Reviews: Pro-Arms 72 round Gas Power 6mm Airsoft POM Hand Grenade (One)


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Model: GNDE-72POMHGx1
Location: U1-084

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by Andrew J. on 2015-09-26 22:56:56
"ok so i found this thinking cool a more affordable grenade that i could add to my arsenal of airsoft equipment right? i kinda wish i went and got a tornado instead because i can't get this thing to work at all i have try just about everything... that i can think of, maybe it's a defect or operator error.
by Kyle C. on 2012-05-08 17:00:27
"Im not going to do a pros and cons but i will tell you every problem/difficulties i had with the grenade

* its hard to get it to go off with the correct fuse length and finding it will take a lot of gas (at-least for me it did)
*the hammer is very crappy and if you use it rigorously, you'll be buying a new one every 2 months (i Literally coated mine in gorilla glue)
*i has like 4 o rings and 2 valves so buying the after they break every time will become a pain

overall i give it a "meh" for $45 its worth it
by Nathanael S. on 2010-09-05 14:30:48
"I bought this grenade greande about 2 months ago and Love it,
shoots tons of bb's
easy reload
fun to use
doesn't hurt bad
uses a lot of bb's
has aplastic spoon

It is a ton of fun to use. Its great as a distraction device.I used it to scare the heck out of my brother and his friend.Problem is my brother kicked the grenade and broke of part of the spoon, no the grenade doesn't work right.I recomed as a buy.
by Miles H. on 2010-06-03 23:07:23
"I'd like to start by saying, very well made system and very reliable. The majority of the outer shell appears to be ABS plastic with "O" rings on the horizontal to keep the bb's in there respective holes. The internals are CNC machined aluminum. I put it through its paces once it got here with multipule throws and multipule tests. In my testing I've found that it has a remarkibly short fuse which would best suit it for throughing in a room or around a courner. As it would be lying on its side when it comes to a stop and goes off some of the bb's eject into the ground, but the rest go off into this remarkibly beautiful 180* pattern engulfing the rest of the area out to about 15-20 feet or a small room.

The only gripe I have with this is that the grenade spoon is really quite wimpy, though is easy to replace with any other systems spoon.

Over all very nicely built and I would be happy to buy more of these and take them into battle with me any day.
by nathan p. on 2010-05-28 09:19:37
"Great design, great feel.

A hand grenade that doesn't break into 4 pieces.
Adjustable timer that is easy to use.
Very cool, and LOUD 'POP' that sends BB's flying.

If you adjust the timer too much it may fall off and be lost when you throw the grenade.
Loading (you have to load each round individually).
Does not fit standard frag grenade pouches for tac vests

Closing thoughts:
Very cool airsoft weapon that should be in everyones arsenal. I would HIGHLY recommend only throwing these underhand, because they are heavy, and getting hit by an overhand toss could cause major injury.

Displaying 1 to 5 (of 5 reviews)