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ICS M4-A1 Sportline Airsoft AEG Rifle

11 Customer Reviews

by Jacob R. on 09/07/2013
"This has to be my favorite airsoft gun I have ever owned. This comes from a person who has a KWA KRISS Vector. It is extremely light and easy to maneuver in cqb and field play alike, with fairly good range and very good accuracy right out of the box. It also is very solid- there is zero wobble anywhere on the rifle, even on the stock- where most m4's seem to have an issue. My favorite feature has got to be the split gearbox. It is stupidly easy to change out a spring for going from an arena to a field, and even easier if you buy a spare upper gearbox. My ICS-m4 has also been running a LiPo battery since day one with zero issues, and now has the most crisp trigger response I have experienced thus far with an un- upgraded AEG and a very respectable rate of fire.
****I do have one gripe about this gun, though. Two weeks after I bought it I was fielding the gun with a 3 point sling and the lower receiver simply snapped in half without any rough treatment at all. I contacted ICS and they shipped me a newer, reinforced polymer receiver (I only had to pay for shipping) that has worked well for me so far. I may have just received a lemon, but this is something to keep in mind.

-Very lightweight
-Very easy to maintain with the split gearbox
-Great looking finish and parts
-Solid construction
-Great accuracy and range
-Amazing trigger pull with a LiPo

-My lower receiver kind of snapped. So yeah, there's that.

Overall a great gun I would recommend to absolutely anyone in the market for an M4, even a seasoned player looking for a backup.
by Doug L. on 04/21/2013
"Great Beginner rifle that will allow you to grow into the sport.

I bought this on recommendation from a friend as i was getting into the sport. I like the ease of use and quick break in. It's a fairly light rifle and is ready to go out of the box. ICS is a great quality product and this gun doesn't disappoint.

-LiPo ready from the factory
-V2 gearbox is spot on
-Accuracy is solid and hop up is easy to adjust.
-Affordable entry price for the amateur airsofter
-Though plastic, is very durable and resilient

-All plastic construction makes it feel fake
-Orange flash hider isn't able to be removed without breaking the outer barrel

All in all this is a great gun to start with or to have as a backup. I would buy another just in case i have any issues with my primary or if a friend wants to come out and play! If you're on the fence, grab one, they won't disappoint.
by Brendan B. on 03/24/2013
"Just got this gun a week ago and sofar its amazing. It has a good rof with 9.6
Great weight and feel. Its very acurate to. I would recomend buying a second mag for it if you are using it in battles because you can go trough the mag it come with really fast.
And the spring release feture is really cool and will save your spring

Great weight/feel
Spring release

Battery space is tight i bought a g&p spall type battery and it didnt fit so i had to use a butterfly instead
Plastik not really a con though just letting people know

Thes are very nitty little cons and i would recomend this to any intermedent or novice airsofter
by JOHN p. on 01/06/2011
"this gun is awesome i havent used it in a war yet but all i can say is it will blow the competition out of the water. i have a 9.6 1600 mah battery that i use and it gets a monster rof

great rof
good range
strong plastic
comes with two mags
dust cover doesnt stay closed
overall 9/10 only because of the dust cover but that doesnt really matter
i recommend this gun to a starter, pro, or middle class
by scott k. on 12/12/2010
"i got this gun because my ca brok. This summer and i LOVE it is low fps but easy to fix. so far so good.

2x 300 mags

my red wier brok to hook up the batery
by Sim T. on 06/22/2015
"First off this is one of the best starter AEGs you can get. I purchased three in a package deal on Ebay and had to do a bit of fix up so I have a good bit of experiance with them. It has great performance in range, accuracy, and RPS. FPS will vary from shot to shot by 30 or so and the average FPS varied between 350 and 400 between the three of them.

Good price
Good performance
Great RPS
Good range
Great accuracy
Medium small so easy to use CQB but has the stats for field use too
Super light weight
Split gearbox makes for easy fixes, upgrades, and diagnosis for issues
the forward assist functions to clear spring tension (which greatly improves the life of your gun)

ICS specific parts are necessary for many areas
Cheap plastic will break under low stress (be careful!)
FPS varies greatly between guns and 30 or so on each
Not easily customized externally
Not super reliable (piston head breaks a lot)
Seems to have a lot more breakdowns than other AEGs

Bottom line: Highly recommended for new players, 4 stars due to above cons.
by Austin B. on 06/08/2015
Good RoF not too fast not too slow
Good Fps for cqb around 350
split gearbox makes upgrades easier
top half of gearbox is easily removable and be siwaped out in minutes
fun to shoot
Plastic body
you don't own it!
by Scott R. on 03/30/2012
"Actually a really nice gun for a base plastic sportsline model.

Of course you get the awesome ICS split gearbox which makes it WAY better than just about any other entry level m4.

The plastic was actually better than I thought it would be, looks like painted metal from a distance with a little bit of texture, not smooth and shiny like some I've seen.

Do yourself a favor and upgrade the piston to a full metal tooth one right away, like most other stock pistons, the one that comes with wont last long. Thankfully changing it out is a piece of cake, it is an ICS after all.
by Roger C. on 12/10/2011
"Decent M4 for the price.
I primarily got this because of the split V2 gearbox, I'm not good with changing the springs, so this made it easier.
Out of the box I was getting about 360-375 FPS with .20 grams.
Using it with an 8.4v battery and was getting about 15 RPS. Not bad, switched to a 7.4v lipo and it's better.
This gun is pretty accurate, I use it for CQB and it shoots pretty consistently.
The only cons I can think of are the plastic is pretty cheap, it's the same quality plastic as an LPEG, and another person mentioned it, but the dust cover won't stay closed. It'll stay shut until I fire.

I recommend to beginner through intermediate players.
Changing the spring so easily would be great for anyone who's not confident in opening up a gearbox, but it still takes some type of knowledge of the internals.
It's not a bad gun and is pretty reliable. Makes for a GREAT starter gun.
by morgan s. on 03/13/2011
"this gun is pretty sweet the only problem is the "high impact plastic" sucks butt.. i recommend buying the aluminium spare lower receiver other than that its a great gun.
by Juan A. on 02/25/2011
"I got this gun 2 months ago and all i can say is: Great quiality gun, it comes with an instruccion cd wich teces the dissembling process.
to simplify the review:

very realistic feel
very accurate
packs a great punch
nice blowback
Durable handgrip
none a wabbling pice

The stock is made of plastic which doesnt feel that great compared to the whole gun
the battery holder, which is the foregrip, can only hold butterfly batteries

In conclussion a pro vs con review can make is very clear that this is a great gun for any airsoft player