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AK74 AK105 Full Metal Airsoft AEG Rifle w/ Steel Folding Stock & Lipo Ready Gearbox (Package: Gun Only)

24 Customer Reviews

by Ryan B. on 04/16/2018
"So far it's been a great gun I have owned two ak-74u's in the past and this has been much better than both of those for far lower of a price. It's easy to change out for a titebore and bucking and the flash hider is a little harder to remove.
by Jacob A. on 12/11/2017
"Let's start by saying that CYMA is a popular company for a reason. They make quality guns for wonderful prices. This is absolutely no exception. This AK replica came wonderfully packaged in only 6 days. The body, outer and inner barrel and stock are all metal. The handguard, magazine, and the grip are the only polymer parts on the entire gun.

Pros- the gun is heavy, making it feel very real. It is also full metal and very sturdy, again with added realism. The fire selector and stock both have a satisfying click, and the hol up took me 15 seconds to adjust with .20 gram bbs.

Cons- the magazine has a small wobble in it as if it isn't completely flush with the gun, but that isn't a problem.
by Richard M. on 01/21/2017
"I've had this gun for about 8 moths now, and this is my first airsoft gun. First of all, the externals are very nice for the price. The gun is pretty heavy, weighing in at about 6.5 lbs. The polymer furniture feels smooth to the touch, and almost no noticeable seams. The metal on the gun feels nice as well. It's pot metal, but has held up just fine through the 8 months i've been airsofting. Performance-wise, this gun can blow away guns that cost twice as much. Effective range on mine is about 150 ft, and chronos at around 370 FPS. The hop-up unit is very effective and easy to adjust. I haven't tried mounting a scope mount to it, but it's nice to have the option, although you wouldn't be able to fold the stock with the mount attached. The magazine it comes with feeds well, although it wobbles a lot. The collapsible stock also makes it very easy to transport. The only con I could find with this gun is that the orange tip is very difficult to remove. I just decided to plastidip it, because it was too much trouble to remove it.

Overall, this gun is a great beginner gun, and a steal for the price. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who's interested in getting into airsoft, or is looking for a good backup gun. 9/10
by Chance W. on 10/04/2015
"Okay, i got this gun last week and played with it the following saturday at my local field. I was accurately hitting players from 75ft away with .20s and this was hitting around 380fps so people didnt think twice about not calling their hits. Long story short this is a great buy for beginners and even advanced players!
by Cameron D. on 04/23/2015
"10/10 would buy again, Very solid gun for the price
by Elijah E. on 06/10/2014
"I bought this airsoft about three weeks ago, and it's great. I bought a 8.4 stick type battery with it and tho RPS are low it is still fairly high in FPS, not sure exactly how FPS it has, but other player will know when they're hit. Heavy, wich is good for any milsim players out there that are looking for practicality and realistic feeling airsoft guns. Overall, great airsoft gun.
by Sean M. on 04/29/2014
"Bought this gun roughly a month ago at a sale price of $96 from Evike. I've tested it in the backyard and at least three times on game days.

I'm very impressed with this gun. Instead of the battery it came with, I use a 9.6v stick type and it generates a pretty high RPS. I'm unsure of the FPS, but whenever I land hits people don't hesitate to call it.

The gun is heavy, but that simply adds onto the realism factor. It looks great, feels great and performs very well, and the folding stock reduces the already short length and makes it perfectly mobile.

It's slightly inaccurate due to the short barrel, but that can be fixed with a heavier grade BB or simply another barrel.

Overall a great full metal gun for the money.
by Thomas H. on 10/05/2013
"I recently got back into airsoft and decided to purchase this since I play a mix of field and CQB. Overall construction is pretty good. The gearbox was shimmed surprisingly well right out of the box, the gun runs very well. I expected to have to perform a bit of surgery to get it running perfect since it is a budget gun, but that wasn't the case at all. There is a bit of mag wobble, but you'll have that with a lot of real steel AKs as well... doesn't really bother me. The pistol grip is a little on the creaky side. I might swap that out for a different grip, but it isn't bad enough to be an immediate concern. Remember to tape the ringer. You don't want the sling attachment ring on the stock to broadcast your position to everyone on the field, do you?
by Jakob M. on 06/24/2013
"I ordered this gun on Friday and got it Monday Afternoon, but that's because of my region, but that's all I'll say. When they say 1- Business Day delivery, they really mean it!

This is a great tool to have in your arsenal. It works great at both mid range and in a CQB environment. The Flash Hider isn't too big, so that's a plus, but I do recommend a good battery and smart charger, just to avoid screwing your rifle up.

Now to the Pros and Cons

REALLY sturdy.
Only ABS Polymer parts are the Pistol Grip, front Hand Guard, and the Hi-Cap Mag that goes with it.
Nice heavy weight.
Great FPS
Mag changes are very smooth, minimal effort.

Cons: can see any other than the paint gets scratched(Not too easily, but it will with enough goofing off, I just mess with my gun a lot.)
And the magazine wobbles, but very minimally.

I cannot have asked for a better AK model Rifle, I DEFINITELY recommend you buy this.
by Gail S. on 08/22/2011
"I got this gun for my son and he insisted on writing a review. Here it is:

Well, i originally ordered an AK74 from CYMA but apparantly they didnt update their store because the second i ordered it, it went out of stock. Not because i got the last one, but because they didnt realize they didnt have any more.

So I was a little bummed from that, but I have to say, it fires nicer than my friend's AK74 from CYMA. I'm glad I got this one in the end. Its got a shorter barrel and it has better range than his 74. I like the fact that most everything is metal and mounting a rail system was very easy. However, the foregrip does NOT come apart easy... It took me so long to put it back together.

full metal (other than the foregrip and pistol grip which is VERY tough plastic)
nice fps! about 390 with .20g bbs
great rate of fire with both 8.4v and 9.6v batteries.
best AK CYMA has in my opinion

with my new rail system, i can no longer fold the stock because it gets in the way
im not a fan of the flaring out of the flash hider tip...

Overall, I give it a 9/10.
Great gun. Get it, upgrade it, play with it, love it. Thats how I did it.
by River C. on 06/14/2011
"I ordered this gun on Monday, June 6 with standard ground shipping. In a couple of hours I recieved an email stating that my package was at UPS already, waiting to be delivered. The next day, it was sent out. I recieved it on Monday, June 14th. The shipping experience was great :)

This is my first airsoft gun, and I'm really excited about the quality.
The first thing I noticed was the weight -- AWESOME. It's not ridiculously heavy, but it's enough to make it so that if I flinch the gun doesn't fly up in the air and mess up my aim. A well balanced gun is a lot easier to aim steadily -- that's this gun.

Second good thing -- it's mostly metal externally (aside from the grip, which is sturdy, good plastic AKA not shiny). In the section where the battery goes, you can see some internal plastic pieces, with metal casings around them.

Third -- the stick battery slides deep into the gun, so that the wires don't get in the way when you're trying to put the cover back on. This is exciting, because I'll probably be able to quickly swap batteries in field if needs be.

After charging the battery, I tried out the gun. It has off, full auto, and semi auto, in that order from the top to the bottom. On full auto, I was able to cut a pool noodle in half from about twenty feet away. That was with about a full mag (600 rounds, according to Evike). There were no jams or anything but smooth flows.

On semi-auto, I took it to an accuracy test. I was able to effectively shoot trees between 100 and 150 feet away, with the first shot down the sights. They're alligned well, and you can easily raise or drop them depending on the distance that you are shooting at.

On full-auto it is slightly less accurate at long distances, but much more effective. What's better? 1/1 bbs hitting your target in three seconds or 5/10 bbs hitting the target in one second? :B

Structurally, the gun is great -- so is the mag. They're both very sturdy.

P.S. I recieved an unexpected speed loader and set of poker cards ^_^
by Alec P. on 06/22/2010
"Recently purchased this rifle and put it through good use on and off field. It's all metal save for two parts, the front hand grip and the trigger grip which are Nylon? If I'm not mistaken. The internals are strong, put it through decent firing tests of 400-500 continuous rounds. No malfunctions with Matrix BBs and it held a constant FPS range of 340-365. On semi-auto tests the highest FPS range was a high 360 FPS. I encountered an odd thing though, unless they're glazed, Bios didn't work for me. I tested it with Bio BBs on the third firing test and the gun jammed. The magazine that accompanies it out of the box as well is plastic. I went the extra mile to get my hands on some CYMA metal mags, but that's jus' because I love the metal.

The hop up if you fiddle with it is easy to get to (Shown in the manual) and easy to adjust just in front of the battery housing where the shell casings would be expended from.

The actual gun fits well and the folding stock collapses and opens back up very easily for those intense moments when you're sweeping through a building or when space is particularly tight. With the triangle stock folded, it feels more maneuverable along the lines of an SMG than a Mainline rifle.

It's hard to find anything wrong with it. For the price this package is wonderful for a starting/experienced player. I enjoyed using it and I hope that this can help anyone searching for that right rifle.

Anyhow, The Pros and Cons.

Good Gearbox
All Metal
Strong FPS Between 340-365
Good Weight
Folding stock folds and locks with ease
Arrives W/ 8.4V battery w/ Charger

It doesn't like some types of Bio BBs
by Miguel L. on 01/02/2017
"Nothing special accuracy wise, but solid external construction. Out of the box it is extremely sturdy, and the only thing I didn't like is the full orange plastic flash hider, which evike doesn't show in the pictures. Pretty cool gun for the price still!
by ILIR M. on 12/21/2016

1) Durable exterior design. Ive already dropped the gun many times and didn't even make a dent in it. I'm sure you could run this over with a car and it would still be fine.
2) Cheap, can't beat the price.
3) Accurate up to 200feet. I did no adjustments to the hop up unit and it is shooting just fine in SEMI AUTO, FULL Auto is a diff story though( the Hop up unit is cheap plastic junk, and I had to do some modification to get it to shoot at all, but more on this later).
3) V3 gearbox seemed solid. I bought this as a cheap gun to install a Wolverine Inferno HPA system into so I cannot vouch for how the stock gearbox fired as I never fired it. I did take it apart though and can confirm, its looked tough enough, if a bit dirty from the green lubricant they use in china. It should theoretically be able to handle a lipo, the gears didn't look like they were gonna strip anytime soon and were cast metal.

1) My biggest gripe with this was it has no rails. Like the original AK, this guy stays true to form and if you want to mount accessories, you'll have to buy a Quad Rail and a side-mounted Top Rail, which will bring up the price another $50.
2) I got this and installed a Wolverine HPA system with what I thought was an AK Nozzle. Now the good folks at CYMA apparently use a different length nozzle for their AK system, which means you will have to shave down your AK nozzle in order to get this to feed at all. BE very careful when doing this or you could end up losing air pressure as only 1mm can be too much. I did mine with sandpaper, only took a little off and I fixed the problem.
3) The Hop up Unit is cheap plastic junk and has a tendency to move the dial when firing in full auto, thus potentially ruining your settings mid-game. Needs to be upgraded to a metal unit.

Overall a very good gun, for the price, as long as you can do some tinkering inside, you'll be very happy.
by Rudy D. on 10/18/2015
"The CYMA CMO31D stands out from other budget AEG's. From the day it showed up, everyone who saw it was impressed by the full metal, solid construction. Hold one of these in your hands and then hold a Lancer Tactical M4 or even a G&G Combat Machine. This AEG makes you feel like you're holding a real steel AK105, not an airsoft gun. The only major flaw in the construction is the magazine. The gun itself makes the magazine look like a piece of junk, as it feels cheap, plastic, and wobbles wildly in the mag well, however the mag does feed and it does work. The performance of this gun out of the box is amazing. .25 Gram bbs reach the furthest, and the effective range is similar, if not the same or better, than guns I've seen that have a much higher price range. The 8.4v battery that it comes with... Well at least it's a battery. It will get you started if you're on a budget, but you'll want a spare 9.6v around soon after. The rate of fire is decent. Not especially fast nor slow. The fps is just high enough to perform well on the field, however if you plan on using it for cqb it might run a little hot for your local field. This gun has some decent grouping when in semi or full auto, again comparable to a much more expensive AEG. As far as accessories go, there is a rail on the side that allows you to attach a standard AK RIS rail segment. So if you will ever want to put on a red dot, scope, or even a laser you have the potential.

To summarize all that, this gun has everything a beginner or intermediate airsofter would want. For those just starting out, the out of the box performance is amazing. Just keep it lubed up with some silicone and it'll keep your gun running smooth. I don't want to say that this can compete with other AEG'S because that would be an understatement. This gun seems like it should cost a hefty $180+, but I got mine from Evike for just $96... A steal! To those intermediate players, this gun has a version three gearbox, a standard AK accessory rail, and with a little work I'm sure can be tuned to be ready. This gun is a solid base if you plan to do some serious modding.