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Matrix VSR10 MB07 Bolt Action Sniper Rifle w/ Bipod, Fluted Barrel & Flash hider (Black)

18 Customer Reviews

by Frank K. on 09/17/2013
"I had this gun for almost a year last month the bolt broke off [too much abuse] and ball bearing shot everywhere.


This is possibly the best sniper rifle out there for this price

It's good for pros and noobs alike

The mags are not that expensive

It can take a beating I have dropped it in water and threw it in the mud many times and it still worked[up until I pulled the bolt right out].


Lack of silencer threads

After about two months mine would jam if I pulled the trigger too slow [not sure if it was just mine].

Overall this is worth the buy.
by vincent a. on 06/24/2013
"This is a excellent gun right out of the box. I've had it for a couple months now and it is sill performing perfectly.

-high fps
-good quality built solitd

-just a little loud but not really a con just depends on the shooters opinion
by Nathan G. on 04/16/2013
"I would have to say this is a great gun too; but I actually have a question if you guys could help me out, my bolt on my rifle keeps snapping back and someone said I need to readjust my sear. I have taken this gun apart so many times, but I can not figure out how to do it. Help would be much appreciated.
by Dave A. on 11/27/2012
"This gun worked very well! This gun is a very nice and durable gun. it says 490-530 fps with .20.G bbs. true but the spring is so strong that the bb doesn't go straight. you need .25 and the fps is around 450-480. you could probably go back to the .20 grams when you brake the spring in though but im not sure. overall a very good gun
by Janice F. on 11/27/2012
"Just got this gun today and right out of the box this gun was amazing. The power behind this is amazing for the price and accuracy is great as well. I would recommend this gun to anyone who wants a great sniper rifle that is dependable and don't want to spend a lot of money. I will say this again that this gun is GREAT for its price.

great price
lots of power
good accuracy

takes awhile to put together and is a pain to do so as well
by Ethan F. on 06/25/2012
"I just got this gun about 1 week ago, and i would have to say it is AWESOME. The bipod that it comes with is very good. If any of you have seen any reviews on youtube and they said anything about the Typo on the box, it is fixed.

-Metal Bipod

Bipod, slightly wobbly
Sling mounts
by Jordan B. on 05/01/2012
"I just got my MB07B about a month ago and so far the rifle is a beast! It shoots amazing at long distances ( ranges where AEGs can't even touch you) very accurately. It is very durable, dependable, and easy to use. The sling mounts and sling it comes with is not very good, but they never are so get your own sling, and the bipod can be a tad wobbly, but I have no problems with this.


high fps
easy to maintain / clean

bipod may or may not be wobbly ( doesn't make any noise or really changes the way the gun sits so no problem)
sling is crappy (almost every gun that comes with a sling the sling sucks so just get a new one :D)
by Ramsey C. on 04/15/2012
"Today my M4 was down for the count. I turned to my WELL MB07B and took the field by storm. Like most sniper rifles you must deal with the no "Full Auto" disadvantage. But all in all this is and effective sniper riffle for your day at the war.

If you use it right it will hold its own.
Accurate with .25 and .28bbs

The flash hider is just a tad loose and I cant figure out how to take it off yet. (I feel a little dumb)
Mounts for the sling should not be trusted.
by Gavin M. on 02/09/2012
"I boyght this gun alittle over a year ago and its still one of the best in my collection with adjustable hop up makes it adapt to any conditions it comes with a metal bipod, sling, and allen wrench to assemble it uhm mine came with the end of the barrell just alittle off center but had no affect on the performance of the gun its heavy wait and strong spring give it a power feel and kick also my favorite feature is that it is extremely quiet almost silent on an outdoor battle field i personaly love this gun cant wait to buy more from evike
by Steve A. on 10/06/2011
"I just received this today, and it is badass. Once I put everything together and oiled the barrel it was amazing and shoots real far. Also you may want to get a scope with this , Evike has some good ones I personally preferred the 3-9x32 which is what I have on this rifle. Sunday is my airsoft tournament so I will let you know how well it shoots in the field . Thanks Evike love this rifle . -The Assassin-
by Mark F. on 04/19/2011
"One of the best if not the best sniper out there!!!!! I got this gun and when I started shooting it I smiled from ear to ear. so accurate, very quiet. I snuck up on a guy 90-100 feet away, and hit him in the shoulder dead accurate.
Pros: Quiet not silent
extremely accurate with N/C star 3-9x40 on airsoft gi for 28
510 fps with .2
comes with 1 magazine 20 rounds
bipod verry good for already coming with it
N/A except if under 115 pounds kinda heavy and hard to pull back but other
then that great, actually EXTREMELY GREAT!!!!!!
by Alex D. on 05/28/2010
"this is an EXCELLENT gun! for only $105, you would be surprised how great this gun is! here are some pros and cons:

*VERY accurate
*BBs fly VERY fast (great FPS w/ .23g)
*Easy to cock
*Comes with bipod
*hits HARD
*"BA" fluted barrel

*The bipod mine came with was kinda defective (good thing i have another!)
*Mag is a pain to get in

Not only do the pros outweigh the cons by a LOT, but the cons are really insignificant as well xD
by Austin T. on 09/16/2015
"this is a good gun for the money, its perfect if your just getting into air soft, good build other than the trigger box it broke on mine with a strong 500+ spring, and it also broke in my friends. over all good gun, vsr-10 compatible.

-good price
-well built for the most part
-upgrade able

-crape trigger box
(which is an important part of an airsoft gun)
by Steven A. on 12/23/2014
"I bought this rifle for it's barrel and as parts. Once I put the upgraded parts from my MB-02 into this gun and fired it, with .36 rounds at 25 yards, it blasted through the gel target. I have a 170 spring and aluminum piston upgrade. I've also replaced the piston sear with a reinforced one(the original well parts are soft metal).The 500mm barrel seems to make a massive power difference. The rifle is significantly heavier. The bipod is totally decent. All things considered, this it a totally decent gun, just be prepared to upgrade it.

accurate out of the box
feels like a real rifle
magazines are inexpensive
"made in China"...enough said
needs upgrades(specifically piston and piston sear parts, internals are plastic)
If you want to really upgrade the power of this gun, you need a "zero trigger".
-Google it, it's expensive.
by noah s. on 03/30/2014
"For a $100 the stock gun was worth the price, but I highly recommend upgrading to a tightbore barrel and using at least .30 gram bbs. Keep in mind angel custom products don't fit properly and require extensive modification and machining to fit. I have yet to use this gun in an actual war, but the range it currently has is nothing short of amazing. I did have a few mag feeding issues, but don't be deterred from buying. Make sure to buy a good scope as well!

Excellent range
Great Fps
Good accuracy

Installing upgrades
mag feeding issues

Buy this gun! You will not be disappointed