Reviews: KWA Full Metal KM4 SR7 DEVGRU Airsoft AEG (Newest 2GX 9mm Gearbox Version)


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Model: AEG-KWA-SR7
Location: L2-016

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by wesley r. on 2015-03-30 17:21:25
"This gun is great if you never take out a body pin, the second you touch anything on the inside your done for. the 2 piece hop up sucks. the rof is pretty bad. the fps is perfect for pretty much everything besides dmr, which this gun obviously isnt for. I would not reccomend this gun. If i were you looking for a gun I would go grab a G&p m4. the wiring also sucks in this.
by Tyler H. on 2015-03-09 14:06:33
"An Absolutely amazing gun! I just got mine a week ago and this past weekend I put 3000 rounds through it in 2 days. I did not have a single issue with it. The orange tip easily unscrews but first you have to remove a very tine screw in the bottom of the flash hider before you can unscrew it. Everything about the gun is very solid and the gun has a great rof even with a 9.6v 1600mah butterfly battery. I use .25g bbs in it and this gun is crazy accurate. Some will say to put in a tighter barrel in this gun, but personally i'd advise against it. I was able to hit very small targets with great consistency. I was also able to shoot the gun up to 150 feet with the gun which is probably more than I'll really get a chance to use. Getting that distance with such a compact gun is great too since you have the advantage of the cqb size gun with the range of longer guns. I used the kwa k120 mags (it comes with one unlike shown in the picture), and the did not jam up after all the rounds I shot.
by Tim G. on 2015-03-02 19:57:02
"Only one thing to say buy it. Have had this gun over a year and it works perfect. Looks great ,solid gun well worth the money.
by pravin p. on 2015-01-28 11:01:55
"great gun never jammed good for indoor
very accurate
great look

not very good for outdoor

i highly recommend this gun to every one and specially to beginners
by Al L. on 2015-01-04 16:35:25
"I have owned mine for quite some time and i really love it. The KWA KM4 SR7 is a great full metal gun for intermediate players to advanced players. Here are the pros and cons:

-Great for CQB
-Full metal
-Good for upgrades
-Has KWA bucking
-7" rail system
-fits most batteries

-Some parts are proprietary so make sure you want it
-Hop up is 310-350 fps. The sweet spot is 335 fps
-You might need to re-thread it if u want a new rail system
-It's heavy, so for you young players I would get a g&g combat machine. Just highlight it and search it here on

Upgrades I've done:
-M120 spring
-6.01 Madbull tight bore barrel
I also removed the front sight and but a g&p gas block, you're going to need it for the KWA rail system.
-Magpul angled fore grip
-Magpul rail covers
and a Magpul pts stock.
it shoots 410-430 fps*

The BB weight I recommend for the stock gun is .25 bbs by Elite Force. You never can go wrong with Elite Force.

So over all its a 5 out of 5
by Nick S. on 2014-11-20 17:51:15
"i absolutely love this gun. I have used it in a couple of cqb games and it preformed is very easy to customize besides for the fixed front sight. i have put a magpul angled fore grip (also recommended) that maked the gun look so bad ass. the only con was that i felt that the hop up doesnt do much but i still love the gun and highly recommend it for cqb
by Kevin I. on 2014-06-04 20:36:10
"No... Just no... i have no idea what KWA was thinking when they put in that HORRIBLE spiral cord to connect to the battery... Plus to polish that mistake they shove a external fuse in our face. Both of these make the stock pretty much un-upgradable. Otherwise this gun is GREAT. i love it with all my heart im upgrading most of the externals EXCEPT THE STOCK BECAUSE THAT IS IMPOSSIBLE... so yea :D

Shoots GREAT
nice weight
High FPS
Nice Range for a CQB

Stock is horrible
spiral cord
external fuse
Non removable front iron sight
Front sling mount clip flops around making a loud ting noise...
by Caden N. on 2014-05-02 21:08:12
"Love this gun, 4 stars because the externals are just about G&G quality. If you are like me and are deciding for your first airsoft gun, it seems that G&G and G&P are a better choice, but let me tell you that KWA makes quality weapons that will be way more reliable and better than any other brand (unless its systema or TM).

$60 gift (I recommend using it for the K120 mags 6 pack)
Very well built
K120 Mags are amazing.

Heavy (I'm 13, so its not that bad but definitely not something for anyone younger.)
The groupings can vary, pop in a g&g green bucking and the bb's will soar.
by luka a. on 2014-04-21 13:50:10
"This gun is out standing, its by far the best gun i ever had, i extremely recomend this gun

great accuracy
no wobble
heavy (can be a con for some people)
cqb range
crisp fire selector
cool sound

by Chase P. on 2014-04-17 12:14:21
"I drove up to the evoke super store to get this gun. Walking in not knowing what kind of gun I wanted I was leaning for m4 models because I always like them. so the guy asked me what was looking for I told him I want something all metal durable and under 400 fps around 370 would be great. so you can go outdoor or indoor.

-Good fps 350-370
-Good Rate of Fire
-Full Metal
-(got 6 mid cap mags for free due to special going on)
-(9.6v battery with package)
-Rails for anything and everything
-KWA Hop-Up Bucking has two teeth for better accuracy
-Extremely accurate

-could be heavy for some players

other then that probably one of the best guns i have ever purchased.
If your looking for a gun its a bit pricey but worth every penny!
by Uriah A. on 2014-03-16 21:21:18
"I have owned this rifle for about 4 months now so I feel like I can give a solid review about it.

This rifle is hands down the best gun I have ever owned.

Pros -

Insane Accuracy
Solid Trigger Response
Metal Upper and Lower Receiver
Retractable Crane Stock
Heavy In Weight (about 8 pounds)
7" Picantinny Rail System
Metal Sling Mount
Spacious Battery Compartment in the Stock
Solid Selector Switch
Great Motor Grip
High RoF
Easy to Take Apart/Reassemble

Cons -

Somewhat Wobbly Stock
Selector Switch Will Come Loose After a While (tightened with 0.05mm allen key)

Other than that, this gun is outstanding and it is worth every penny. Also, if you buy the gun, Evike will give you $60 for free! I bought myself a vest with it :)

I replaced my inner barrel with a KM Head 1950 series 395mm 6.02mm inner barrel and it was well worth the upgrade. It now shoots a little over 200ft with .25 gram bb's :) One thing you should pay attention to, NEVER clean your barrel with silicon oil. It will end up swelling your bucking and decreasing the gun's performance. I had to replace my bucking with a new one because I realized my mistake. You can read how to properly clean your KWA rifle on the KWA forums.

I highly recommend this gun and you will not regret your purchase.
by Louis A. on 2014-03-12 18:34:36
"Hands down the best airsoft gun I have ever owned. This thing is a monster! I love the way it sounds with the 11.1v Li-Poly battery.


- Very Accurate
- Reliable
- Rugged
- Great RoF
- Sounds awesome
- Lots of rails for attachments
- Full Metal construction makes it handle like a real M4
- KWA Hop-Up Bucking has two teeth for better accuracy and backspin


- Battery compartment is very tight with my 11.1v 1800mA Li-Poly battery
- Can't be converted to ambidextrous operation (I'm ambidextrous.)


Amazing gun. If you're serious about airsoft, this is a great choice.

I highly recommend getting the 6-pack of KWA K120 mid-cap mags as your free gift. They feed great, give the experience of reloading, and fit the $59.99 free gift. They also don't rattle like high-caps, so you can be really sneaky.

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