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Model: GR-WE-M14

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by Daniel O. on 2012-03-14 23:17:05
"This is a fantastic rifle. I am extremely happy with it even though I have been able to sight it in properly at the moment. The speed loader provided is a bit unorthodox. Also, after several take aparts and reassembles the trigger lock has become very rigid. I have oiled it but I have even gone as far as filing the 90 degree edges on the hammer and hammer catch so that they slide easily. also, the main body is a tad loose. so you can actually push the upper forward about 1mm. no biggy, but I've studied the rifle up and down and own a real m14, so I couldn't help but notice.

Pros: most everything. a real eye turner and makes you feel like a boss.

Cons: nothing worth mentioning.

have fun, aim, play well.

by Thomas M. on 2012-03-13 09:05:11
"Excellent weight and feel. I did do many upgrades to the system and am intending to do more.

So far the guns accuracy is excellent *Once you master the hop-up* and a tight bore barrel (540mm, 6.01) does wonders to improve that. The "Clackity-clack" is something that gets everyone's attention when firing.

Internals are very simple when compared to most AEG's. As long as you keep track of which screws/washers go where you can tear the gun down in about 5-minutes with about 4 tools and a nail. (No joke)

When a part DOES break, it is very easy to get the parts. I have had that happen but I chalk it up to original owner abuse and even as I rebuild/swap out parts from one M-14, I am looking to take the "secondary" parts and build a CQB version (The short barrel is 440-mm. Still very accurate)

Worth, Every, Penny.

by Evan Y. on 2012-02-02 17:57:45
"Could someone tell me witch parts i must buy to replace the "not good" original parts ?
Thx before ^^

Evike Tech: The gun is great as is. With tons of spare parts to buy to upgrade such as tight bore barrels, high flow nozzles...ect
by jeremy p. on 2011-12-09 12:40:49
"Great gun, extremely realistic, and you can add a barrel extension/mock silencer.
The magazines are my only problem. I had to get one of them replaced because it had a huge leak. Also, for some reason my magazines can only hold enough gas to shoot of 6-8 rounds and only 2-4 of them are at the correct velocity. Although, it could be a problem with just my magazines because I haven't read anything about other people having this problem.
I'd give the gun a 5/5 but the magazines 3/5 (being generous)
by Chris E. on 2011-08-02 11:02:58
"First off this gun is very heavy just ounces from the real steal m14, however if you were to go to ra tech and get the six or so steel upgrade pieces it will weight about the same if not more. It shoots very strait and the only major issues i had were (keeping in mind i airsoft 3x a week) my bolt "thing that goes back and forth (not the rocket)" actually snapped in half. So i got the steel one from ra tech. And the other issue was that the o ring on my rocket is barelly to big. But enough that it extends and makes the rocket stop moving because te o ring caught on the bolt lip.
Other than that its an amazing gun.


(complete) Dissassembly
Pot metal parts
Hop up
O ring

Overall id give it a 5/5 but the pot metsl pieces cost me 120$ to get everything tht was ganna break replaced. But now it sounds even better so its ok :)
by Christian M. on 2011-06-27 14:14:20
"nice gun heavy and all accurate if you put 30s in it the only issue i had was that they painted inside my receiver which wound up wearing my seal out after about 200 shots and blew a guide rail, no big deal cuz im upgrading it anyways just if you get this gun make sure to check that out and clean the paint off the inside before shooting it
by stephen w. on 2011-06-10 00:05:09
"Awesome gun!!! I am picking off aeg users from 100+ feet! I just ordered a matrix rail system for it, hope it works:/
by Ian P. on 2011-03-26 13:35:40
"Just let me say the WE M14 is a great rifle that being said here are some pointers about what to do with it when you get it. 1st fill up mags with silicone and propane or green gas to check for leaks, with no leaks fire 3-5 full mags through gun . 2nd take the triger assembly out and make sure all pins and screws are tight that goes for the rest of the gun too. 3rd take a small oring and place it around the from of the stock by where the stock ends and the barrel begins (only needed if your stock wobbles from front to back) 4th take the entire gun down to its individual parts (exclude trigger) and wipe all of the factory grease off this grease has a tendancy to remove the brown paint from your gun and have an abrasive affect creating a slurry of grease and paint not condusive to smooth operation. 5th re-assemble your gun and spray silicone oil in all of the major parts that show wear. Enjoy :D
by Ian P. on 2011-02-03 13:32:53
"1st off I have got to say i thought my previous airsoft guns were heavy nothing compared to this beast i suggest you lift some weights while you wait for this thing to arrive at your house to prepare yourself. I just got the WE M14 I was really impressed great build quality easy to take down and clean. I ordered the Matrix Scope mount and in order to install the piece that allows both screws from the scope mount be attached there is a small roll pin holding it in. If you get a T 8,9,10 small shaft stars bit screw driver and hammer the roll pin comes right out (use caution when hammering)
Another tiny problem i noticed was that the upper assembly that separates from the gun was loose it slid back and fourth when you tlited the gun up and down. (remedied with small oring in front of the front stock locking piece) problem solved! another minor problem was with the metal "bolt catch" on the right side of the rifle when the charging handel is pulled and released sometimes the piece designed to catch the bolt gets pushed aside by the bolt. (not sure if that is just mine or if that is how it is on all WE M14's.

PROS: Great build qualiy aside from a few minor teathing problems easily fixed. Havent Chrono'd yet but it seems to have high FPS. TB barrels available BY RA-Tech as well as hop up so room for possible upgrades ( Evike say that there are going to be instructions on how to adjust FPS Fingers crossed breath held untill that is confirmed).

CONS: Minor problems are a bit frustrating.
I ordered 2 spare magazines with it one was leaky (RMA to EVIKE hope to get a replacement
soon.) :)
by josh r. on 2010-12-01 17:42:20
"This is an amazing gun i took it to the field and what do you know it fired to fast at 440 fps. The only problem is i don't know how to slow it down.
by Tanner A. on 2010-10-10 22:36:38
"I picked up this gun in the store and you will not believe how heavy it is until you pick it up yourself. It had to weigh at lest 15 pounds.....i mean thats what felt like. this also has an extremely good blowback system that in my opionion is better than we scar GBB. GET THIS!!!!!!! or at least stop by to walk in store and shoot it for yourself!!!!
by Bob H. on 2010-09-21 18:53:14
"This gun is amazing, but is the barrel threaded? I want a supressor for it

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