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Matrix VSR10 MB07 Bolt Action Sniper Rifle w/ Bipod, Fluted Barrel & Flash hider (Black)

18 Customer Reviews

by Ryan M. on 01/01/2014
"I think this is a great gun to upgrade. Out of the box performance isn't quite enough because this gun is not accurate at longer ranges. I would say just buy this gun, a 2-7x scope, the angel custom tune up kit and tightbore barrel. And you will have a great gun. The body is very durable but the internals are not( that's why you should get the tune up kit) mine started slam firing after about 900 rounds. If you buy what I told you it should cost around $230 total. This may seem like a lot but mine has been performing FLAWLESSLY with this. The only other problem is the fact that the mags(at least mine) will come out of the gun at random times. You have to press the mag release button and then put them in with ALOT of pressure for it to stay in. Although there are all these problems I'm gonna still say it would work fine with only the tune up kit, heavy BBs and a scope. the tightbore helps a lot but is not required.
by Mike L. on 12/22/2010
"So I bought this gun from airsplat, and the gun came with a rifle scope.
This gun shoots great. I have not had a chance to use it in any wars yet, but i have ran 1000 rounds through the gun. .25 gr bbs are still a little light I am going to get some .3 for it.

Shoots Fast
Shoots hard (shot through a plastic chair at 15 feet)
Shoots far
Scope is amazing, really helps.
Bipod works great
Everything is full metal except for the stock, magazine, and the trigger guard
Rails are amazing.
Better than I expected as a gun.

Cheap sling mount holes. Mine stripped out and the gun fell and put a dent in the barrel. Still shoots great though. I JB WELDed the one hole and locktited the other. Those won't be moving now.
Magazines are hard to get in. I have to keep my hand there when im shooting so it will load.

SO as you can see the pros far outweigh the cons. This gun could use a better magazine and sling mount holes. The sling mounts themselves are great. Buy yourself some heavy bbs and I think you will be impressed. 1000 rounds through the bolt in 2 weeks impressed me! Good beginner sniper.
by david b. on 07/11/2013
"It is a great gun, i bought it about a year ago. I had a little work done on it and a nice paint job. The inners i could tell were wearing out by the accuracy of my shots around 4-5 monthes in. After a bit a piece of the trigger snapped, and made it so it wouldn't catch the bolt so it would sling right back in if you cocked it back.

Great FPS
Great Accuracy
Decent Weight

Need to replace the trigger after 5 monthes or so