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Colt Licensed Full Metal M4A1 Carbine Airsoft AEG Rifle (Enhanced Li-Po Ready Upgraded Gearbox)

58 Customer Reviews

by alex g. on 06/21/2012
"this gun is not bad at all, but not what i expected. its stock and pistol grip are pretty cheap but i replaced mine. also my gun came with an 8.4v battery, witch doesn't realy work in this gun. the metal body and outer barrel work is amazing, good quality metal . the fps is not as high as evike says, and some review vidoes say. the box says 463 fps with .12... 350 with .20... but this is still realy good. also the hop up chamber is metal, but is realy bad. its lowest hop up setting still makes the bb curve up(i use .25 and it still curves up alot) i replaced it with an old G&G hop up.

full metal
very high range
decant acuarcy
metal flash hider
adjustable front and rear sights

bad battery
fps isnt as high as wanted
bad hop up

over all its proformence is good, and quility is good too.
i would recommend to new players, or people looking for a gun to upgrade interanly(because externals are great)
by Garrett B. on 05/21/2012
"Got this weapon about a mounth ago. Great weapon. I only gave it 4 stars because the pipe and hand grip were loose when I took it out of the box. Has a metal body, outer barrel and pipe white composit stock and hand grips. Over all good weapon if your willing to put the money in to get rails.
by Timothy M. on 04/08/2012
"this is an amazing airsoft gun its my first one but it not quite as good as a g&g scar-L but its good my hop up broke so i have to fix it .

Good beginer gun
High FPS
Storng durable
Cheap for all metal

Hop Up sucks
No room in handguard for batery
by Christine K. on 03/17/2012
"Pretty good gun overall. It's full metal and the mag is extremely snug, so it won't wobble like other M4s. One weird thing was that when you grind the mag all the way up before you put it in, when you do put it in, you have to grind it all the way up again. It could be like that, I dunno. It just doesn't seem right. It has an adjustable buttstock which is nice and shoots pretty accurate. The box says 453 fps, but it's probably more around 410.

Snug fit for mag
Full metal
Adjustable Buttstock
Moderatly Accurate
Colt Licensed
Good FPS

Have to grind once in the gun
by James M. on 02/29/2012
"i got this gun last year and it has done its job quite well. The included battery is a 9.6v and is respectable but not incredible. It is metal exactly where it needs to be and plastic in the areas that it needs to be. It shoots pretty good and very accurately. The hop up is plastic but sturdy as well. But my main issue is that my charging handle spring and the dust cover lock both broke within the first week of use. The gun is also a bit wobbly also including the stock, upper reciever, the point where the two recievers meet and the mags arent a tight fit but can be fixed with some electrical tape. But for 160$ its a good buy.
all metal
good quality
nice weight
little wobbley
charging handle and the dust cover
flash hider is screwed in and mine came stripped
mag wobble(can be solved easily though)
by stephen r. on 01/16/2012
"A very good gun with a high rate of fire and high fps. The only proplem I have found is that the stock is slightly wobbly but I can work around that. A great overall gun.
by Tuan Anh N. on 12/23/2011
-the stock I got was horrible. it was rusty and cant slide at all. I have to oiled it and try to make it works. very cheap stock (with cheap recycle plastic material)
-it is true that you might need 2 people to change battery
-loud noise from gear when shooting --_ decreasing the reliability and life span.
-inconsistent speed (but fast)
-Mag is horrible, I have to turn the dial up very often. (very annoying during cqb)
-quite light around 6 pound

-FAST (but inconsistent) : 400-425fps
-comes with 9.6V
-lipo ready.

I got what I paid. I got it for $138 tax included, and this is a good gun for the price. This is a made-in-China gun and you cant hide the fact that it does feel cheap in your hand.
by Keanu G. on 12/10/2011
"I got this gun last week and it was pretty nice. The full metal body was a very nice addition. I did have issues with the LE stock. For some reason mines did not want to work. I tried pushing on the lever and nothing would happen. I ended up using a small crowbar to get it to the position I wanted. Also the mag that came in the box ended up being broken so it would feed one bb then stop. I only could fire the gun upside down so I can't talk about accuracy. I'm still waiting to hear from Evike to see what can be done about the mag. But on the bright side the gun did come with a 9.6v battery so I can live with what I got. With the money I saved by getting this gun I can spare some change to get a few new mags.

Full Metal
9.6v Battery
Good Sling
Nice Trademarks
Good ROF
No hand guard wobble

Broken Mag
Hard to use Stock
Excessively Loud
Mag a little wobbly

Overall great gun for the price except for a few minor problems
by blake g. on 09/28/2011
"I purchased this AEG about a week ago for $180 on sale, which I thought was a really good price, but I looked today to write a review and I saw it drop another $20 to $160. The AEG was already at a very good price for how great it is. I have only used it a few times so far but it works very well.

Full metal
Colt Logos
Package (decent batteries, charger, hi-cap mag, AEG, Sling)
FPS ~420

Battery hard to fit in handgaurd
Dust cover stopped openning after pulling charging handle/ no fake bolt (not fixed yet)

Overall the gun is a very nice intermediate Full metal AEG for a great sales price!
by Gianni Q. on 11/17/2016
I bought this rifle and have spent well over 400 USD to bring it up to just above standard for airsoft guns. Where do I start? The gun chronos at 265 FPS out of the box. The internals seriously need upgrades and the wiring is sub par. This gun is NOT ready for a lipo. It will eventually kill itself trying to work with a lipo. I've had to upgrade almost everything internally on the rifle to get it to perform quality. Out of the box, like I said, it shoots at 265~ FPS. It fires very weak. It sounds almost as if it's dying when it fires. The accuracy is terrible. The low FPS really kills this gun for me. I also had to completely replace the outer barrel to put a quad rail on this rifle. There is some type of block that prevents you from moving the front sight back at all.

Really nice trades
Realistic weight
Solid feel
Great overall build
Realistic look

Almost everything internally
Doesn't have any form of one point sling mount
Selector switch has a weak click
Needs SOOOOO many upgrades
Not actually Li-Po ready
Odd barrel
by Nick M. on 04/01/2012
"This is a really good gun
by Stella P. on 02/25/2012
"The stock is a little wobbly out of the box. Also often, you accidentll press the magazine ejecter on accident because of its location and how sensitive it is which happens to me alot. My stock also came damaged but it was the shipping problem. Overall i think this gun is okay but if i wasnt a begginer airsoft player, I think i would have chosen a better one
by gregory k. on 05/12/2012
"I got this Rifle a couple of months ago and it has its good parts and bad parts

Great look

Wobbly mags
Battery has a tight fit
Wires are tricky

This is a good Rifle for beginners, but not for advance players.