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Echo1 USA ASR Advance Sniper Rifle Bolt Action Sniper Rifle w/ Bipod

21 Customer Reviews

by Phillip H. on 06/17/2017
"this gun is great for beginners. I got this gun around a year and a half ago, and it was a great buy. the stock and the bi-pod are both wobbly, but with tape and super glue, you can fix anything. the hop-up isn't practical for in-game adjustments, since you need to use a Hex-Key. it has really decent range. when i got my gun, the metal on the barrel covered up the hop-up so i had to grind out the metal; this should not happen on anyone else's, I'm just pointing it out just in case. you will need to keep this gun in check to how you shoot and you NEED TO KEEP IT CLEAN! to many people mis-treat good guns because they don't keep it clean. it comes with a manual, so when/if you upgrade the internal, pay close attention to the manual and remember where everything goes. and as far as what gram bb's you should use, i prefer .20-.25, they work great for me. To those who buy it, enjoy a great gun!
by Gianni L. on 04/24/2017
"I have this gun and I'm sorry but I feel like Novritsch with this gun. I have the upgraded spring,piston and spring guide kit. I run .28 and they hit bullseye from up to 150 ft. I am yet to run .36 but I think I would have a maximum range of 250ft with little to no wind. My next upgrade would be a tight bore barrel and probably a stiffer spring (if I find one) I think that would perfect this gun even though it is accurate with the stock barrel. Overall, this gun has a lot of potential with upgrades.

Accurate ( I hit Goggles, Ears, Necks)
Handling with the adjustable grip
Pistol grip(good for m4 owners)
Lightweight (extremely mobile) I can run two primaries
Silent fire (stealthy)
Magazines are an easy swap
Easy to upgrade

Butt stock is wobbly but I will be replacing it
Bolt could have been designed better but I still get it pulled quickly
by Jonathan C. on 07/04/2016
"This was my first serious airsoft rifle. (I had been using cheap Walmart guns before) It is absolutely amazing! Shoots VERY hard and REALLY accurate! I use mine without any scope and consistently nail people in any game I play with it. The bolt design allows for it to be manipulated very quickly. I have gone one on one with players using full auto AEGs and can hold my own against them. The magazines are a little hard to load at first but quite easy once you get the hang of it. The bipod is not the greatest. Stock can get a little wobbly (not a big deal to me). I would recommend getting the aluminum hop-up lever. It really improves the accuracy. Also, get the full metal spring upgrade kit (The gun will last forever with that). Overall, a great gun for both beginners and pros.

Pros: Very affordable.
Extremely accurate
Comes with 3 mags
Hits REALLY hard
Handles like an M4 AEG

Cons: Stock can become wobbly
Original hop-up lever is low quality
by Jonathan L. on 04/30/2016
"This gun has been in my team for a long time! It's been through three different owners over the course of some 5-8 odd years and is still shooting straight, hard and accurate! It has seen a lot of abuse over it's lifespan. (loose barrel, bolt lever has broken off, pistol grip slid off, and the stock is no longer adjustable) However it is still packing the punch that we rely on it for every game day! I highly recommend this gun! It is cheap, reliable, and packs a strong punch for it's price!
by derek k. on 02/20/2016
"this is a good sniper for a cheep price! mags can break some what easy, would be more. if you get the hop up right, it is dead on. got with basically any bbs, I use 20s 23s and 25s and they all shoot the same, but with wind it can go off a little easy, and there is no front sling point, with have to rig one up. but still very good gun
by chris c. on 06/06/2014
"ok this gun is amazing, this was the first airsoft gun i ever owned and to this day i regret getting rid of it.this is incredibly accurate even without the scope, and hits hard at extreme range(hit my friend from across a football field in the knee without the scope) this will definitely be a great purchase for expirienced players.
by Judith J. on 08/18/2013
"i love this gun out of all my guns. I got a 4-9-42 and it drops my friends crying. I got 7 guns shoots hard i would recemend this gun but one problem after every war tighten the screw in the bolt or it is annoying to fix rate 9/10
by Ryan W. on 05/01/2012
"I've had this gun for about a year and a half, this gun is great for anyone who wants to get a sniper. Whether you are new to airsoft sniping or you have tried other snipers and they haven't worked out, this is the best gun you can buy in my opinion. The 3 mags it comes with are plastic, but each mag holds 28 bbs. I was playing airsoft and a sniper on the other team was shooting at my buddy and I, I hit him first shot from about 50-75 feet, and when the enemy sniper walked past he said i hit his thumb.. which is where i was aiming to hit. Overall this is a great gun especially for 115 dollars.

high fps
all parts are metal that need to be metal (i.e. outer barrel, bipod, trigger, bolt)
it comes with 3 mags
accurate even without a scope on it
it has a sling mount

mags sometimes get stuck in magwell but just give it a nice smack and it will fall out
buttstock is a little shaky so take it easy with it
by Alex S. on 02/07/2012
"This a great sniper to buy, starter weapon or not its a great purchase!!

-Very accurate

-Very reliable (don't get rough with it though)


-only issue i think is how small the clip is, you run out of ammo fast

-Easy to pull back when reloading
by Steve G. on 03/26/2011
"I love this gun. It was my first buy and I wasn't sure about the sport, but after getting into I'd recommend this rifle to any one. F.Y.I. sometimes the stocks are loose, take the butt stock off and add a little lock tight to the attachment screw and your back in business!
by Christopher D. on 03/26/2011
"I had done a lot of research prior to buying this gun. I discovered that a lot of people where unhappy with the performance. However, I think these people are the EXTREME die hards. For an intermediate or novice player, this gun is perfect. The wieght is just right, the feel is ver sturdy, and the thing shoots fast right out of the box. Its very easily customizable and has great potential to become one of the best Sniper rifles you will ever own. The only thing I found that bothers me a bit is the magazine. It's plastic and it gets stuck in the mag-well alot of the time. Just give it a quick smack and comes out easily. This could be just because its new right now, we will see.

Solid Build
Good FPS
Easily Customizable
I could go on but you will see when you get it...

A little stock wobble (very minimal)
The mags are plastic and get stuck in the magwell

Great gun all around.
by jake c. on 03/23/2011
"This is a VERY good weapon on the airsoft field. i have had this gun for three months now and i have no absolutly no problems with it... no jams, no cracks and very easy dissasembly. i love it because you can upgrade it with other m4/m16 parts. and by far the most accurate gun i have!


solid consruction
good weight
compatable with m4/m16 parts


bolt is kinda stiff out of box
by Colleen C. on 12/07/2010
"just got this gun yesterday and its great! i was nailing a small 2inch lampost from about 130 give or take a few feet with ease immediatley. today i played airsoft with it and i only missed 1 shot out of 100 wich as my fault! the first person i hit had a very thin sweatshirt on and he ended up in quite some pain. it shoots really hard but dead straight. i .love it so much. best gun ive ever seen. i dont want to be the person on the other end of the barrel.

high fps
great accuracy
amazing range
heavy (can be considered a con but i like it becsause its not to heavy and you dont feel like your gonna break it)
3 mags
udjustable stock

only one sling mount

all in all insane exspecially for price can hit stuff well into the 200 foot range i shot my neighbors msilbox from about 230 feet. this gun is a must by
by Colton s. on 10/10/2010
"This gun is great! its accurate, good fps, and is very consistent! when you first get the gun the stock is very wobbly and feels like it may fall of but its an easy fix with disassembling only a few parts me and my dad fixed it in only 5 mins. The bolt is tough to pull back but gets easier as u use it more. The cheap speed loader is time consuming and is not very effective on the battlefield. It comes with a total of 3 magazines (even though it says 2 above). I definitely reccomend it!!!
by Miles C. on 06/11/2018
"Got this gun a few months ago and played one game with it. The performance is amazing but the stock fell off and I cant find any replacement parts. Replace the stock when you get it and you will love this rifle.