Reviews: Matrix VSR10 MB07 Bolt Action Sniper Rifle w/ Bipod, Fluted Barrel & Flash hider (Black)


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Model: SR-MB07B-B

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by Ramsey C. on 2012-04-15 00:34:45
"Today my M4 was down for the count. I turned to my WELL MB07B and took the field by storm. Like most sniper rifles you must deal with the no "Full Auto" disadvantage. But all in all this is and effective sniper riffle for your day at the war.

If you use it right it will hold its own.
Accurate with .25 and .28bbs

The flash hider is just a tad loose and I cant figure out how to take it off yet. (I feel a little dumb)
Mounts for the sling should not be trusted.
by Gavin M. on 2012-02-09 18:39:58
"I boyght this gun alittle over a year ago and its still one of the best in my collection with adjustable hop up makes it adapt to any conditions it comes with a metal bipod, sling, and allen wrench to assemble it uhm mine came with the end of the barrell just alittle off center but had no affect on the performance of the gun its heavy wait and strong spring give it a power feel and kick also my favorite feature is that it is extremely quiet almost silent on an outdoor battle field i personaly love this gun cant wait to buy more from evike
by Steve A. on 2011-10-06 21:28:54
"I just received this today, and it is badass. Once I put everything together and oiled the barrel it was amazing and shoots real far. Also you may want to get a scope with this , Evike has some good ones I personally preferred the 3-9x32 which is what I have on this rifle. Sunday is my airsoft tournament so I will let you know how well it shoots in the field . Thanks Evike love this rifle . -The Assassin-
by Mark F. on 2011-04-19 19:14:41
"One of the best if not the best sniper out there!!!!! I got this gun and when I started shooting it I smiled from ear to ear. so accurate, very quiet. I snuck up on a guy 90-100 feet away, and hit him in the shoulder dead accurate.
Pros: Quiet not silent
extremely accurate with N/C star 3-9x40 on airsoft gi for 28
510 fps with .2
comes with 1 magazine 20 rounds
bipod verry good for already coming with it
N/A except if under 115 pounds kinda heavy and hard to pull back but other
then that great, actually EXTREMELY GREAT!!!!!!
by Mike L. on 2010-12-22 16:50:43
"So I bought this gun from airsplat, and the gun came with a rifle scope.
This gun shoots great. I have not had a chance to use it in any wars yet, but i have ran 1000 rounds through the gun. .25 gr bbs are still a little light I am going to get some .3 for it.

Shoots Fast
Shoots hard (shot through a plastic chair at 15 feet)
Shoots far
Scope is amazing, really helps.
Bipod works great
Everything is full metal except for the stock, magazine, and the trigger guard
Rails are amazing.
Better than I expected as a gun.

Cheap sling mount holes. Mine stripped out and the gun fell and put a dent in the barrel. Still shoots great though. I JB WELDed the one hole and locktited the other. Those won't be moving now.
Magazines are hard to get in. I have to keep my hand there when im shooting so it will load.

SO as you can see the pros far outweigh the cons. This gun could use a better magazine and sling mount holes. The sling mounts themselves are great. Buy yourself some heavy bbs and I think you will be impressed. 1000 rounds through the bolt in 2 weeks impressed me! Good beginner sniper.
by Alex D. on 2010-05-28 15:25:38
"this is an EXCELLENT gun! for only $105, you would be surprised how great this gun is! here are some pros and cons:

*VERY accurate
*BBs fly VERY fast (great FPS w/ .23g)
*Easy to cock
*Comes with bipod
*hits HARD
*"BA" fluted barrel

*The bipod mine came with was kinda defective (good thing i have another!)
*Mag is a pain to get in

Not only do the pros outweigh the cons by a LOT, but the cons are really insignificant as well xD

Displaying 13 to 18 (of 18 reviews)

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