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Matrix CNC Machined Steel "Super High Speed" Airsoft Gear Set (Ratio: 13:1)

13 Customer Reviews

by Tyler P. on 04/02/2017
"Excellent gears! I've used them in multiple builds and they have never let me down. Just know some gearboxes will required a lot of shims to get them in properly. Also previously mentioned, they are SHS gears that are packaged as matrix.
by Caleb G. on 02/27/2017
"These gears are great I installed them into my masada. While using the stock motor I was getting about 28~ rof and great trigger response on an 11.1 lipo. Even when I put an m120 spring in the stock motor which isn't strong what so ever was still giving great trigger response and rof. I highly recommend these gears!
by Jasper B. on 10/07/2016
"great gears, works with an 11.1v lipo and m120 at about 28 rps
Note: these are actually just shs gears so idk why they are liscenced as evike/matrix ones
by Jeffrey S. on 06/12/2016
"Bought these and some high torque motors for my two CYMA AKs. They work wonderfully and run very quiet. I get about 18rps with a 9.6v battery out of both. On semi the trigger response is near instant, which is exactly what I was going for. My only gripe is that the gears were ALMOST too wide for the gear box in both guns the spur gear couldn't fit a shim on either side without locking it up. Other than that these are a very solid buy, especially for the price, I'm not sure why every gun doesn't come with this or a similar gear ratio.
by Justin P. on 03/01/2016
"I would recommend this to anyone that wants a better trigger response I had this installed into my elite for cqb (which I would also recommend) it made a very noticeable and for the price it really is a smart purchase. I have a stock motor and standard 9.6 battery and it still runs amazing
by zack o. on 09/09/2014
"I got a set of these for my m4 cqb build and they work fantastically.all the parts that tou should know about in my gearbox (they affect performance) these guys, shs polycarb piston with full metal teeth, and an echo 1 ht motor with an m100 spring, with well shimmed gears. im getting 27-30ish rps on an 11.1v 20c batery. over all a good buy for people who want good trigger response and speed.
by chandler w. on 07/11/2013
"An amazing set of gears. They have a slightly shorter shaft length *shwing* which is corrected by a couple extra shims. The part that threw me off however was when I saw the SHS trademarks on the gears. That same set not in a matrix box would cost less at anyother location, but oh well.

After doing some tests, I was able to clock rps at 18.7 using the stock JG magnum motor and a 7.4v lipo. That translates out to about 1000 rpm. However I used the high speed gears to increase trigger response and prevent lock up in the gears. I recommend using a sector clip(which i use) to keep bbs from jamming in the mag or preventing a good feed.

1000 rpm with stock motor and 7.4v
Great trigger response
no gear lock up

rebranded SHS. not really a con, just a nit pick or pet peeve
by John N. on 03/03/2013
"Fantastic Gears

Build material, fees like steel coated in oil-less gloss type thing.
Low ratio, increased fire rate.

Fire rate; NOT ENOUGH AMMO - I shoot way to much.
Packaging; just a plastic mold stapled to cardboard. **Does not affect the product.
by James W. on 08/19/2012
"Best AEG gears I have ever used!


Con: None
by Tony D. on 05/22/2011
"These gears are just epic. I bought 3 sets of these bad boys and installed them in VFC's. Paired with M90 springs, 8mm Ball Bearings, and the Matrix 3000 Turbo motor, your gun will bump up to 28 BPS WITH a 9.6v 1600mAh battery! These gears are magnificent. Durable, fast, and easy to install! Get them while they still have them in stock!
by jarrett s. on 05/12/2017
"Axel spacing seemed pretty spaced required more shimming than expected and the selector to spur gear did not mesh well and has some play.
by jake h. on 11/20/2014
"I Bought this gear set for my ics cxp15 hoping to make it the ultimate cqb gun. However since ics has split gearboxes and a custom extended anti-reversal latch the spur gear gets in the way and the gears will not spin when the gearbox is closed up. So I was disappointed but not there fault. So then I tried them in a full metal agm m4 I have and they did not work in that either. The spur gear had to be shimmed up so high to not hit the bottom bushing that the gearbox would not close. So finally I put them in my g&g combat machine carbine with no other mods and they fit awesome. It definitely shot faster. Not as fast I would have hoped but I also swapped a faster motor into it and it shoots crazy fast now.

Good price
Shoots faster
More durable
Better made than stock gears
Fits g&g m4

Didn't fit ics m4
Didn't fit agm m4

Overall id recommend this set for anyone looking for a ROF boost wih a lower budget. Just make sure to do your research before purchasing to make sure it's compatible with your specific gearbox. I also recommend getting a high torque or high speed motor, this will make your gun shoot insanely fast with this gear set.
by Ji Y. on 02/16/2015
"Haven't installed the gears yet, but they arrived poorly packaged. It came literally in this little dirty plastic bag holding all 3 gears together. When you take a closer look, they seem pretty much used. Dirty, and some of the teeth seems to be worn down a bit, and a bunch of scratches and dirt marks on them.