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by stacie d. on 2010-09-26 06:40:49
"about a year ago i bought a g&g raider. It was a pretty good rifle on g&g's part but there are a few drawlbacks.First off i did not like the rof or rate of fire it was shooting about 13 bps.that could shound good to a novice player but not for many experienced players like me.I have no mods to mine and it worked fine until the trigger contact broke.But this rifle has a long range even thoughi is a cqb rifle.the hop up is a standard g&g hopup but is really stiff and works quite well.It is a great starter rifle and has a great platform for mounting optic forgrips peq boxesor rail covers. this rifle work great withall m4 and mi6 mags.The g&g raidewr is anover all great rifle for beginners and the experts.
by Nikolas G. on 2010-06-07 20:15:57
"this gun is sooooo good ijust got it today i took it out and the first shot i did went straight for about 200 feet thenwent down. very good gun from G&G im not suprised they're very good i did the holy cow special so i got 2 mags and i made a mistake by ordering a 8.4 mini not a nun chuck but i got it to fit with a little modding

fps is around 380
very fast trigger response even for an 8.4
rof is amazing
iron sights are nice
deadly accurate
forward assist is cool since it resets the spring

crane stock which means its impossible to put the battery in my fingers hurt after trying to put it in
stock and mag are a little wobbly but i canget over it

all and all this is a very good gun evike says it shoots 335 to 350..wrong it shooting about 380 it surprised me and the rof is still very good
by Ting I. on 2010-05-27 07:20:46
"For tan lovers this is a nice light weight aeg despite missing a motor adjustment scew from the base plate( will email to get replacement) it fires smoothly with very minimal stock wobble. I had my doubts on the quality of G&G's specialized plastic body but so far I am impressed with the strength of the body. Overall a decently priced Aeg and one that will get you noticed. PLEASE NOTE: the aeg comes with a plastic flash hider which is glued on.

good externals
decently priced
fires smoothly

stupidly glued on flash hider

Displaying 13 to 15 (of 15 reviews)

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