Reviews: SOCOM Gear Licensed Daniel Defense OmegaX 12" AEG with Noveske KX3 flash hider


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Model: AEG-SG-DDX12
Location: A2-128

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by Brandon F. on 2011-07-11 19:19:29
"This gun is a 5/5 gun. Once i got it i was excited. I play with 40 ppl in a field. It worked great on the first day.

-Solid feel
-Great fps( out of box 380fps.
-effective for a while
-pretty light
- the discharge pops open while shooting(like the real gun)
- The flash hider makes the gun look even more real but with it on its way to loud
- Hop up works great

-rails can come shaky mine were. but easily to fix with right tools
- One scope not helpful

- Make sure you buy a crane stock nun chuck battery asap or while buying gun
- Use 25 grams in this gun(but not Walmart-they make the gun jam really easily)
- Buy a scope any kind. they have one sight and its not helpful at all. I bought a scope at walmart and it makes the gun so accurate
by michael g. on 2010-12-26 20:01:13
"This was my first "good aeg". I used to have a crossman mp5. This is an amzing gun for its munney and shoots 400+ fps! Now the one of the 2 cons i have is that mine did not come with the flash hider!!! But i sbould be able to change that by a phone call. Pleaze tell me if anyone else had this probliem. The other con is the magizine is a mid cap. Now i know that isnt that bad but they could of atleast included a speed loader. But bolth of those arent bad. So i belive that this a great buy! Another thing is the awsome internals and externals. Vfc makes most of the internals but the externals are the best in the biz. Thx for reading and anser back about tbe flash hider!

Displaying 1 to 2 (of 2 reviews)