Reviews: Full Size Gas Blowback M14 Full Metal Airsoft Sniper Rifle by WE Tech - Metal / Imitation Wood (Package: Rifle)


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Model: GR-WE-M14

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by Eric T. on 2010-09-18 15:54:20
if you enjoy going to ranges like I do, you'll love shooting this weapon
like the video says, it is very different from ordinary aeg.
great accuracy, range and perfect for those that wants to make each shot count
the most realistic airsoft gun i have seen

30 round magazine
by Stone X. on 2010-09-12 16:31:59
"What a great rifle!

-Realistic, 20 rd magazines.
-Pull the charging handle to chamber the 1st round.
-Bolt locks to the rear when magazine is empty.
-Good kickback.

-Gets heavy after awhile, especially with a full combat load.
-Pretty long rifle, not recommended for CQB.

I currently use this rifle as a DMR with the following attached.
-Matrix 4x32 Range Estimating Scope w/ AO and Mil-Dot Reticle
-King Arm Full Metal Scope Mount for Tokyo Marui and G&G M14 Series Rifle

If your all about realism, I recommend this rifle.
It won't let you down.

Now only if I can get a harris bi-pod adapter and r.i.s. unit for this...
by Wallace M. on 2010-09-11 14:26:57
"Amazing gun!

First impression:
The gun is heavy, if you ever hold a real M14 carbine, you'll notice this being the most realistic replica of the M14 on the market.
Finish is great with lots of detail, high quality materials are used, the wood stock finish is done very well and the metal parts are smooth and high quality.
It come in a WE packaging, standard brown box with manual, accessories and a magazine.

Good accuracy and range. The gun reaches 100 feet easily with under 2 feet grouping outdoor with some wind. (This was tested with 0.25g Matrix bb)

The performance is great, but the most noticeable thing about this rifle is the blowback. The kick and realism is awesome!

Summary: Great gun to add to your collection if you are looking for realism. If you are a fan of the M14 series like me, then this is a must have. Highly recommend it.
by Nick D. on 2010-08-31 17:23:16
"DO YOU THINK THIS WILL FIT IN A G&P M14 KIT? thanks evike cause

Webmaster: Depends on the kit, For external upgrades yes.
by Matt R. on 2010-08-24 15:12:20
"Graet gun!

Pro: Realistic, accurate, can be used as sniper because of range and it is the funnest thing I have ever fired in Airsoft.

Con: none

Displaying 25 to 29 (of 29 reviews)

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