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G&G GR15 Raider-XL DST Electric Blow Back Airsoft AEG Rifle (Package: Tan / Gun Only)

11 Customer Reviews

by Trisha K. on 02/09/2017
"I recently received this gun, and it's amazing! I love everything about it. This gun doesn't feel cheap and is slightly heavy, but it isn't too heavy.

Sounds amazing!
Good accuracy
Love the box it comes in
Batteries fit in semi-easy
Looks good
The blowback system works perfectly
Attachments are easy to put on
Good rail system
Good feel to gun

The blowback cover doesn't stay on (looks better without it on)
The cord for the batteries were far up inside the gun( easy fix)

Note: Mags run out of ammo quick, suggest extra mag.

Overall I recommend this gun to any airsoft player.
Can't wait to try it on the field!
by Sam W. on 05/10/2015
I have the smaller version and it is great. I also have a $400 echo one xcr which actually just broke, and I think this g&g outperforms the echo1 for half the price. I have a high speed motor in my smaller version but I am going to get this and put a high torque with an m125.

Nice weight because it is very nice polymer.

Completely customizable and upgradable.

The internals are very nice on this also.

Another very useful feature is it has a spring detention button. I forgot what is it called and what it does for real ar's but it in next to the charging handle and if you have a new motor or something the spring can get a lot of tension in it so this will save the life of the gun a lot.

G&g has a bigger gearbox then a TM compatable gearbox so if you are thinking of changing out the upper and or lover reciever it will have to be a g&g upper and lower. Also if you want to build your gun that means if you want to use a g&g gearbox then you will need a g&g upper and lower recievers.

No other cons!

In all this is a very good gun and I recommend it. For goodness sakes I'm getting my 2nd!
by Tyson P. on 08/31/2012
"just got this gun in and i love it

fits my hand really well
good for cqb
good with my long arms
you can take the front sight off and use a red dot
looks BA with my tube luncher
and fore grip

had to work on the blow back easy fix

great gun tho!! buy it!!!
by EVELETH P. on 12/31/2011
"This gun is amazing. I have not had any problems with this gun.
Very Lightweight
FPS 370 with my GR15
Semi, Safe, and Automatic
Does not come with 9.6v battery
Only one sling mount ring on the back

I recommend this gun! It's worth IT!
by Cristina H. on 12/23/2011
"This is by far one of the best weapons I have ever purchased. If you are looking for a weapon to hold any attachments, ( grenade launcher, bipod, ect. ) then this is the weapon for you. I have had this a little over a year now and it has never failed me. I've probably shot about 25,000 bbs with this and it it just great.

Pros: accurate
high rpm
LOTS of rail space

Cons: a little heavy but not really
by Jonathan R. on 11/28/2011
"This gun is by far the highest quality (for the price) you can get on the market. Though the body is plastic, it has a perfect amount of weight to it. Not too light, not too heavy. If you mount a scope, and maybe a grip, this gun is heavy. By far the happiest i've been with a purchase in a while.
by Thomas D. on 07/23/2011
"I just go this gun today, took it out for a few hours at the local airsoft field and I must say I am more than impressed with this gun, I think the other team was a little impressed too, if not scared. The rof may not be as high as some may like but I'd say it was in the ballpark of 15 rounds per second which was perfect for me. I chrono'd it at 354 which was nice too. This gun has no problem hitting guys at 120-150 feet, round after round. The blowback feature is nice, but not totally needed, you could just get the standard G&G, oh well. This gun is a fine piece of equiptment to add to your collection and also great for noobs looking for a nice m4/m16 style rifle.

-ROF is good
-Good FPS
-Blowback looks cool (though not totally needed)
-People duck for cover real fast when they hear this thing open fire on them

-Battery in the crane stock came disconnected one time when I adjusted it, not a bigh deal but something to consider. I just keep the stock set where I like it, so no big deal.

Overall a great gun, probably not the best on the market, but totally worth checking out. I love mine, so, go for it if you want...or don't, your choice
by Daniel p. on 03/16/2011
"Theres only one word thats able to describe this gun. And that is EPIC! So far ive had maybe about 15 games with this gun and its only failed me once. And thats only because we were playing in the cold at night last month and the battery stoped working, and the wires connecting to the motor keep disconnecting. But thats nothing a little electrical tape couldnt fix. The range and accuracy of this gun is indeed impressive. The barrell was a little loose but tightning a couple screws fixed that.

Light weight
Weight (depending on persons preferences)

Nothing really with the exception of the flash hider. it's a pain to get.

I upgraded my motor to a matrix 3000 turbo motor, extended the barell and added a supresser. I really recomend extending the barell to get that added accuracy.

Overall 5/5 stars. Great product overall. You will NOT be dissapointed. :)
by Daniel p. on 10/11/2010
"I am absoluty amazed by this gun! I got this almost a week ago and I used it in a game the other day and it surpassed my expecations.

nice weight
awesome range
great accuracy 23-25 G
Built very well. sturdy

Butt plate is hard as ever to get off to put your battery in. Although that is a good thing too, assuring it wont come off during a game.

overall 5 stars for reliability and performance. A must have gun. GET IT! :)
by Gavin C. on 03/21/2017
"First let me start off this is a pretty great gun. The pistol grip feels so good and gives a good grip. But the blowback does make it annoying and a bit loud when shooting. Might want to buy a 6.03 or 6.01 inner barrel for better precision and accuracy.
- Pistol grip it nice
- Light weight
- Secure
- Overall good good but

- Trigger locks up
- Blowback can we wiggly or loud

I love this gun. It is broke for me because I forced the trigger when it was locked. But overall I would say but it.
by Jayden C. on 05/14/2016
"I purchased this about 6 months ago and it works shoots very well and the blowback system I have no complains about it so far. Some times the the trigger sticks when you don't pull your shot all the way but that's just easily fixed by making sure not to hesitate. Overall I have this gun a 4/5 for the price it does it job and does it good I went to a outdoor forest event and no problems with it whatsoever. Would I recommend it yes but this gun is more for people that if you want a gun that does what it needs to do not the best but not bad with a cool blowback system then trust you are getting a quality assault rifle. Peace out guys .