Reviews: Socom Gear WE Full Metal M9A1 SOF Matte Black w/ Gemtech Trinity Airsoft Mock Silencer


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Model: GP-SG-M9-B

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by Tiffany H. on 2010-12-21 14:15:16
"it is fantastic gun it has great range for a pistol easy to put green gas in i would suggest this gun to people that like realistic gun that has real blowback action.
by Matthew G. on 2010-09-29 15:25:05
"Alright, so this is my first GBB pistol, and i am thourghly impressed! the gun is a rock! i was so impressed with the weight of it when i first pulled it out of the box! i've had it for about a week now and it kicks! The silencer is a little small, but its alright. it does completely nothing, but it still looks BA! it shoots beautifully! its really accurate and it shoots pretty far for being a pistol. i would recommend shoot .23 because after about 50-60 yards it hops up a little, not bad though, and thats with .23. The kick back from the gun is about average, its not bad, but its nothing special.

-decent Fps (about 300-320)
-Looks sweet
-Great weight

-The only problem i've had with it is that, at first sometimes it would shoot 2 bbs out when i pulled the trigger too fast and then the chamber would get stuck for a second and it would release all the gas. (maybe i was just doing something wrong in the beginning, but its doesn't do that anymore)

quick side note. some other reviews said that the socom 1911 is a little better all around, i dont know because i dont have it, however i went with the M9 because i like the look better!
by Robert C. on 2010-09-13 20:34:29
"Is this compatible with the Madbull Propane Adapter?
by Jonathan D. on 2010-05-21 12:43:08
"The Socom Gear M9 is the future for the gas blow back pistol world. This gun delivers a punch like no other M9 PTP out on the market at the time. Not mentioning the full metal Gemtech trinity silencer that follows free with the package. The gun delivers with a full metal slide, body, and construction. The gun includes a 320 Plus FPS and A big blow back with the slide. The disassemble latch is VERY true to the real gun also which pulls of the slide and underneath constructing of the entire disassemble slide.

Tactical rail adapter for flashlight and laser which gives alot of options for any CQB matches.
SOCOMGEAR pistol grip panel made entirely out of rubber for the slip-proof contact.
Functional Safety Switch (ambidextrous safety). (Always Great)
Attachment Loop for Retention Lanyard.
Authentic engraving on slide, includes: SPECIAL OPERATION FORCES S.O.F. ; LEAVE NO MAN BEHIND
System: Gas Blow Back (NPB)
Gas Type: Green Gas
Magazine Capacity: 26+1

IN CONCLUSION: The best M9 PTP out and does not compare to KJW or KWA's M9. Buy!

Displaying 13 to 16 (of 16 reviews)

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