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Matrix CNC Machined Steel "Low Noise" Airsoft Gear Set (Ratio: 100:300)

9 Customer Reviews

by FLY 79953 Sebastian Bustamante P. on 03/20/2018
"Awesome gears!!

- Really good quality
- Great price
- Really resistent

No Cons
by Sean H. on 09/16/2017
"Great gearset, was pulling back a M135 spring with ease. Helical gears are quieter than the straight ones and there's no difference to shimming them over straight cut, a bad shim job is just as bad on straight and helical gears alike but you'll notice better performance with a good shim.
by Dominic F. on 07/30/2016
"Great gear set and yes, they are defiantly helical. very tough and when shimmed are quieter, a bit. They pull a 135% spring with ease. they are great looking and a good thing to start conversations with others.
by Brett T. on 09/05/2015
"These gear are pretty awesome. They're a smidgen quieter than most high torque, and they're helical. Helical is a little bit trickier to shim properly, but I will say these have held up better than any gears I've ever owned so far... and despite that it says they can only pull an m160 at most, it's pulling my m170 at 15rps. GG Matrix, really good.

Version 3 JG G36K, everything aftermarket, M170 spring, 8mm ball bearing bushings and lonex gearbox.
by Joseph R. on 02/01/2015
"Good gears, allows me to pull m150 with ease with stock classic army motor and 9.6v 3200 mah battery, with the stock gears in I doubt the motor would pull this spring.


NONE! get em
by marcelino c. on 02/08/2013
"excellent set of gears. very good buy for the price. these gears are really well made, a little hard to shim but worth the effort. they need to be broken in, must shim perfectly. when first installed they were noisy but after about 500 rounds i decided to take apart and inspect. i found that the shimming was a little loose so i reshimed again. it shot quieter and smoother. can pull m150 with 9.2v
by nick m. on 01/07/2015
"Put these gears in m249 saw mk2 with the matrix m130 and high torque motor. Not as terrible as others claim to shim but it did take a while to get them right. using a 9.6v 1600mah the ROF dropped to like 11 rps which wasnt quite right for a support weapon. using a 11.1v Lipo (3000mah 30C Floureon) the ROF came back to about 16rps which is just right for a support weapon. Combined with a new cylinder set and tightbore I am getting 430fps with a .20 at 16rps. Overall very happy with these gears as they are very hard and durable after about 4000rds the paint has just started to wear off. They are pretty loud though.

Very cheap
Very durable

lot of gear noise even though they have been shimmed properly
by Curtis B. on 08/03/2011
"This is a great gear set! Right off the bat these gears look great! They are cut very well and fit together very nicely. When you get down to the mechanical aspects of the gears that's when it gets impressive, the teeth are cut in a helical pattern which almost eliminates any kind of knocking that occurs in regular cut gear teeth, and as you can imagine this cuts down on a lot of the noise that you get from the greabox giving you the ability to send bbs down range with greater velocities without having to sacrifice your position due to loud gearboxes!
by Brett T. on 02/11/2015
"The Good: Well, they're a tough set of gears and they don't have any problems pulling my M150.

The Bad: Even after being properly shimmed, they're far from "Low Noise". It doesn't sound awful or anything, but it's not "Low Noise". My AIM Super Torque gears are more quiet than these. For some reason it greatly stresses out my Lonex A-1 motor and it heats up mighty quick with a slower RPS. I find my AIM gears to be superior. I can't say I'd recommend these gears. Matrix fails me again.

The Ugly: These gears are labeled incorrectly; They're actually 26:1. They lack to mention these gears are Helical.