Reviews: SOCOM Gear Licensed Daniel Defense OmegaX 7" AEG with Noveske KX3 flash hider

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Model: AEG-SG-DDX7
Location: A2-114

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by john c. on 2014-12-27 19:11:03
"Got this gun expecting more for the money. Must have got one they built on a bad day. The shipping box it came in looked good but the box the gun comes in looked like it got stepped on. That being said I not recommend this gun. Mine keeps jamming no matter what I do made sure the gun was clean and tried a bunch of different mags. Looks like im going to have to upgrade right out of box. I did not contact evike I figure with shipping and restocking fee, I will make do. and the only problem I have hade with evike is when they ship something it looks like they jam everything in a box with no care. But not so bad that I wont do business. There are pros. Good looking gun. Great weight for full metal. Looks like the metal will hold up really good wont scratch easy. cons. Does not have a good fps (mine crono. @around 300) Like I said built on a bad day. upgrade right out of the box for this much money should not have to do anything for sometime. Dust cover will not stay closed. good luck if you buy one
by Steven B. on 2014-11-23 13:26:07
"First off, this thing is "too good" I purchased it awhile back when it was on sale, and I just recently upgraded it. Just to let you know, It's a pain in the @$$ to dissasemble. The body and rail are constructed to basically fit this gearbox perfectly. It was hard to get out and upgrade, but I finally got it done

Constructed very well
Extremely Durable
Nice look and feel
Immune to scratches!
Doesn't drain too much battery life

Shoots very hot
Heavy weight
No rear sight to allow for own custom sights

Hop up cover is a little finicky (Sometimes it doesnt go all the way forward)
Stock has a slight wobble
Buffer tube scratches up quickly
by Brandon L. on 2010-08-21 14:49:58
"I recently purchased this gun and its great! With the Noveske on, it doesn't make a low pitch thumping noise; it makes an extremely loud, high-pitched popping noise. Also, the Noveske is not adjustable. It doesn't have two little amplifying cones. Instead It has one solid inner cone with no holes in it. It's freakin awesome!

Licensed by Daniel Defense
Flash hider was pretty easy to remove
430 FPS (I play outdoors)
Thin grip is awesome
Omega rail system
Working bolt catch
Cool engraving on the body

Colors of the bolt cover and front sight are different than the rest of the gun.
The body is a tiny bit more matte black the the RIS
The gas tube wobbles the a B!@%#!!!
Stock wobbles a little bit but it doesn't matter when the gun is on your shoulder
Unrealistic breakdown (Upper receiver slides off, doesn't fold off) but maybe I'm asking for too much

Overall, this gun has better than average externals and great internals. I even hear the piston is made of the same plastic that Glock makes there pistol frames from (as are a lot of the internal plastic parts apparently). I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS GUN TO EVERYONE!!!!!!

Displaying 1 to 3 (of 3 reviews)