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Airsoft Innovations "Tornado" Airsoft Gas Powered BB Grenade - Impact / Black

8 Customer Reviews

by Eric K. on 09/03/2015
"wonderful grenade! i always joke around with people who ask if it's reusable saying "if i payed $75 for it, then it sure as hell better be reusable!" whenever i toss it, i can hear the fear in my enemies voices, the screeches of sheer panic as they see the black cylinder of death/respawn heading their way. the first time i ever got a guaranteed hit with it, there was a moment where no guns shot in the arena. it went silent as it traveled through the air (i will never forget it). as it hit the ground and went off, i heard about 1 second later an enemy yell "did it hurt?!" needless to say, there was a smile on my face. although nobody could see it, there was a smile. would i recommend this? yes. without a doubt. extremely useful tactical stuff and stuff.

-goes off every single time
-pin doesnt pull out on its own
-not timer based
-doesnt break
-easily loadable
-very easy to use, simply pull, throw, collect
-works very well as a gift

-can lose parts easily if you dont watch after them while loading
-bbs fall out of the loading slots easily (but i dont have a grenade pouch for this thing, so i let it sit in my dump pouch and shake it like a toddler on caffeine)
-can lose the parts easily if you arent careful
-did i mention you could lose the parts easily if youre not careful?

over all, 5/5 would throw again
by Andrew G. on 02/08/2015
"Awesome invention! Strong sturdy and long lasting grenade. I recommend adding this to your loadout.
by Diane C. on 04/16/2014
"I have used this thing alot over the past year. It is absolutely amazing. But you are probably wondering if it is worth the price or if you should buy Thunder B's instead, right? Well the answer is that you should buy this. Nothing is worse than when your Thunder B fails to detonate. Then you have to disarm this ticking time bomb and pray that it doesn't deafen you. Well that doesn't happen with these.
Instant detonation
360 Degree coverage
No need to "guess" if you are within a kill radius
Will NOT detonate until it is throw, even with the pin out
-Price(Its worth it, buts its still alot for one frag)
-Possibility of losing it(wrap some bright tape around it to solve that)
-BB's aren't really moving very fast, so sometimes people might not notice that a frag was even tossed
by Robin B. on 12/20/2012
"They are really good, If you have to money get it for sure! They are really durable but i broke mine because i hit a wall really hard at a CQB course and i like them so much im buying another one!

5 out of 5 stars! GET ONE!
by Amanda G. on 04/19/2012
"You can use green gas with silicone oil but it wont lube it like if u just put a couple drops on it it really helps to just put a couple drops anyways i do that and my tornado is 2 years old and has prob been used 100s of times and still works fantastic.
by Timothy O. on 06/04/2011
"This is a extremely awesome grenade. A must have for all airsofters looking for a grenade. I bought one of these and a timer one, the timer one sucks alot unless you are playing in CQB and then it still sucks. I have had so many detonations in my hand, grenade not detonating in 3 secs or 1.5 seconds, or the pin doesnt pull easily at all (happens alot) that it makes the grenade very hard to use but with this grenade it stops all those problems. This grenade will not detonate in your hand, detonate in mid air or detonate are the guy runs away/grenade rolls away. This grenade wil detonate as soon as it hits the ground and it will hit him/her that your throwing it at with no flaws except for user error problems. The only thing wrong with this grenade is that it doesnt come with any O-Rings, so you have to buy some for it (this is a necessity if you dont want to burn your hand or waste gas).

360 Degree Spiral Detonation
Instant detonation when it hits the ground
1in off a cement floor detonation!
Very easy to use and reuse
Little Maitenance if you use Green Gas, Every 5 Detonations put 2 drops in valve
Excellent in CQB, Very Good in Urban (if you have a good arm)
Plenty of replacement parts (Here at Evike)
~180 BBs
Very Durable

You NEED to buy O-Rings because it doesnt have any
Where you put the gas in, around there gets durty (in woods and urban terrain) after every 10 Throws you should clean around the gun and in the gun where you can.
by Bill T. on 01/31/2011
"I was both fortunate and unfortunate enough to see these grenades in action. They have a durable design that doesnt get damaged from what ive seen. Easy to throw and get around a corner or up a staircase.

Small and easy to carry
Super reliable
Hits up to 15 meters (CQC)

Pins can be easy to lose
Cant bank shot the impact ones
Wish i had more :(

But good buy. Uses greegas or CO2 if you have the injector like me, probably gonna get an easy kill maybe an entire squad if you're lucky enough to find one packed together.
by tommy m. on 09/14/2010
"can i use green gas with silicon oil so i dont hav to oil it every 2-3 times?