Reviews: IMI Licensed Desert Eagle Full metal 1:1 scale / fully automatic CO2 Airsoft GBB Gas Blowback by KWC


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Model: GP-SA-90505

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by wayne b. on 2014-10-01 18:23:04
"Great gun if you are looking for a big powerful gun but it has a few flaw or at least myn did it likes to go in to full auto when I am shooting in semi auto but that may just be a flaw with my gun also its hard to find a holster to hold this monster and the final thing is it likes to eat threw co2 tanks mabe a clip and a hafe be for you gotta change out but but I may just have got the one gun with the problems but I would still recommend it to anyone for a good secondary or a primary for backyard airsoft players
by Henry Z. on 2014-08-22 16:03:41
Metal slide and barrel
Easy barrel cleaning
Amazing gas efficiency (got 5 mags off one co2 in semi)
Hard kick
Great trades
Very very powerful
Weight (con for others)

Is hard to put back together if you don't know what you're doing
Mag is a pain to load without included speed loader
Too powerful for full auto point blank kills (don't recommend doing)
Grip gets slippery with sweat
No bottom rail (it's easy to put one on due to the plastic frame)

by William J. on 2014-08-11 01:57:43
"I had some manufacture defects on mine that lead to bigger problems later. This gun is extremely fun to shoot and is accurate and sufficient for skirmishes and operations if the operator is willing to deal with the 3 pounds on the side of his belt. This gun chronos at 340 to 345 which makes it one of the few co2 pistols that fire under the cqb limit. I get around 3 and a half magazines on semi and 2 and a half on full auto.
Very fun to shoot
Slide/barrel/hammer/magazine full metal
Magazine has 21 round capacity
Loud and intimidating when you need it to be
Very satisfying look to the gun
Decent accuracy
Cqb fps
Hardest kicking airsoft gun out there
More practical than you may think

Must buy real holster for this gun
Safety switch must be tighted after a few games use
Slide is tricky to put back on
by William J. on 2014-08-11 01:57:06
"320-345 fps
Hard kick
Realistic dimensions
Good quality mags
by Christian G. on 2014-07-13 16:21:16
"Pros: full metal upper receiver
-top rail for optics for optics (be careful. It can scratch the paint if u don't apply the optic correctly, I still can't properly do it correctly)
-full auto function ( try not to use it excessively)
-legitimate trademarks
-very nice large mag release
- more than enough blowback

Cons: plastic bottom receiver ( more than durable enough though)
-optic rail is picky
-extra mags are expensive
-finding a holster for it may be a pain

Overall- for the price and how it performs, the only thing that can be this would be a gold Desert Eagle of the same brand!!!!
by Christian D. on 2014-03-01 20:45:12
"Love the gun it looks real, feels great, and definitely a hard hitter.
All metal with the only plastic parts are the grips and orange tip
Good mag size of 20
Great feel
Very Accurate
Hard hitter

Co2 consumption is about 3 mags per tank
Its pretty big so many holsters can't hold it.
The fire select is pretty stiff.

I recommend a Tornado holster to solve the holster issue.
by erik s. on 2014-02-17 10:02:09
"This gun is an intimidating beast!
I have used this a couple times at my two local fields, CodeRedAirsoftPark and insight
No matter where you are this gun is amazing it is so freaking powerful and the kick is unbelievable! it is also freaking huge! It's just amazing
Pros:metal, huge, intimidating, high fps, beastly
Cons:hard to find a holster
If you want a huge intimidating beast co2 pistol, this is the gun for you!
by Brandon B. on 2014-01-21 10:37:53
"Amazing. Only used about 3 times but it's awesome. if you want a different kind of pistol instead of the usual 1911 or glock...go with this. it's big, powerful, pretty accurate etc.
amazing kick
full auto
great range
the extended mag is less accurate (don't know how)
too big for some holsters...but i found that the utg thigh holster works perfectly.
uses a lot of co2...about 2 mags out of 1 canister of co2.
iv'e seen other pistols that are more accurate, but half the range as this.
by Samuel O. on 2013-12-10 12:05:05
"Sweet gun! Realistic, very hard kick!


- Powerful!
- Amazing kick!
- Range and accuracy are fairly good for a large blowback.
- Metal does NOT scratch easily.


- Get 2 mags full off of 1 CO2 tank, could be good for a blowback I suppose, but it's good to have a second mag.
- HEAVY!!! Very heavy, that could be a pro for some.
- Must buy a large pistol holster, regular holsters wont work.
- I you have a drop leg holster, you can't run.. lol.

For realism and good field play, well worth it! Make sure to buy lots of CO2, a second or third mag, and a large holster!
by Thomas C. on 2013-12-03 16:15:53
"I won this gun in a Box of Awesomeness and right off the bat I was impressed by the sheer size of the gun.

After test firing it I have come to several conclusions:

-Ridiculously accurate for a handgun
-Very hard kick for an airsoft gbb, on par with a .22 LR possible even more
-Full Auto Feature (Yes real deagles don't have this, but let's be honest, it is so damn useful)
-Nice heft

-Have to unscrew a screw to put CO2 in

This gun truly is a beast. Anyone who is looking for a deagle should definitely give this one a shot.
by Andy N. on 2013-09-30 13:16:05
"I bought this gun about a year ago.. I'd have to say. Satifying. Its huge loud and intimidating. It leaves me ears ringing all the time. I manage to get a holster to fit it, but was to heavy lug around on my leg. It flopped around from the weight.
Its extremely accurate.
only problem I every had was I only get about 2 mags out per co2 and one of the selector switches came of.. it seemed like the interior stripped from the screw being loose and the extreme blow back action. But theres two selector switches so I'm not to worried.
In all... definitely a great buy, not a great secondary unless strapped to vest or hip rather than leg.
by Derek S. on 2013-08-14 13:30:19
"Just get it - it's a monster and worth adding to your inventory. WOW!

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