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G&G GR15 Raider CQB-R Electric Blow Back Airsoft AEG Rifle - Tan (Package: Gun Only)

15 Customer Reviews

by Sam W. on 01/25/2015
"This gun is really top notch. I play field and am still able to get kills. I bought this from my friend, who put a longer tightbore barrel and a longer outer barrel. A hitorque motor is good too. The hop up is really easy to adjust too.
-the grip is amazing

-The sight on the outer barrel does not come off. If I were you, and your own red dot or whatever you have does not go over that sight then cut it off with an axe.
by Isaac H. on 02/15/2013
"I purchased this gun for two reasons: 1)to be a backup for my sniper rifle, and 2) I needed an AEG for my US Army Rangers loadout. This gun has exceeded my expectations, I can accurately hit targets at 100+ feet, and the blow-back feature is amazing. The rifle came with a metal High-cap magazine and a cleaning/un-jamming rod. The crane stock is extremely comfortable and the pistol grip is much more ergonomic than other M-4's come with. The rear sight is a carrying handle cut so that it's only the rear sight. The forward assist actually works, unlike other M-4's and when pressed it re-sets the gearbox so you don't need to dry fire to re-set. The polymer is very sturdy, I've dropped this onto concrete and smacked it against walls (all accidental of course, I don't recommend/condone this) and it hasn't broken, the only thing that I wish wasn't polymer is the rail on the receiver. the only other problem I would hav is that no matter what mags I use, it doesn't feed 3 BB's, it feeds the rest though, seeing as this is my first AEG I don't know whether that happens to all AEGs but it's no big deal.

-Great FPS (~350)
-Great range for CQB Gun
-Compact (use it for CQB or sniper rifle backup)
-Full metal internals, barrel, and RIS
-Blow-back without gearbox damage
-Ergonomic pistol grip
-Crane stock
-Working forward assist
-Short barrel looks amazing in tandem with the desert tan
-select fire - Safe/Semi-auto/Full auto

-Polymer top rail
-Doesn't feed 3 BB's per mag
-Charging Handle was knocked off the track within 1st week from overuse (it sounds awesome)

NOTE: the charging handle was easily fixed. simply pop out 2 body pins on the side, slide off the upper receiver and put the charging handle back on track. and if you don't overuse the charging handle, then it shouldn't be much of a problem. I overused it, pulling the charging handle about 30-50 times a day (no joke), this is not recommended
by austin w. on 06/21/2012
"I love this gun! it has a VERY good rof. the range isnt bad! its not a sniper though ! lol its has a good 75-100ft really accurate . then it again it says its a (CQB) gun! not a long range so dont expect it to shoot super far! but i love this gun! kinda mad its polymer but its okay

-good range for cqb!
-amazing rof!
-looks alot better in person.
-so many upgrades

-little wiggle in the crane stock , nothing big
by TURNER W. on 02/12/2012
"Love it! Had it for about a year and a half, have a holo, flashlight, laser, grenade launcher, and short rail covers and is the best ever! Get it, you will be suprised
by Matthew C. on 01/19/2012
"This gun is amazing it fires so well the gun it self is very sturdy I would recomend this gun to any one!!!!! It is supper accurate!!!!!!!
by Gabriel B. on 12/31/2011
"This gun is amazing it is very accurate but one thing it does not come with a battery or battery charger, and the tip of the gun chips so be careful but all in all it is a very good gun
by Magoo B. on 03/01/2011
"This is a great wepon for all levels of play. The rof is is good with an 8.4 but best with an 9.6 about 14-15 sometimes 16 on a good day you know. This is a very accurate gun with the hop up ajusted its range is about 175ft and for a CQB weapon thats beast. It does look cool with rail covers though
by mason s. on 11/05/2010
"this gun is amazing for being a plastic body gun,
it shoots as well as my other g&g thats invested over $1,000 in upgrades
so i said"hell i think it deserves a metal body",.........
i tried to put a g&g metalbody on the gearbox and its literally impossible
because of the blowback system the gearbox is slightly wider than normal
and it just doesnt fit

so if you ever see the want to put a metalbody on this gun
you will have to buy a new gearbox shell, swap the internals and say goodbye to the blowback

other than all that
if you are ok with plastic body

it does have nice gears, piston and motor
is very lightweight
and deadly accurate
by Nikolas G. on 06/07/2010
"this gun is sooooo good ijust got it today i took it out and the first shot i did went straight for about 200 feet thenwent down. very good gun from G&G im not suprised they're very good i did the holy cow special so i got 2 mags and i made a mistake by ordering a 8.4 mini not a nun chuck but i got it to fit with a little modding

fps is around 380
very fast trigger response even for an 8.4
rof is amazing
iron sights are nice
deadly accurate
forward assist is cool since it resets the spring

crane stock which means its impossible to put the battery in my fingers hurt after trying to put it in
stock and mag are a little wobbly but i canget over it

all and all this is a very good gun evike says it shoots 335 to 350..wrong it shooting about 380 it surprised me and the rof is still very good
by Travis S. on 03/15/2013
"O.K This is my first real AEG in the $200-$250 price range. With that being said, I play on a team that has a wide rangeof more expensive AEGs being fielded. So out of the box running side by side next to these other guns I will say that I agree with the previous review that stated that it is a great gun. The ange is good for medium size field cames. It is great in CQB games. Battery life if pretty good. I like this gun a lot and really dont have any Cons to talk about, you get what you pay for and a little more if you are looking for a great CQB gun with pretty decent range for its size.
by Ocean H. on 01/05/2013
"I got this gun recently and its an amazing gun. I hear a lot of crap towards combat machines and i think its because people are jealous of how awesome this gun is. i have friends wityh kwa cqr mod 1's and my gun is performing just as good if not better than theres with after market internal upgrades.

PROS: CQB so its small enough but not too small.
- good range 75-90 feet
-good rof
-shoots at just the right fps
by jonas d. on 03/11/2012
"I bought this gun to be a side arm for a sniper and to do some cqb. I Would still highly recommend this gun.
-looks great
-easily upgradable
-range is lousy
by jared a. on 12/01/2010
"I bought this gun so i could get back into airsoft after a year of not. This is a very high quality rifle, i have been using it for just under a year now and i have loved every second of it! But i decided that the performance i was getting (12 bps and 354fps) was not enough for my cqb gameplay, so i removed the blowback and inserted a new cylinder and i got about 14 bps and 400 fps. so i changed the spring also and i got about 300 fps and 15-16 bps. but after a whiile the gearbox cracked so i bought a new gearbox (JG Mosfet enhanced lipo ready gearbox) and i love it! The externals work like a charm (solid build, Smooth grip and easy to use crane stock). if you are on a budget and want a good quality gun i recommend this gun. If you are wondering the gun shoots ~20 bps with an 11.1v lipo battery, this gun is not lipo ready.
by stacie d. on 09/26/2010
"about a year ago i bought a g&g raider. It was a pretty good rifle on g&g's part but there are a few drawlbacks.First off i did not like the rof or rate of fire it was shooting about 13 bps.that could shound good to a novice player but not for many experienced players like me.I have no mods to mine and it worked fine until the trigger contact broke.But this rifle has a long range even thoughi is a cqb rifle.the hop up is a standard g&g hopup but is really stiff and works quite well.It is a great starter rifle and has a great platform for mounting optic forgrips peq boxesor rail covers. this rifle work great withall m4 and mi6 mags.The g&g raidewr is anover all great rifle for beginners and the experts.
by Ting I. on 05/27/2010
"For tan lovers this is a nice light weight aeg despite missing a motor adjustment scew from the base plate( will email to get replacement) it fires smoothly with very minimal stock wobble. I had my doubts on the quality of G&G's specialized plastic body but so far I am impressed with the strength of the body. Overall a decently priced Aeg and one that will get you noticed. PLEASE NOTE: the aeg comes with a plastic flash hider which is glued on.

good externals
decently priced
fires smoothly

stupidly glued on flash hider