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Socom Gear WE Full Metal M9A1 SOF w/ Gemtech Trinity Airsoft Mock Silencer (Color: Black)

31 Customer Reviews

by Elizabeth H. on 12/26/2010
"I just got this gun yesterday and i am way more than thrilled. It was about 24 degrease F out. At first the bbs were shooting around 315 fps wich is really good for the tempature and at 50 ft they started to shooting up BUT after i shot about 500 bbs through it and lubed it a few times its dead accurate at about 150 ft it hits a man sized target no problem. It is very good on gas, and the mock silencer it awsome!

great fps
very good on gas
great build very durable

Cons: needs a break in period(500-700 bbs)

Great buy!!!
by Charlene R. on 12/24/2010
"This gun is pretty awesome. I have had mine since late summer. It has a nice feel to it and is pretty acturate. When I got then gun I went and shot it and after I shot a few rounds the silencer broke off. I was up set that it was cheep but that is the only problem I have had with the gun. If you want a cool gun this is the one. It is a good starter gun if you have never had a gas blow back before. I say it is good for the price so buy one because you will not be disapointed.
by Tiffany H. on 12/21/2010
"it is fantastic gun it has great range for a pistol easy to put green gas in i would suggest this gun to people that like realistic gun that has real blowback action.
by John W. on 10/17/2010
"let me start with this gun is AWESOME. my friend has one and i fell in love the second i shot it. i was able to shoot an entire clip and use it in a game that i played as medic. its light, the ROF is good, and the clip size was nice. carry three or four clips with this gun and its perfect for anything. i just have a question. will this gun accept propane or computer duster?

lighter than most pistols
good clip size
realistic kick

green gas is sold out EVERYWHERE
clips are kinda pricy.
by Matthew G. on 09/29/2010
"Alright, so this is my first GBB pistol, and i am thourghly impressed! the gun is a rock! i was so impressed with the weight of it when i first pulled it out of the box! i've had it for about a week now and it kicks! The silencer is a little small, but its alright. it does completely nothing, but it still looks BA! it shoots beautifully! its really accurate and it shoots pretty far for being a pistol. i would recommend shoot .23 because after about 50-60 yards it hops up a little, not bad though, and thats with .23. The kick back from the gun is about average, its not bad, but its nothing special.

-decent Fps (about 300-320)
-Looks sweet
-Great weight

-The only problem i've had with it is that, at first sometimes it would shoot 2 bbs out when i pulled the trigger too fast and then the chamber would get stuck for a second and it would release all the gas. (maybe i was just doing something wrong in the beginning, but its doesn't do that anymore)

quick side note. some other reviews said that the socom 1911 is a little better all around, i dont know because i dont have it, however i went with the M9 because i like the look better!
by Robert C. on 09/13/2010
"Is this compatible with the Madbull Propane Adapter?
by Dean P. on 06/10/2010
"This gun is flipin amazing!!!! Mine goes about 75 feet till it drops. Buy it........
by Jonathan D. on 05/21/2010
"The Socom Gear M9 is the future for the gas blow back pistol world. This gun delivers a punch like no other M9 PTP out on the market at the time. Not mentioning the full metal Gemtech trinity silencer that follows free with the package. The gun delivers with a full metal slide, body, and construction. The gun includes a 320 Plus FPS and A big blow back with the slide. The disassemble latch is VERY true to the real gun also which pulls of the slide and underneath constructing of the entire disassemble slide.

Tactical rail adapter for flashlight and laser which gives alot of options for any CQB matches.
SOCOMGEAR pistol grip panel made entirely out of rubber for the slip-proof contact.
Functional Safety Switch (ambidextrous safety). (Always Great)
Attachment Loop for Retention Lanyard.
Authentic engraving on slide, includes: SPECIAL OPERATION FORCES S.O.F. ; LEAVE NO MAN BEHIND
System: Gas Blow Back (NPB)
Gas Type: Green Gas
Magazine Capacity: 26+1

IN CONCLUSION: The best M9 PTP out and does not compare to KJW or KWA's M9. Buy!
by Warren C. on 04/28/2010
"This is a Airsoft gas blowback at its finest!
Very solid great weight and a nice kick to it.
Love to fire this gun, its intimidating, including its look.
A good buy if you have the money.
by Laurence S. on 02/26/2010
"This gun is amazing! I have owned this gun for five weeks now and i haven't seen another M9 perform as well as this one does. I have used it in multiple CQB airsoft battles as my main arm because it is accurate and that its clip is 26 +1 rounds. Also the tan color and laser print just gives the gun a bit more style than the standard black, and it is a design flaw, but when the gun becomes too cold it can fire a three round burst (I think this is awesome cause I was deciding over this or an M93R which can fire three round burst and auto). This has not been a problem though because this problem is caused by using one magazine over and over again, so buy one or two more clips and your good to go.

1. Good magazine (never had any major problems)
2. Very accurate for a pistol.
3. Shoots 340 average
4. Great feel
5. Tan color is very nice.
6. Ambidextrous
7. Rail fits all light I own.

1. Heavy weight (Make sure your holster has a good strap, mine has fallen off because of the weight while running but mine is a cross draw holster on my vest)
2. When clips are frozen, gun becomes a three round burst.
3. Silencer is as described (Dummy light weight can)
4. Silencer has taken off the orange tip on my pistol (Had to carefully glue it back on)

Five Stars
by Tristan D. on 01/23/2010
"This gun is amazing. The silencer is perfect because its quite lightweight. When I opened the box I was amazed at how well it was packaged and I really liked the double stacked magazine. The weight is great, not too heavy and not too light. The breakdown of the gun is quick and easy. The double action trigger is great too. But the orange flash hider is the only problem. While i was firing the gun the flash hider became loose and fell off, and that was really dissapointing, but fear not all i had to do was glue it on with gorrila glue. The price wasnt too great either. for this quality it should have been priced for $140 because of the silencer which was practically a redbull can, but nonetheless its nice. it could have also been without the tactical rail, but thats just my opinion( I bought a coyote tan serpa holster for it but i didnt know it wouldnt fit with the rail). I would definitely reccomend this gun to any airsofter, but it would be wise to buy two green gas cans and silicone cans just to keep the gun running. Now i know that green gas is just propane with silicone oil but you sould buy the extra silicone oil just to lube the slide and barrel but regular gun oil works the same.

nice weight, sliencer is a nice touch, double stack magazine and easy break down

a little pricey for a starter gun, and the flash hider was dissapointing.
by Jake W. on 01/21/2014
"i fell in love with the gun as soon as i laid eyes on the beauty. it came with the gun, mag, manual, and suppressor. its pretty powerful! i wish they sold more products like compensators and such for socom gear m9's.

-full metal
-realistic functions and sounds
-blowback action
-included suppressor (minus the fact that it isn't free and adds $40 to the price)

-can be a bit rough when cocking the slide even when lubed
-Evike super glued a plastic orange tip in the threads making it impossible for the suppressor to be attached. it even included the threaded adapter not attached to the gun in a black color.
-the end of the spring scratches the black paint off of the spring guide
-there isn't a huge variety of products sold to be put onto or into the pistol
by mary w. on 04/18/2013
"ok so this gun is a beast i have used for an entire day and have to say im very impressed this gun is very solid and looks good

solid good weight
great trademarks
comes with silencer
great accuracy
hits hard

couldnt put on the silencer
takes alot of gas (either that or im not putting enough gas in them idk)

other than that pretty good gun for the price
by Scott H. on 11/13/2012
"This pistol is awesome. Played it this weekend and had no problems. Very accurate. Only con is the silencer. I couldn't figure out how to get it on the barrel and gave up. Took off the red tip and saw I'd have to get extension for silencer. Put silencer on my g&g m4, so it was a win win for me.
by matthew M. on 04/01/2011
"if anyone is on the edge about this gun get it. it has good range for a pistol and hit hard but more importantly its accurate.
Pros: looks
tight slide spring
not to bad on gas
good kick back(realistic)

they say the threads match up for all the laser etchings but mine ended up under the gun... its not that big of a deal becasue i ended up putting the silencer on another gun but it kinda bugged me

Overall get this gun i was kinda on the edge between this one or the black one but i like the color although i still feel the black would be cooler.