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by Rudy D. on 2015-10-18 13:32:02
"The CYMA CMO31D stands out from other budget AEG's. From the day it showed up, everyone who saw it was impressed by the full metal, solid construction. Hold one of these in your hands and then hold a Lancer Tactical M4 or even a G&G Combat Machine. This AEG makes you feel like you're holding a real steel AK105, not an airsoft gun. The only major flaw in the construction is the magazine. The gun itself makes the magazine look like a piece of junk, as it feels cheap, plastic, and wobbles wildly in the mag well, however the mag does feed and it does work. The performance of this gun out of the box is amazing. .25 Gram bbs reach the furthest, and the effective range is similar, if not the same or better, than guns I've seen that have a much higher price range. The 8.4v battery that it comes with... Well at least it's a battery. It will get you started if you're on a budget, but you'll want a spare 9.6v around soon after. The rate of fire is decent. Not especially fast nor slow. The fps is just high enough to perform well on the field, however if you plan on using it for cqb it might run a little hot for your local field. This gun has some decent grouping when in semi or full auto, again comparable to a much more expensive AEG. As far as accessories go, there is a rail on the side that allows you to attach a standard AK RIS rail segment. So if you will ever want to put on a red dot, scope, or even a laser you have the potential.

To summarize all that, this gun has everything a beginner or intermediate airsofter would want. For those just starting out, the out of the box performance is amazing. Just keep it lubed up with some silicone and it'll keep your gun running smooth. I don't want to say that this can compete with other AEG'S because that would be an understatement. This gun seems like it should cost a hefty $180+, but I got mine from Evike for just $96... A steal! To those intermediate players, this gun has a version three gearbox, a standard AK accessory rail, and with a little work I'm sure can be tuned to be ready. This gun is a solid base if you plan to do some serious modding.
by Chance W. on 2015-10-04 12:29:51
"Okay, i got this gun last week and played with it the following saturday at my local field. I was accurately hitting players from 75ft away with .20s and this was hitting around 380fps so people didnt think twice about not calling their hits. Long story short this is a great buy for beginners and even advanced players!
by Luke J. on 2015-09-05 19:20:08
"i am very weak and this gun was heavy for me (VERY FRONT HEAVY). It is full metal minus the hand guard and grip. The battery it comes with is not good and i recommend a 9.6 high output battery for the max performance. I also recommend the cyma brand rail attachment and nothing else (i got the ncstar one and it falls off) the mags wobble a lot and can be noticeable also the sling mount is loud, but you can tape it.

-Full Metal and Durable
-370 to 400 fps
-unique look for an ak

-a rail mount will block the stock from folding
-battery it comes with is terrible and ran out on me in game
-heavy (pros for some)
-selector switch got very looses very quickly (after 2 games)
-range is not good at all (the co2 uzi has better range)
-not that accurate (mine shot far to the right)

i'm gonna sell it on ebay
by Garrett T. on 2015-06-13 15:01:12
"maybe I just got a lemon, but over time, my selector got very very loose, but otherwise, solid gun
by Jerome R. on 2015-06-07 17:48:38
"This gun is real good. the one thing is that the motor started making a shredding sound and it wont shoot.
by Cameron D. on 2015-04-23 20:13:40
"10/10 would buy again, Very solid gun for the price
by Devin M. on 2014-12-02 17:58:35
"I bought this gun for $96.00 on Evike mostly for a nice cheap project gun. I have only owned M4's so this is my first AK and i can say for the price I'm really impressed on how well the quality is. First thing is that it is full metal so it is pretty heavy but that is to be expected. I have also only owned this gun for a couple of days now but to date here are the pros and cons.
1. The gun is hefty and feels solid
2. The handguard, cover, and stock are actually pretty solid and have very little wiggle
3. It is pretty acurate
4. can run a 9.6 stick type battery
1. Some mags such as the Matrix waffle mag I bought for this gun are not compatible but with a little modification it could work
2. not much else to add considering its only been a couple of days but so far the gun is solid.

I would like to give a warning about the flash hider that comes with the gun. The flash hider comes in two peaces, a 14 mm CCW thread adapter and then the actual CW flash hider. I don't recommend trying to remove it since it is a pain in the butt to remove.
by Elijah E. on 2014-06-10 08:47:31
"I bought this airsoft about three weeks ago, and it's great. I bought a 8.4 stick type battery with it and tho RPS are low it is still fairly high in FPS, not sure exactly how FPS it has, but other player will know when they're hit. Heavy, wich is good for any milsim players out there that are looking for practicality and realistic feeling airsoft guns. Overall, great airsoft gun.
by Sean M. on 2014-04-29 20:53:20
"Bought this gun roughly a month ago at a sale price of $96 from Evike. I've tested it in the backyard and at least three times on game days.

I'm very impressed with this gun. Instead of the battery it came with, I use a 9.6v stick type and it generates a pretty high RPS. I'm unsure of the FPS, but whenever I land hits people don't hesitate to call it.

The gun is heavy, but that simply adds onto the realism factor. It looks great, feels great and performs very well, and the folding stock reduces the already short length and makes it perfectly mobile.

It's slightly inaccurate due to the short barrel, but that can be fixed with a heavier grade BB or simply another barrel.

Overall a great full metal gun for the money.
by Jesse M. on 2013-10-21 11:33:06
"I bought this gun from a Canadian store that uses Evike as a supplier.

It's a fantastic AK, with a 363mm length inner barrel.
It's a TM disassembly (lots of screws _/3)
It comes with BBs (don't use them though, they're cheap), a stock/rod type battery (butterflies will fit too), a cleaning rod and a standard wall charger (use a smart charger for longer overall battery life)
It also chrono's in at ~370-390 FPS (at least mine did)

Just be warned if you want to remove the flash hider at all, you will be grinding down the spring loaded rod that locks it in place, cutting a hole to access the set screw and pretty much ruin the flash hider to get it off. (There's some kind of turbo resin in there, tried using a torch to melt it and was not successful either)

The gun itself I'd give an 8/10, it shoots well and seems solid but the stock wobbles (although it can be replaced easily)

I would recommend it to anyone looking for a compact AK that looks futuristic, unique and still uses almost all AK parts.
by Thomas H. on 2013-10-05 00:41:46
"I recently got back into airsoft and decided to purchase this since I play a mix of field and CQB. Overall construction is pretty good. The gearbox was shimmed surprisingly well right out of the box, the gun runs very well. I expected to have to perform a bit of surgery to get it running perfect since it is a budget gun, but that wasn't the case at all. There is a bit of mag wobble, but you'll have that with a lot of real steel AKs as well... doesn't really bother me. The pistol grip is a little on the creaky side. I might swap that out for a different grip, but it isn't bad enough to be an immediate concern. Remember to tape the ringer. You don't want the sling attachment ring on the stock to broadcast your position to everyone on the field, do you?
by Jakob M. on 2013-06-24 20:31:21
"I ordered this gun on Friday and got it Monday Afternoon, but that's because of my region, but that's all I'll say. When they say 1- Business Day delivery, they really mean it!

This is a great tool to have in your arsenal. It works great at both mid range and in a CQB environment. The Flash Hider isn't too big, so that's a plus, but I do recommend a good battery and smart charger, just to avoid screwing your rifle up.

Now to the Pros and Cons

REALLY sturdy.
Only ABS Polymer parts are the Pistol Grip, front Hand Guard, and the Hi-Cap Mag that goes with it.
Nice heavy weight.
Great FPS
Mag changes are very smooth, minimal effort.

Cons: can see any other than the paint gets scratched(Not too easily, but it will with enough goofing off, I just mess with my gun a lot.)
And the magazine wobbles, but very minimally.

I cannot have asked for a better AK model Rifle, I DEFINITELY recommend you buy this.

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