shooting them and shooting them. Get this gun.

Displaying 1 to 4 (of 4 reviews)