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Colt Licensed Full Metal M4A1 Carbine Airsoft AEG Rifle (Enhanced Li-Po Ready Upgraded Gearbox)

58 Customer Reviews

by Mark F. on 12/08/2011
"Nice airsoft gun. All parts fit together well and no wobbles. Not even wobble in the charging handle/dust cover that I thought was inherent in this price range. Easily worth the $. The Hopup is complete garbage however. It's made of a plastic that does not slide well against itself. Any resistance (like the actual hopup pressing against the bucking) and the gears won't turn. I pulled it and replaced with a higher quality one. While I was there I upgraded the bucking, hopup spacer, and inner barrel (370mm fits fine.) Combined with the Li-Po ready gearbox already in it, this gun is now easily worth 1 1/2 times the total cost. Remember if you go to make a similar upgrade, work in a clean area and keep track of the parts. Remove everything carefully, a lot of it you will need to use again. If you cannot remember what needs to go where, write it down. Not a hard upgrade, takes about a half hour, requires only tools that came in the box plus silicone lube (you really should already have this laying around...)

Full metal
Nice graphics (There is some printing that make this clearly airsoft... It's not identical to the real steal. But it is airsoft after all...)
Good fit, solid construction, no wobbles
Li-Po ready
Comes with 9.6v battery
Comes with a very decent 3 point tactical sling

Figure your going to have to replace the Hopup gears at least and better to do the whole chamber. While your in there change barrel, bucking and spacer (You are looking at about an additional 50 bucks but well worth it.)

Final note on that hopup, I did pull gears off an old trashed gun, sort out the issues and put the whole unit into another gun (the one I stole what I used to fix this gun up) and it works fine.
by Patrick M. on 12/05/2011
"This gun is great!!! I used this in 6 airsoft wars so far and all i have to say is this gun is amazing.

Pros:Full Metal
High ROF w/ 9.6v
Internals are GREAT even though its a JG
nice fps
amazing accuracy ( got some nice groupings at 130ft)

Cons: the battery might be a little challenging to put in at first but you get used to it and its pretty easy:))
by Alexander K. on 11/15/2011
"Pros: Mostly metal, High FPS, Very Accurate, Light Weight.

Cons- Battery is really hard to get in the handguard

Overall i would definitely get this gun
by JEFF M. on 11/15/2011
"This gun is a step up from JG's in the past. The workmanship is excellent. I put rails on mine with an external 9.6v battery and a 150 lumen tac light.


full metal
gas tube
comes with battery
accurate markings
heat sink motor plate
tight bore barrel
good ROF
good accuracy
no problem with mag


I have not found any
by Jill L. on 11/08/2011
"GREAT gun! I got this yesterday and immediately i was amazed! The box Weighed in at 15+ lbs with other stuff.

Full Metal
Full Metal Gearbox
Great FPS
Great accuracy
Fantastic Automatic ROF

My mag is loose but no issue
Battery is hard to put in

by Freddy G. on 11/06/2011
"I've had this gun for about 3 days and played 5 Games, total of 5 hours, with it. The gun has fallen off my hand twice while I was reaching for my P92, and the hi-cap has fallen down on CONCRETE 3 times, BOTH have nothing but mere, nearly invisible, scratches.

FPS = 420~450
Full metal
Very Reliable
comes with a 9.6v
EXTREMELY GOOD(for a stock) internals
comes with 2 flip-up Iron Sights

Whenever you reload you have to spank the mag kind of hard to REALLY get it in there
battery is REALLY hard to get in at first, Delta Ring is really tight but it gets softer
that's about it

by ricky l. on 11/03/2011
good fps
i have a red dot on it
stock is a little wobaly
by Timothy M. on 10/20/2011
"This gun is amazing it goot it a week ago and its a good beginer gun good fps and it feels sturdy

feels sturdy
retractible stock

battirey barrely fits in foregrip need perfect posistioning
by Jesus D. on 10/12/2011
"I got this AEG two weeks ago and wat can i say COOL!! it has really good ROF and FPS. Full metal, accurate, 9.6V battery, good weight not too light or heavy, and at a great price.
battery hard to put in hand guard
stock is a bit uncomfortable
Overall its a great rifle.
by Jonathan R. on 08/07/2011
"this was my first purchase ever from evike and it is a fantastic gun! the fps is fantastic (even though the box kind of lied about it telling me it shot 542 or something rediculous like that) its very solid and sturdy. the weight is good (heavy enough for realism but light enough for battle
fps is great
"streamlines" straight as an arrow
high rof
good battery life

jammed up on me once (actually its still jammed but will be an easy fix)
not alot of rails for mounting scopes or laser etc. (if you are into that type of thing)
by jay s. on 07/03/2011
"Ive bought this gun about 7 months ago and its great! Its lightweight and easy to manevuer. Its deadlt accurate, and shoots around 420-450, and has a great rof. I would recomned this gun to any begginer or experienced airsofter because of these reasons.

Light weight, manevuerable
Great rps
Great fps
Very sturdy

The handguard does not have rails but you can upgrade and get MOE handuard so you can attach a foregrip or whatever pleases you.

Overall: Its a great gun with very little problems very study and reliable gun. Its a must buy for all airsofters!
by Dave A. on 12/31/2010
"Pros- Full metal,Shoots 420 with .2s,Never has jamed,Shoots strait with .28s,And overall a very good gun.,comes with a 9.6 volt battery,nice trademarks.Hop up is good and easy to adjust.

Cons- Battery is hard put in,orange tip brakes easy,shooting to hard for my local cqb and woodland field
So i will probably haft to lower the spring to 330-350.Comes with a okay mag not the greatest but i got
two for 5$ on evike thank you :).they are good mags but i would recomend getting a drum mag.

thats about it...........
by Susan S. on 11/24/2010
"This is by far the best gun i have ever owned. It shoots around 420 fps, and is deadly accurate. It feels solid in your hands and doesn't weigh a lot. The only part of this gun i have a problem with is the battery goes in the hand guard. To mount a grip or a laser or flashlight you either need to rewire the gun, or buy a rail that attaches to the hand guard.

easy to maneuver
very sturdy

Battery in the hand guard (no under barrel attachments without an upgrade)
otherwise this gun is perfect

by Gilberto G. on 12/01/2015
"i bought this gun for two reason, i was on a budget, and i will install G&P parts to make it more reliable. this will be a good project gun and more experience into teching! i have a G&P m4 and checked to see what parts are compatible. G&P complete buffer tube with the sling mount will fit very very tight and needs sanding on some spots, a complete G&P gear box will install easy, a G&P grip installs no problem. i didnt check the barrel because i have no AR wrench. so far thats all i can say about compatibility. the rifle itself (stock) worked flawless and accurate out of the box. it says its the enhanced version but it should of came with a metal spring guide installed? overall im happy and cant wait to buy parts.
by Bryan G. on 06/05/2015
"Bought this gun fit n finish was excellent weight is right on par with my real cmmg ar m4le .Went to 1 game lost rear sling mount no biggy wasnt using it . and tords the end of the day it made a grinding noise my day was over , took it apart a found out the piston was stripped what a bummer on a new gun. it says lipo ready well my 11.1 probly is what killed it. I'll still recommed it .little guys and weaker players this might be too heavy for them . all in all its still a good gun