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Magnum Research Licensed Semi/Full Auto Metal Desert Eagle CO2 Gas Blowback Airsoft Pistol by KWC (Color: Black)

65 Customer Reviews

by Anthony T. on 03/14/2018
"I highly recemend the kwc desert eagle for any one looking for a great and uniuqe sidearm on the field
-metal slide
-got it for _$100 on sale
-extra mags avalible
-easy to disasemble
Its a desert eagle and looks ao good
-its alright on co2 usage
-hard to find a holster for it
by Jayme F. on 10/22/2017
"Yes, yes, and more yes.

Ive already gotten $125 worth of fun from this beast, and I've only fielded it once!

Works great with .25, the kick is nice and hard, but as others have said, it's a gas hog.

Also, had feeding trouble with 1 mag when it was brand new, needed broken in i guess.

I will buy it again when this one breaks (most gbb pistols will, and it's cheaper to me to just replace the whole gun)
by Salvatore S. on 09/11/2017
"Really good handgun. The lower part of the body, all apart from the slide setup, is plastic, which feels kind of cheap, but with the weight and sturdy build of the magazine and slide, it feels great when fully assembled and loaded. Great rate of fire on fully auto, and really good range and punch. I really recommend! (also recommend CO2 mag over green gas)
by Cory C. on 07/03/2017
"Love this gun, bought it to replace one i had lost in the field, best side arm period, might buy another one just so i can dual wield like a boss.

Oh and did i mention as FULL AUTO!
by Ethan E. on 06/19/2017
"Excellent pistol. Shoots fast, hard, and accurate. It's a Glock 18 disguised as a Desert Eagle. If you want a .50 AE submachinegun this is the weapon for you. Put in an extended inner barrel, silencer, and attach a foregrip for bonus points.
by William L. on 06/05/2017
"I got this gun for my birthday and it is an amazing gun I had to send it back because of a little issue but it was really fun while it worked.

Full Metal Slide
Full Auto
Looks Cool

2 mags per CO2 cartridge

5/5 amazing gun would recommend
by Elizabeth J. on 05/05/2017
"this gun is one of my favorites just the problem that anyone who owns this needs to buy grease for the slide otherwise the gun spits out to much gas, also when the gun comes theirs a screw in the slide that looks like it doesn't do anything but it resets the trigger and it comes about half way sticking out when it should be fully sticking out other wise it resets the trigger every other shot and you have to pul back the slide every shot so i recommend you fix that when you get it.
by Damien C. on 02/16/2017
"Lol I have to figure out how to fix this because I messed up some of the mechanics when I was field stripping it but overall its a pretty solid pistol/war machine. First of all Its a beast when you fire it full auto and second of all, its KWC, it quality shtuff. l lost my KWC 1911co2 mag for like a month and I found it. I fired it. and it kicked ass. These mags are the best. they can take lots of abuse and can retain the co2 if left in the mag (I usually dont care and leave them in there anyway. Rate from 1 to 10, id say 100
by kuzon p. on 01/30/2017
"Excellent gun, I recieved mine for christmas and i've used it quite a few times.
Great size weighs around 2lbs-2.5lbs. Great recoil for a blow back. Looks great.

- Looks great
- great recoil
- loud
- great co2 consumption (3 mags for one cartridge)

-Mags are pretty exspensive
-takes a while to adjust the hop up correctly
- mag only holds 21 rounds
by shane c. on 01/11/2017
"this gun is amazing it has earned the title pocket sniper hitting people from 60+ feet away
but be careful if you are transitioning from a smaller pistol because the slide has hit me in the face
full auto
long range
gas hog
by Stacy S. on 01/05/2017
"This gun is amazing! Just got it today. Very heavy with a very hard kick, which is a pro for me. I have big hands and the gun is just about perfect for me, so if you have small hands I would not recommend this gun. It is a CO2 HOG! Not a big problem though you still get about 3 mags with a single cartridge. Use the full auto as a fun thing because the magazines don't hold enough bbs to be practical. I just love this thing!
by Kenneth S. on 12/27/2016
"This is an overall amazing gun. For the price tag and the fact it's a Desert Eagle with the option of full-auto scared me. But i am in love with the Desert Eagle so i picked one up about a year ago. This thing has been through just about everything from dropping it to dry firing through 6 or 7 mags at a time just to test its true durability. This gun is functioning amazingly well and i have not had a single problem throughout the many games it's been to (somewhere around 12-15 games). Amazing gun i'd recommend it for sure!

-Amazing accuracy
-High fps (Can be a pro or a con)
-Full metal build
-Feels great in your hands
-Not too heavy
-Easily lubed, disassembled, and cleacned

-Won't fit in most holsters
-Mags are expensive
-The select fire switch will come loose after a few games but its an easy fix (just a quick tightening from an alan wrench so no worries i just thought i'd include it

Thanks for reading!
by Riley B. on 08/31/2016
"This gun is awesome. It's not as big as it looks

Nice weight
Hard kick
Full auto
It's a desert eagle

Gas hog
Parts are hard to find
Mags are expensive
Holsters are hard to find
You don't have it
by Jacob G. on 07/27/2016
"This is such a nice gun, though looking at some of the other reviews I do want to note that there is no way this gun weighs the same as my lancer tactical AK. Now that I addressed that, onto the Pros and Cons

Good FPS (330 when I tested)
Awesome recoil
Green gas and 40rd mags available
full metal slide and barrel
And best of all....FULL AUTO

Plastic frame
Holsters don't normally fit (I use a thigh holster so its huge)
by Steven A. on 07/19/2016
"The KWC Desert Eagle
Price: $135, on Sale $108 (bought mine while it was on sale)
This is a big gun and therefore is very front heavy. The fire selector can be stiff when first out of box but eventually loosens up with constant use. The handgrip is made from very durable plastic; feels solid, and is comfortable. This gun is advertised as full auto but has a semi fire option as well. I can confirm without using silicon spray before and after use, this gun gets 2 1/2 mags from one Co2 cylinder. I used Matrix SC-200 silicon spray afterwards to see if there's a difference; the gun gets 3 1/2 mags. Compared to my Usp non blowback which gets 8-9 mags per Co2 canister(with silicon oil), there is no question this uses a ton of gas. For most blow backs, about half of the gas is used towards pushing the slide back and the other half pushing the bb out. Because of the weight of the actually slide, it takes more to push it back. This gun contains top rails to possibly add a sight though In my opinion, it doesn't need an optic.
Moving on. The magazines are full metal, have a good weight to it(so don't drop them), and easy access for cylinders. Holds around 16bbs and requires a tool to load it. Because of inconvenience of the tool, you probably would want to buy a spare mag as I have; reloading on the field would be time consuming and cumbersome.
Full Auto
This feature is purely for fun, just like the Tm extreme .45
Any kind of accuracy is vacant, because this gun can't handle itself. It isn't reasonable at all, but it sure is one hell of a fun gun; made me laugh with delight.
Field strip
You cannot fully field strip this pistol due to the half slide. The internals can still be accessed when half of the slide is removed.
Final thoughts
I bought this purely, because i was in the market for a relatively cheap blowback pistol that was made from sturdy materials and stands out from the normal crowd of 1911s, glocks and m9s. It has achieved all that I was looking for. Is it efficient? No. Is it pretentious? Hell yes
You won't be disappointed if your willing to deal with the imperfections.
- S.A