Reviews: Socom Gear WE Full Metal M9A1 SOF Matte Black w/ Gemtech Trinity Airsoft Mock Silencer


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Model: GP-SG-M9-B

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by Sergio A. on 2015-10-12 13:06:18
"An awesome gun I love it. Is just amazing and it looks really cool.

-Full metal
-Realistic sounds
-Blowback action
-Included suppressor
-Realistic weight
-Excellent precision

-It impossible for the suppressor to be attached cuz the orange tip is glued.
by Jake W. on 2014-01-21 16:40:01
"i fell in love with the gun as soon as i laid eyes on the beauty. it came with the gun, mag, manual, and suppressor. its pretty powerful! i wish they sold more products like compensators and such for socom gear m9's.

-full metal
-realistic functions and sounds
-blowback action
-included suppressor (minus the fact that it isn't free and adds $40 to the price)

-can be a bit rough when cocking the slide even when lubed
-Evike super glued a plastic orange tip in the threads making it impossible for the suppressor to be attached. it even included the threaded adapter not attached to the gun in a black color.
-the end of the spring scratches the black paint off of the spring guide
-there isn't a huge variety of products sold to be put onto or into the pistol
by Ryan R. on 2013-12-28 17:06:06
"This is a beautiful gun. I got this gun back in October and i have shot a little over 200 bb's though it. Nothing seemed wrong and nothing acted weird about it. Only thing i got against it is that I really couldn't use it all that much due to cold weather rendering the green gas not not shoot all my bb's. This gun will do amazing in warmer weather (50F and up). The silencer is cool but not effective without the extended inner barrel you can get here at evike, when I was shooting with the silencer it made the gun very front heavy and I could feel the bb knock around in it, also is you want you can sell the silencer and get at least $25 back on it. Overall 10/10 no problems other than I bought it at the wrong time to use a green gas gun.

Fully metal
Beautiful trademarks
Great feel
Almost like the real thing

Really temperature sensitive
by Seth W. on 2013-11-30 22:58:30
"I've had this pistol for about 10 weeks now, and it is, without a doubt, the best sidearm I've ever come across! I personally have yet to find any cons for this weapon, so here's my very positive review:

-Tactical as can be, goes great with just about any load out. Came with the thread adapter and aluminum suppressor, which both work beautifully.
-Perhaps they've improved the mechanics of the pistol or included a stronger suppressor, because mine functions great with no damage to the pistol despite the disclaimer.
-Shoots consistently at 340-355 fps with green gas and .25 rounds, very accurate and smooth action. Blowback has a good kick and a superb feel overall.
-Magazine holds 26+1 rounds, hammer and safety are fully functional and responsive, slide locks back when the magazine is empty, and distributes gas nicely for each shot.
-Primarily a full metal weapon with great internals; both the pistol and the magazine are weighted. Slap a flashlight or a laser on it and you're toting the hottest sidearm on the field!

Absolutely no complaints whatsoever with this pistol. I've seen several reviews complaining about the price, but when you consider what all you're getting on top of the fact that the price has been lowered, you'll be missing out if you pass this gun up!
by Felipe F. on 2013-09-27 01:25:49
"Own two of these bad boys And they
Keep up to the task every time!

Comes with silencer
25 rounds per mag, unless you get the 50 rounder
Very slick in design
Very easy to disassemble

Price is not too bad but yea..
Threaded adapter.... Eghhh it's a pain
by mary w. on 2013-04-18 18:15:19
"ok so this gun is a beast i have used for an entire day and have to say im very impressed this gun is very solid and looks good

solid good weight
great trademarks
comes with silencer
great accuracy
hits hard

couldnt put on the silencer
takes alot of gas (either that or im not putting enough gas in them idk)

other than that pretty good gun for the price
by Brian K. on 2013-01-02 14:58:11
"This gun is a great sidearm. The blowback is awesome(sounds awesome too).

All metal body
silencer included, real gemtech
tactical rail(I put a laser on mine)

doesn't come with a threaded barrel, i had to buy the replacement one with threads
That's the only bad thing I can find about this gun. I recomend cleaning it after every use to increase the life of the gun. This is the best M9 I've seen. It's awesome it's socomgear also. BUY THIS GUN!!!!!!
by Scott H. on 2012-11-13 18:03:31
"This pistol is awesome. Played it this weekend and had no problems. Very accurate. Only con is the silencer. I couldn't figure out how to get it on the barrel and gave up. Took off the red tip and saw I'd have to get extension for silencer. Put silencer on my g&g m4, so it was a win win for me.
by Tim D. on 2011-06-24 07:52:32
"This gun is one of the best i have ever shot the blow back is awsome.
full metal
nice trades Leave no man behind
does not eat up gas i can get two mags out of it
loud (could be a con i guess)

The threaded orange tip broke off after only 3 shots that could be a pro if you did not want an orange tip
by Kristen L L. on 2011-04-23 13:32:08
"Amazing pistol!

This is my second GBB that i have owned. I didn't have too much luck with the first one, but that isn't the story for this one. With my first GBB I could barely get 5 shots before running out of gas. With this gun i got about 40 with one fill of gas! It shoots hard and has a heavy recoil. Also, it looks amazing.

The orange tip breaks off really easily so i don't recommend using the silencer, but i don't think it looks that good with it on anyway.

All in all this is a must buy. Its loud and intimidating and is great on gas, (something that is a must in todays economy) lol.

by Elizabeth H. on 2010-12-26 10:19:15
"I just got this gun yesterday and i am way more than thrilled. It was about 24 degrease F out. At first the bbs were shooting around 315 fps wich is really good for the tempature and at 50 ft they started to shooting up BUT after i shot about 500 bbs through it and lubed it a few times its dead accurate at about 150 ft it hits a man sized target no problem. It is very good on gas, and the mock silencer it awsome!

great fps
very good on gas
great build very durable

Cons: needs a break in period(500-700 bbs)

Great buy!!!
by Charlene R. on 2010-12-24 17:33:35
"This gun is pretty awesome. I have had mine since late summer. It has a nice feel to it and is pretty acturate. When I got then gun I went and shot it and after I shot a few rounds the silencer broke off. I was up set that it was cheep but that is the only problem I have had with the gun. If you want a cool gun this is the one. It is a good starter gun if you have never had a gas blow back before. I say it is good for the price so buy one because you will not be disapointed.

Displaying 1 to 12 (of 16 reviews)

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