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Full Size Gas Blowback M14 Full Metal Airsoft Sniper Rifle by WE Tech - Metal / Imitation Wood (Package: Rifle)

29 Customer Reviews

by Erik F. on 12/13/2013
"I bought this gun at the super store, been to the field twice with it and holy cow is this the best airsoft gun i have ever owned. Ive been playing for 8+ years and now getting out of the AEG's and into the GBBR's. My favorite rifle is the M14 (M1A) and i have the G&G v7 AEG. I decided to get away from my GBB G&G shorty M4 and go for a nice long range rifle. I knew about WE tech and the cheap materials they use to dub down the price of the guns but i couldnt pass up a GBB M14....i just couldnt. I bought it and fell in love. Many many videos i have seen have the gun sound like a high pitch kind of punch to it.....but no, this thing is terrifying to be on the other end, it makes such a vicious noise, its scary. Stock barrel, .20g, green gas.....388, not bad for out of the box. But i got the RA tech steel 540mm inner barrel, NOTE! If you are going to get the RA tech inner barrel, you HAVE to get the RA tech hop up bucking, the stock WE bucking is too big so your hop up unit cant slide back into the tube and back onto your gun. With the new inner barrel, shooting propane and .28g, its at around 380-390 fps, perfect for fields and perfect for being an effective DMR. I wish they made black .28g because you cant see them and to see the sudden surprise is priceless. So far so good, about 1000 rounds have been shot and not a single problem. THIS GUN IS NOT FOR BEGINNERS, i was having trouble understanding the break down process so i can take care of the gun properly, and for someone who is new to GBBR's or airsoft in general, it would've been a black abyss. Best part by a mile, more better than the price, price for mags and the nice accuracy is the......kick back. This thing has some pretty substantial kick back for a 12 lb rifle. I would have to say other people have said this thing is about the same kick as a .22 LR, but i say its more like a .9mm. All in all, this gun is pretty amazing, i love it. Im never going to buy another rifle ever again. But i must say to any new person to airsoft / GBBR's, this gun is NOT for you, unless you're the kinda person who takes it to a shop to get it fixed.
by Justin M. on 07/25/2013
"Decided to go the Milsim route and saw things GBB. Just received it today and was immediately impressed. The build quality of this guns is just amazing. I have had between 30-40 different airsoft guns in my time and 8 years of playing and this by far is the best most solid one I have ever seen. We-Tech GBB series is the route to go if you want Milsim.

Pros- Solid Build
Great kick
Realistic feel
Weight Balance
trigger pull
Break down
The List goes On and On

Flash Hider was damaged upon delivery not even a big deal already have talked to Evike. So not even really a issue or Con.

I never really review things I buy but I was very Impressed with this. Also a Big thank you to Evike and there sales team. I was on the phone with them last week and early this week ordering alot of stuff to get back in the sport and they were very resourceful and helpful when it came to questions I had. Haven't changed in the years I have been out and that's good to see. Have earned my business again and will continue in the feature.
by Evan G. on 12/13/2012
"So first of all this gun is about the coolest thing ive ever seen. Right out of the box it just amazed me the only problem with it is that it is not a wood stock you can get one on evike though for a 100 dollars.

built to last unless you screw around with it
if you put a sniper scope on it you can still use the iron sights
shoots really hard
good fps
recoil is insane

to be honest it was a lot heavier than i expected but hey, thats what makes it just that much cooler.
by Daniel V. on 06/21/2012
"I bought this rifle for my collection. It looks wonderful and the attention to detail is outstanding. It is heavy but so is the real M14. I pretty much am leaving mine bone stock except for a leather sling and M2 bipod. My only issue was a tight trigger but fixed that pretty easily. One thing, the trigger group is very much like the real M14. It is so close that the only BIG difference is the hammer for the gas system was added. That is just cool.
by Chrissa S. on 05/15/2012
"Love this gun! When taken out of the box I was overwhelmed at the realism and the kick is awesome!
8/10 cause mags are pricey but worth it don't be scared to buy extra mags you will need them!

All metal
Faux wood is good

30 round mags
Pricey for only 30 rounds
some pot metal
by Jerry S. on 05/02/2012
"This gun is amazing the mag had a leak in it but it can be fixed take of the bottom plate and tighten the two biggest screws and it should stop any leaks the rest is the best I've had ever I installed the 500 fps upgrade and didn't get to shoot it yet so hope it works.
by Joseph N. on 04/24/2012
"Got this a couple of weeks ago and thought I would put in my two cents.

_Recoil was way more than I was expecting...VERY impressive
_Heavy - but in a good way
_Build quality is rock solid

_Faux wood stock is quite underwhelming, I would advise getting a real wood replacement and painting the stock "stock" white (assuming WE ever comes through on the M14 CO2 Mag)
_Not exactly a straight shooter out of the box. Veers to the left (even after barrel cleaning). You might need new bucking, barrel, etc...

Conclusion: quite happy but will take may take a bit of work to get it up to speed
by Daniel O. on 03/14/2012
"This is a fantastic rifle. I am extremely happy with it even though I have been able to sight it in properly at the moment. The speed loader provided is a bit unorthodox. Also, after several take aparts and reassembles the trigger lock has become very rigid. I have oiled it but I have even gone as far as filing the 90 degree edges on the hammer and hammer catch so that they slide easily. also, the main body is a tad loose. so you can actually push the upper forward about 1mm. no biggy, but I've studied the rifle up and down and own a real m14, so I couldn't help but notice.

Pros: most everything. a real eye turner and makes you feel like a boss.

Cons: nothing worth mentioning.

have fun, aim, play well.

by Thomas M. on 03/13/2012
"Excellent weight and feel. I did do many upgrades to the system and am intending to do more.

So far the guns accuracy is excellent *Once you master the hop-up* and a tight bore barrel (540mm, 6.01) does wonders to improve that. The "Clackity-clack" is something that gets everyone's attention when firing.

Internals are very simple when compared to most AEG's. As long as you keep track of which screws/washers go where you can tear the gun down in about 5-minutes with about 4 tools and a nail. (No joke)

When a part DOES break, it is very easy to get the parts. I have had that happen but I chalk it up to original owner abuse and even as I rebuild/swap out parts from one M-14, I am looking to take the "secondary" parts and build a CQB version (The short barrel is 440-mm. Still very accurate)

Worth, Every, Penny.

by Evan Y. on 02/02/2012
"Could someone tell me witch parts i must buy to replace the "not good" original parts ?
Thx before ^^

Evike Tech: The gun is great as is. With tons of spare parts to buy to upgrade such as tight bore barrels, high flow nozzles...ect
by Christian M. on 06/27/2011
"nice gun heavy and all accurate if you put 30s in it the only issue i had was that they painted inside my receiver which wound up wearing my seal out after about 200 shots and blew a guide rail, no big deal cuz im upgrading it anyways just if you get this gun make sure to check that out and clean the paint off the inside before shooting it
by stephen w. on 06/10/2011
"Awesome gun!!! I am picking off aeg users from 100+ feet! I just ordered a matrix rail system for it, hope it works:/
by josh r. on 12/01/2010
"This is an amazing gun i took it to the field and what do you know it fired to fast at 440 fps. The only problem is i don't know how to slow it down.
by Tanner A. on 10/10/2010
"I picked up this gun in the store and you will not believe how heavy it is until you pick it up yourself. It had to weigh at lest 15 pounds.....i mean thats what felt like. this also has an extremely good blowback system that in my opionion is better than we scar GBB. GET THIS!!!!!!! or at least stop by to walk in store and shoot it for yourself!!!!
by Bob H. on 09/21/2010
"This gun is amazing, but is the barrel threaded? I want a supressor for it