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Condor Seven Pocket Tactical Chest Rig (Color: Tan)

10 Customer Reviews

by Priscilla G. on 09/15/2013
"This is an awesome chest rig for the price! It's extremely comfortable, very well build for durability, pockets are safe! Anything you put in there, no matter what you do, it stays there.

The only 2 cons I find about this chest rig is that, for persons with small torsos and shoulders (like me) will have to stretch out those adjustments straps to the max and you'll have 3 ponytails hanging around your back. I highly suggest you fold them and tape them (that way you don't have to cut off the straps, in case you wish to sell the chest rig later on, it stays original with no alterations). The other thing is that the shoulder straps, you'll need to cross them (like an X) so they don't slip off from your shoulders every 5 seconds.

by Tommy L. on 02/17/2012
"First off, this chest rig is great, it looks great, it adjusts perfectly, and it holds ALOT. I haven't used it in a game yet but that's okay. The only real issue is that the buckles feel kinda cheap for such a great rig.


- hold up to 6 m4 mags
- Durable fabric
- amazing color (OD)
- 3 utility pouches for anything (I use them for dump pouches)


- buckles feel kinda cheap
by Dominic M. on 12/14/2011
"This is a great chest. I wear it over a body-armor vest, and it not only matches well, but fits smoothly. Holds all the mags I need. Great buy, especially for 20 bucks!
by Josef O. on 11/22/2011
"Awesome, it's a great buy. At first glance this vest looked amazing there are no real problems and for 20 bucks this vest is basically a steal it's durable and for the price it's amazing
by michael N. on 11/20/2011
"This is a great chest rig....really good deal for the price....
by Brandon H. on 05/12/2011
"yayy first review. First off, this looks GREAT with OD or woodland. So pros and cons beotch!!

everything you need

CONS:straps tend to slide off your shoulders (easy fix)
by Todd C. on 03/12/2011
"First off this is a great vest. It can hold two m-14 mags in a mag pocket and the side pockets can be used to hold water bottles, knives, or any thing you might need in the field.

Plenty of room for about any type of magazine
Each mag pouch can hold about 3 m4 mags tightly

The molle webbing in back is a bit small so you may want to snip it
The tan is a little bit darker than expected

Overall its a good buy if you want to hold plenty of mags without getting to hot like in a full vest.
by Edmund C. on 05/09/2015
"This is a pretty decent product from Condor. The seams are all double-stitched and there is box-stitching at all stress points. This is a general improvement over some models that feature only zig-zag or row stitching at stress points. The stitching isn't as tight as you would get from upper-tier brands, but for someone who doesn't care about battle-fashion, or folks with that "AK Mindset", this is just fine.

The chest strap adjusts between 30" and 46", so there is plenty of room for most players. The shoulder straps have an equally broad adjustment, bu the strap ends are not fold-stitched, This allows the wearer to chose between an "H" or "X strap configuration.

The radio pouch can fit a Bao Feng UVR5 series, and most other commonly available radios. You will need to punch holes for headset wires and the antenna yourself.

The magazine pouches fit most common AK magazines and Magpul-style magazines. Most will double-stack with ease.
The magazine pouches can also double-stack the following:
M-14 magazines
7.62x54 SVD magazines

With that in mind, you should be able to fit any other non-standard size magazine. I do not believe G36 magazines will double-stack in the front magazine pockets, but the side pouches are large enough to fit larger or unusually-shaped magazines. They will not fit large drum or box magazines for squad automatic weapons.

All magazine pouches are clip-and-rip secured and the hook-and-loop is standard Condor quality. Only the radio pouch is HAL-only.

The interior "map pocket" is large. It takes up all of the area behind the mag pouches on the front. Behind the large side pockets are unsecured pockets the same size as the large pouches.

The material is robust, but not hard-use ready. This is a good product for light skirmishing or as a back-up to your primary kit. With care, this chest rig should last you a good long while.
by Stephen S. on 04/30/2012
"Well this thing is well worth the money. I live in Louisiana where the conditions that you play in are much harsher then most other places. It is litteraly a jungle environment
I took this chest rig to a 3 day op recently and i wore this instead of a vest. It did the job perfectly. It held up perfectly. I never had a mag fall out. I never lost one. It held 4 bottles of water and 7 mags and a speedloaderonce i drank my water the side pocket became a drop pouch. and it does have alice webbing on the back. it fit me perfect and im a skinny guy. I did everything from Low crawls to running and gunning while engaging the enemy. Not a stich missing. This is great for the hot days and the cold days. During the cool morning it insulated me with Bdus and during the day it kept me cool. Its light and durable. Buy this and its only like 26 with shipping and handling.
so pros is that this rig is just perfect.
Cons. Not a thing comes to mind atm. I do wish i could access my Admin pouch better though
by Robert L. on 01/05/2014
"It does its job, but has a few problems:

Pro: It works
lots of pouches and space

Con: Loose
not "high-speed"
Looks kinda odd
Radio pouch is awkward
Flops around when you run

If you want an affordable chest-rig, get this. But If you have a bigger budget, look at getting a tighter chest rig or a plate carrier.