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Colt Licensed Full Metal M4A1 Carbine Airsoft AEG Rifle (Enhanced Li-Po Ready Upgraded Gearbox)

60 Customer Reviews

by George B. on 01/03/2017
"It is a good gun I like it for the price .i uses this gun when we do live ops training and I also use it to play airsoft games with my boys on the weekend.. just make sure to upgrade battery charger and go with some mid-cap mags so you can be stealthy ...
by Peter X. on 07/18/2016
"This is an extremely solid gun. There is minimal wobble, except for the mag. It has a nice weight, and the full metal construction makes it feel more realistic. However, the mag release is very loose, so a slight tap will make the mag fall out. Overall a great gun.
Don't be intimidated by the fps rating on here. It does not shoot 390-460 fps. That rating used .12g bbs. with .20 (which you should be using) it fires at around 350, so it should be good for most CQB arenas.

-Nice solid feel
-High ROF
-Great price
-Comes with 2 metal hi-caps (Very durable, I've dropped over 20 times because of the loose mag release.

-Loose mag
-Weak spring in mag release. Mags will easily fall out if not careful
by Melissa L. on 04/06/2016
"I love this gun! I have dropped it multiple times and the only problem was the stock was a tad bit wobbly., which I tightened with a Phillips screw driver. Don't use .12 gram, use .20 gram that for me shoot between 380~400 fps. I took the gun apart and it has decent internals. This is definetly worth well over $200. I recommend a 9.6v battery, though it is not necessary to still have fun lighting your friends up with the gun.
by Sean C. on 06/10/2015
"This gun is AMAZING!!! First of all I bought this gun because I love shooting real guns, but i can't shoot the real ones in my backyard. So I bought this gun because it looked realistic. I have held a real m4a1 and the only defense between the two is what it shoots and the Orange tip on the end of the barrel.

High rof
All metal except for pistol grip, handguard and buttstock
Came with a 9.6 volt battery and charger
Two mags
Weighs 8 pounds adjustable sights
Super hard hitting, it punches right through cans easily
Great rail

you don't have it
by Ethan D. on 05/19/2015
"This gun is amazing. I've had it for seven months now, and I am extremely impressed. Even though m4's are the most popular airsoft gun, I still get complements on how it looks (if God gave man kind a weapon, it would be an m4). Not only is this gun amazing stock, but it's extremely easy to find upgrades: due to it's popularity. I would recommend this gun to anyone.

-Nice weight (could be con)
-Extremely durable (I dropped it on rocks and it's still perfect)
-High ROF (Recommend purchasing a 9.6 volt or high)
-Good accuracy
-Great price (Don't tell Evike that...hehe)
-The mag wobbles (not a big issue)
-Needs a 9.6 volt
-Weight (could be Pro)
by Christian G. on 04/30/2015
"First off id like to say that I got this gun by mistake
I ordered a Dboys full metal M4 and somehow got this instead....
In any case I think this is better anyway
Full metal heavy weight body, easily one of the heaviest airsoft m4s on the market, the weight totally took me by surprise and I'm really loving that
Comes with 2 Metal hi caps
Cheap 8.4 battery included too but get a 9.6
Smooth collapsible stock
Nice flashy box to get u excited
Nice colt trademarks
Good battery space in the handguard
Inner barrel extends past the outer barrel, however still hides in the flash hider
Very nice chrome bolt that exposes the hop up which is also metal
Probably the best JG M4 ever made
Heavy weight may be too much for younger guys
Selector switch isn't the "clickiest", it's very faint
Highly recommended
by San L. on 02/12/2015
"Had this gun for around 2 monthes, and shoots finely. However, the accuracy on the gun is rather bizzare... Not an amazing hop-up, (BAXS) but shoots well. The battery is not great either, so I would recommend getting a 9.6v...
by Cole L. on 01/18/2015
"this thing is awesome. i got this gun about a week ago and right out of the box it is feels extremely solid. when it says full metal it is definitely full metal, mine weighed in at just under 9 pounds. very solid construction and is very well made. let me just say the sights are sweet.

-full metal
-great fps
-great rpm
-great accuracy
-full metal
-heavy (can be a con for some)

-needs a 9.6 v
-stock is small (recommend purchasing a crane stock)
-mag wobbles (no biggy)

Overall a great gun. buyt it now!
by Christian J. on 08/13/2013
"This gun is awesome!!! I've had it for about two and a half years now and it is still working great. I've played many games with it and personally I think it was always the best all around gun out there. I would recommend a sling (one point is my preference) because carrying it around for a while it does get heavy.


Full Metal

Heavy (could be a con for some, but I like the weight)

Great FPS and ROF

Sights are awesome


Mag seems to wobble a tad bit

Overall, and extremely awesome gun!! 5 stars hands down!
by Thu V. on 07/01/2013
"I had this gun for well over a year now and it is great. It got it's problems here and there but is fixable. Great gun. Shoots about 380fps with a 9.6 battery. Really good rof too.
by daniel b. on 10/08/2012
"I have had this gun for 4 years and let me say you must buy a 9.6. It totaly changes the gun and gives it 6 more bbs per second. This gun is reliable and durable. It is heavy and when they say full metal it is full metal.

Shoots hard and fast
good ROF

Cons:mag a little wobboly (not a problem)
need a 9.6!!!
Thats it .

overall great gun and i would recomend buying this
by Andy N. on 09/18/2012
"I've had this gun for 3 weeks. Its an amazing deal and an amazing gun. It shoots really hard and has a good fps. It really bruised up my friends. I would get a better charger though.

-full metal
-high fps
-small orange tip (better than on the picture)
-high rof
-lots of battery space (and it comes with a decent battery)
-inexpensive for the quality

-the mag is slightly wobbly (tape is around the top of the mag is an easy fix)
-it sometimes jams on semi (you just have to switch to auto shoot and then go back to semi)
by isaiah g. on 09/01/2012
"i've had this gun for about 7 months..let me just say this gun is the greatest gun i've ever had, i recommend for anybody lookin to kick booty on the field..i also recommend usin mid-cap magz or flash magz because hi-cap causes the gun to jam..dont think twice before gettin

full metal
great look
great FPS
good accuracy

mags wabbly
by Gabe B. on 07/16/2012
"I got this gun bou 2 weeks ago and i LOVE it! It has great power, looks AMAZING, and feels awesome. Its is also FULL metal! Exept for the sturdy nylon plastic on the hand gard and the reajustable stock. The only problem i had was the rate of fire. But all i did was order a 9.6v battery and it shoots like a brand new gun. It ups the rate of fire by like 5 more bbs per second. So you almost have to buy the battery, 35 bucks here on evike. And a smart charger is alwas good to have with a aeg. This is a outstandng gun for an outstanding price!

great feel
looks amazing
full metal
very powerful
alright acuracy
good range
super sturdy

need 9.6 or higher battery
magazines are a little wabbaly
jams on semi sometimes

I would highly recommend this gun or anyone, great gun, great price.
by Jason R. on 06/21/2012
"First Impressions - The AEG came packaged in a very nice full color cardboard box nestled neatly in Styrofoam and shrink wrapped, when first removing the AEG from its packaging it is noticeably heavy, much more so than say a metal classic army CA15. My AEG was also coated in Chinese factory dust that made the color appear poor but after a quick cleanup with rem-oil and a soft cloth the color of the receiver looks very close to the real steel and is not as glossy as previous Chinese AEGs,

Performance - my AEG chronoed at 365fps with G&G Biodegradable .2g BBs straight out of the box, the gearbox sounds a little loud but cranks out 16rps on the factory included 8.4V NiMh battery. the AEG is as accurate as expected effective out to about 35yards with a maximum range of about 50 yards. The included battery is as noted "only for testing purposes" and the gun truly opens up with a 9.6V battery, tested at 21rps for 90 shots. the AEG is capable of sustained fire with an higher voltage battery.

***453fps is factory marked on the box, next to the rating is a joule rating at 1.2J. this AEG may be capable of firing at 453fp with .12g BBs but using poor quality super light BBs is never recommended even on low cost AEGs***

As a budget priced AEG the fit and finish are not perfect but the value is excellent, expect to replace the included battery and 360fps and you will be quite satisfied with this low cost full metal licensed AEG.