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Model: GP-SA-90505

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by Lenard F. on 2016-04-15 20:43:44
"Have had this gun for about 6 months now and was great the first month after that it went down hill.... The ambidextrous selector switch fell off during a battle, the magazine began to leak, the hop up shot out, some pieces on the back flew in the air exploding, and lastly the barrel shot out and is now an amazing paper weight.

For the weight and feel I would give it a 5 star, but for how fast it deteriorated I don't even know how I can give it a star.

-Great kick
-Full auto
-Upper receiver is solid

-Lower receiver feels like cheap Chinese plastic crap
-Inner barrel shot out
-Ambidextrous selector switch fell off
-First Magazine (well lubed) leaked
-Hop up shot out
-Holsters are next to impossible to find for it
-Practically everything DON'T BUY THIS GUN IT SUCKS
by justin m. on 2015-11-18 16:03:06
"This gun was great when i first got it after about a week i poop you not the barrel shot out and the slide literally exploded into 15 pieces. i recommend anyone who wants a gun that explodes buys this heavy duty piece of poop
by Nolan M. on 2015-11-07 21:23:46
"Like a lot of people have said, this gun is in fact a beast. That being said, I would have to say that owning this particular handgun requires a little bit of GBB experience and should be owned by players with a decent amount of experience or more. I say this because while removing the barrel is easy, the slide is a bit more tricky. there is a small allen screw that must be screwed in in order to remove the slide and screwed back in if you want you trigger to work like it should. There aren't many parts available for it in the event that something goes wrong, so please be careful with this gun. Yes you will turn heads with this pistol, but with everything, make sure you know how to use it properly.

This list of pros and cons is based off of my experience and can vary depending on the person and situation. I can't vouch for chrono results or gas consumption due to the fact that I still need a chronograph and it's about that time of year when it starts snowing


- Hard blowback
- Heavy weight
- Full metal outer barrel and slide assembly/metal in all the right parts
- Dead accurate with .23 and above. (Still highly accurate with .20)
- Ability to be de-cocked like the real thing (There have been a few GBBs in which the only way to de-cock the gun was to pull the trigger. Not the case here)


- Easy scratching
- Full auto mode (Cool, but highly unnecessary. Speeds up thee rate of wear)
- Fires in full auto when in Semi (Only happened to me after I tampered with a little. Make sure you know exactly what you are doing when you take this gun apart. goes back to Semi after a few trigger pulls)
by Brendan D. on 2015-10-27 18:03:15
"Terrible. Gun broke when i recieved it and just completely fell apart after ONE shot...
by Mike N. on 2015-10-20 19:32:11
"If you are choosing whether to get this or the TM, in the long run, the TM will be better. If you have spare Co2, maintain and treat your guns often and with respect, lube often, and trust in your own skills that you can sustain a gun with little to no spare parts on the market, this is definitely a gun to buy.

If you live in UK or play CQB, FPS averages around 330 with FPS groupings from 298 to 354. I recommend taking at least 2-4 shots with new CO2, as I found it is VERY HOT with a new CO2 cartridge, from 370's to 390's. The FPS fluctuates a lot and so you may need to buy a FEW pistol springs as the DE has 2 SPRINGS. (FPS was based off of .20 grams)

Build quality is about average with necessary parts being metal and the materialistic things being plastic. Everyone says this gun is not ergonomic but, personally, you never know until you actually grip it.(I don't care about ergonomics) Pretty easy to disassemble BUT other reviews have complained about the slide breaking so keep that in mind. The fire selector should be switched while the gun is uncocked, because, if the gun is pulled back, and you try to switch from safety to semi, your gun may break. Taking the orange barrel off will reveal a thread for potential suppressors to be used. It also has a top rail for your sights.

Performance wise it's decent. It has the capability to get decent accuracy at SMG distances depending on your BB's. Trigger response is slightly above average with a consistent response. RPS maybe around 18-20 so if you use auto(not recommended) you will have good primary or secondary. Kick makes this gun exciting and the DE will turn many heads with such a cannon of a gun

Personally I just ran cargo shorts with my loadout so I just put my gun in my pocket. In CQB I run it as a primary so I don't know what to tell you when it comes to holsters. Also, People have experienced mag leaks, but I have not and I have bought 2 extra mags.


If you are an experienced air softer that is willing to invest in the gun and potentially expensive parts, and promise to treat the gun with care this gun will reward you, otherwise just get some bulky HI-CAPA or a KWA ATP. This gun is not for beginners and can POTENTIALLY be a high maintenance gun. Also consider that you may be shipped a good gun or a bad gun, as previous reviews point out.

SCORE- 82/100

+ It's a Desert Eagle
+ Kick
+ Licensed
+ Sound

- Parts for sale
- Full Auto decreases gun's life
- High Maintenance
- Inconsistent FPS
- Expensive Mags
by Moses A. on 2015-08-07 18:51:30
"Realism: Blowback, full-sized magazine, field strips, Desert Eagle licensed.

Reliability: So far so good! No problems with jams or any other issues.

Accuracy: Right out of the box I shot a 3" middle of target grouping from 20 feet

C02 Consumption: 52 shots on a hot Texas day using Daisy 12gr. C02. Took 3-4 seconds between shots in semi-auto mode.

Fit & Finish: Almost excellent, but not quite. Some rattle can be heard from the slide, internal parts.

Bang For The Buck: Bought it on sale for $116 right here at Evike! Gun is still a good
buy at $145.

I would recommend buying one of these guns before they are all gone!
by Zack F. on 2015-08-03 11:04:45
"I love this gun! Some of my friends now fear me on the field, it hit hard has a okay range and is big! And the full auto is AWSOME!!!!!!

Hits hard
Mostly metal
Hold 30 rounds
Nice weight
AWSOME blowback

Loud (can be pro, but for me its a con)
Run out of co2 fast
Switches from semi to full auto randomly
Every time i shoot the right selector switch loosens and I have to tighten it.

Its overal a very nice gun, but you might want to get an adjustable holster, its big.
by Samuel H G. on 2015-04-18 19:53:58
"Just got it,loved it. 2.5 mags out of 1 co2 cartridge,recommend buying lots,and an extra mag or two,holster is going to be hard to find. i recommend this gun highly if you're looking for a beast
by kevin p. on 2014-10-13 03:57:13
"This Gun is a Monster! The kick on it feels really nice while being decently accurate, Full Auto on this beast is another story. Spray and Pray.

- Nice Feel
- Good Weight
- Very Nice Kick
- C02
- Good Accuracy ( if you dont try to snipe with it, its a pistol remember)
- Full Auto

- Not as efficient on gas as most guns
by wayne b. on 2014-10-01 18:23:04
"Great gun if you are looking for a big powerful gun but it has a few flaw or at least myn did it likes to go in to full auto when I am shooting in semi auto but that may just be a flaw with my gun also its hard to find a holster to hold this monster and the final thing is it likes to eat threw co2 tanks mabe a clip and a hafe be for you gotta change out but but I may just have got the one gun with the problems but I would still recommend it to anyone for a good secondary or a primary for backyard airsoft players
by Henry Z. on 2014-08-22 16:03:41
Metal slide and barrel
Easy barrel cleaning
Amazing gas efficiency (got 5 mags off one co2 in semi)
Hard kick
Great trades
Very very powerful
Weight (con for others)

Is hard to put back together if you don't know what you're doing
Mag is a pain to load without included speed loader
Too powerful for full auto point blank kills (don't recommend doing)
Grip gets slippery with sweat
No bottom rail (it's easy to put one on due to the plastic frame)

by William J. on 2014-08-11 01:57:43
"I had some manufacture defects on mine that lead to bigger problems later. This gun is extremely fun to shoot and is accurate and sufficient for skirmishes and operations if the operator is willing to deal with the 3 pounds on the side of his belt. This gun chronos at 340 to 345 which makes it one of the few co2 pistols that fire under the cqb limit. I get around 3 and a half magazines on semi and 2 and a half on full auto.
Very fun to shoot
Slide/barrel/hammer/magazine full metal
Magazine has 21 round capacity
Loud and intimidating when you need it to be
Very satisfying look to the gun
Decent accuracy
Cqb fps
Hardest kicking airsoft gun out there
More practical than you may think

Must buy real holster for this gun
Safety switch must be tighted after a few games use
Slide is tricky to put back on

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