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Madbull Airsoft Ultimate 6.01mm 7075 Aircraft Aluminum Tightbore Barrel for AEG (Length: 247mm)

17 Customer Reviews

by Nathan B. on 02/05/2018
"Best upgrade ive done to my gun!
by Zak H. on 05/13/2017
"I highly recommend this barrel for any DMR build. It adds a ton of accuracy and is worth every penny. I have a G&G CM16 SRXL for all of those guys wondering

Adds Accuracy
Adds a slight bit of range
Looks cool
Works great with any AEG

It's Madbull so their aren't any
by Oliver R. on 12/25/2016
"Really nice my bullets hit the same spot every time!!!

I HIGHLY recommend this barrel.
by Devin C. on 08/16/2016
"I put this barrel in my KWA SR10 and the improvement in accuracy was amazing. I am hitting people accurately at 175 feet. I use .28 bbs and at 100 feet I can hold a group around 3 inches with no problem. I have used several different types (6.04, 6.03, and 6.01) and brands (angle custom, madbull, ect.) and this is by far the best barrel I have ever had.

Pros: Increase accuracy and FPS
Easy to install
Same if not better quality and performance as a Prometheus for half the cost

Cons: I cant even think of any
by Zech R. on 05/05/2015
"Absolutely amazing!!! You won't be disappointed with this barrel...the range and fps boost is amazing, I put this in my full metal and wood CYMA ak74 and it work's to all the people who say 6.01 barrel's jam all the's a complete lie! I've never had a single jam and I'm going on 10k rounds through it however I would recommend cleaning your barrel after you use it. Overall great product and I would recommend this to anyone!
by sue h. on 04/26/2015
"this worked very good with a maple leaf soft bucking in my g&g cm16

hasn't scratched and very well construction
had for it for almost a year

very little cleaning done to it but you should alway with a barrel this tight
by John D. on 08/21/2014
"I installed this in my G-36C and it is outstanding. Needs to be cleaned more often than the stock barrel or you have feeding issues. But I shot all night long at an event with no issues and had to clean the barrel one time after about 18 hours of play, to finish the event. Outstanding upgrade.
by Brett T. on 08/14/2014
"Fantastic quality.

However, keep in mind this 6.01mm will increase your FPS, but decrease your accuracy. A 6.03mm seems to be the opposite. You also need to keep this 6.01 VERY clean.

The differences are minimal, but I'd say accuracy matters far more than FPS.
by Chris F. on 03/14/2014
"This barrel is a beast, I put this in my KWA SR10 with GEMTECH BLACKSIDE supressor, still have about 10mm left. Perfect. This thing makes my rifle shoot even harder and more accurate. It's not fair how accurate this thing is. Only concern is I think its thicker than a normal barrel because it took some effort to slide back into my rifle, not anything extreme but rougher than normal. Definately worth the extra $$ over the 6.03. Fast Evike shipping, great packaging. 5 stars. BUY ONE OF THESE
by jack k. on 11/19/2012
"I just got this barrel about a week ago and installed in in my G&G Raider. it improved the accuracy by a lot, but the range was decresed so to get maximum performance out of it you need to get an upgraded spring 400fps or higher. but the barrell itself is flawless like all barrels should be, and it is suprysingly light.
by James S. on 08/26/2012
"I have bought 2 madbull tightbore barrels before. The 363 mm length and the M16 length one. Both were in excellent condition with perfect quality and the aircraft aluminum is a very good material! Very solid and durable. It puts your mind at ease when installing it. Though you should be as careful as possible when installing any barrel. The inner barrel is not the largest factor affecting accuracy. However, this barrel does make a very noticeable difference. Your groupings will be tighter, and fps will slightly increase.
by Taylor C. on 03/19/2012
7075 Aluminum construction
Very smooth at first glance inside
Excellent groupings and accuracy, very tight.
Safe packaging

A bit tight in some hopups or buckings, nothing too serious, fixable with a bit of silicon spray

I would buy it again, if I had another gun.

Notes: About 3k bbs put through it with excellent accuracy.
Installed inside a G&G GR16 Blowback with a Bravo Metal hopup and stock bucking and nub.
(Stock green bucking slid on nicely and into the hopup with ease without spray)
by Mark H. on 11/03/2011
"I just installed this barrel in my JG G36c. Very noticeable increase in range, power, and accuracy. I highly recommend this barrel. It's a great (and easy) upgrade. It's like a completely different gun. I've also got one of these (509mm length) in my spring sniper. You can't go wrong with Madbull 6.01mm ultimate barrels! Get it!
by McKane L. on 10/04/2011
"455mm MadBull Tight-Bore Barrel (6.01mm) - KWA M4A1

1.) - Shipping
Evike, thanks again for amazing shipping and packaging. Everything was secure and safely shipped. (Tracking number was very helpful) Considering the contents of the Aluminum barrel, I was a bit worried that it would get damage during shipping. Turned out perfectly. (Furthermore, comes in a secure Protective Tube)

2.) - Install
Installation is easy and straight forward. Equipped on my KWA M4A1. The Hop-Up Nub came out during installation, had to fix that a few times. But the install was a breeze. (Just watch YouTube Videos) - Get Lube, too, for all the parts and cleaning!

3.) - Performance
KWA comes with a 6.05mm - 363mm Brass inner barrel. I could hit a large bucket from 150ft about 1 or 2 times out of 10 from that distance (Using a 3-9x42 NcStar Sports Scope). With the longer (455mm) barrel and tighter 6.01mm the groupings were tighter. Hitting 4-6 out of 10 from 150ft. A solid increase in groupings from a long distance. At closer range(s) (50-75ft) the groupings are AMAZING! 2.5in - 3in spread. Granted, there were a few outliers BBs during Semi, the accuracy increases during FULL Automatic firing. A straight spray of BBs with high velocity. (Note 10.8 battery - NON LiPo)

4.) - Conclusion
A wonderful barrel by MadBull for the Price tag. I fully endorse this product. Looks sick too! And buy a silencer if you are installing on an M4. Otherwise the inner-barrel will protrude out.

Thanks again Evike! Good doing business.
by Tyler F. on 08/11/2011
"This barrel is nice. My KWA M16A2 started at 415 fps with .20 bb's and is now shooting 475 fps with .20's. I am currently shooting .28 bb's and the accuracy and distance u get is absolutely ridiculous. Great product.