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Matrix / Snow Wolf Full Metal M9 PTP High Power Heavy Weight Airsoft Gas Blowback

43 Customer Reviews

by Nathan W. on 08/16/2011
"Being new to the sport, I wanted something that was good, but not a wallet killer. I read many reviews on this particular M9, and liked what I saw, and at the great price for a gas blow-back, I went ahead and got two to dual wield. I also got a couple spare mags to go with them. When I got them, I have to say I was impressed. I gassed them up right away and took some trial shots. They have a great sound, little recoil, but enough to feel it, and were pretty accurate, even at greater distances I was hitting my mark almost every time. As a beginner, I must say that I was really impressed and couldn't ask for a better pistol at this point. And even later on once I play more, I think I'll still like these. A friend of mine who has been playing for a long time also really like them, and is planning on getting one for himself. Even my grandpa, who has the real thing, said that he thought they were amazing replicas and just as accurate as the a real M9. Overall, I am very pleased, and am really glad I got two!

-Full metal
-Great blow-back and slide sound
-1.5-2 mags worth of gas

-heavier than the real deal (kinda up to preference. I don't mind at all.)
-orange tip fell off of one of mine, but a little orange electrical tape replaced it and honestly looks better.
-No logos or etching of any kind (not that it matters really)

Final word is, having had these for almost two months now, and no major complaints other than not having played with them enough, I have to say I am very pleased! Great side arm for n00bs like me, and people who have been playing for a while. 10/10 !
by William G. on 06/02/2011
"Great gun! I just got it a few days ago and it is amazing. If there was one thing that I dislike about it, it would have to be the hopup. This gun actually has a hopup but it's hidden. It's the screw on top of the inner barrel. I would recommend loctight as the screw will get loose from firing.
Full metal (except the grips)
Good weight
Accurate (once the hopup is adjusted)

No threaded barrel
Really hard to dismantle entirely
by Daniel B. on 05/22/2011
"Finally got to use this yesterday, and due to a shortage of AEG's I volunteered to use this pistol only versus everyone else with primary weapons. Needless to say I was at a disadvantage but I trusted this pistol to perform well and it exceeded all of my expectations.

We played in a field with rather dense forest so I had to get pretty close to my targets before I could get accurate shots in but at about 10-15 yards this airsoft performed great. The blow back action is very nice and gives it very slight recoil, coupled with amazing accuracy for a pistol and .25 BB's I held my own.

All in all this is an amazing side arm and well worth the price, if you find yourself in the middle of a game with a jammed gun/ no ammo, this pistol gives you a decent chance to keep yourself in the game


Full Metal construction gives it a nice heft and durability(dropped by accident from about 4 feet with no damage at all)

Very good accuracy for a pistol

worked reliably (almost no problems out in the field)

Easy to take apart for maintenance


Almost none, only that it looks and feels very much like an actual M9 so i recommend being very careful with it. The orange cap falls off after a bit but is easily put back on. I recommend you take it off for games and keep it on when not in use.
by Bruce B. on 05/13/2011
"BEST GUN I"VE EVER OWNED i have had several spring pistols but this bad boy rocks just got it and it shoots faster than my m4 i just bought theres is only one problem i see if you shoot to fast sometimes it might not shoot. well probably because i pulled the trigger as fast as i can but all in all its awesome i definintly recommend it!!!!!!!
by nick b. on 05/04/2011
"I ordered this gun bout a week ago and it just came today! ive been playing with it all day and is the best gbb ive ever had!
-everything is metal except for the hand grip!
-every time you fill the mag w/gas it will soot 2-3 mags worth of bbs
-easy to fieldstrip the gun
-average of 350-355 with propane
-crisp, realistic slide sound

-no ingravings or brand tm's
by Justin O. on 03/31/2011
by Craig F. on 03/30/2011
"Got this M9 in the mail today! And it is one impressive gun. It shoots about 330-340fps, which is absolutely perfect for cqb. I was very impressed when the gun and magazine came pre-lubricated so i was able to use it right out of the box. Compared to my KWA m9, there is virtually no difference, except that this M9 costs about half the price!!! I bought the 52rd extended mag and it fits perfectly, I recommend it to anyone buying this gun. Also, something that many people would overlook his how smooth and effortless it pull the trigger. The trigger much smoother than that of my KWA model m9. I recommend this to all airsofters looking for a cheap, yet reliable back-up weapon.
by Nick L. on 02/26/2011
"I've had this gun for a couple months now and its AWESOME!!!!!!! I should buy another so i can dual wield them.

-CHEAP for a full metal gbb
-Heavy weight, feels like the real steel
-Hits hard!
-Blowback is nice loud and metalic
-looks sick because its an m9 =)

-outer barrel wiggles a little bit, and could mess with accuracy... but its more for cqb anwyay.
-first one Evike sent me was defective =( and only shot full auto, but Evike customer service is totally awesome so they sent me a new one which hasn't failed me yet!

All in all, this is an awesome gun for a sick nasty price. You should definately get an extra mag or two because 27 rounds goes fast.

Hope this review has been helpful!
by christopher g. on 02/12/2011
"the spare mag for this is the NEW! spare magazine for we marui HFK KJW socom gear CQB Master M9 Series Airsoft gas blowback
by Andrew S. on 01/26/2011
"ok so i got this gun today and i opened the box picked up the gun and was like woa. i love this thing, for those who think theres a catch or that this thing is a piece of crap because its cheap are wrong this thing is all metal and solid as a rock. it weighs just as much as the real beretta m9. it kicks hard and is realy accurate. i would definately recommend this gun although u definately wanna get some extra mags. i give it a 10 out of 10.

all metal/heavy weight
kicks hard
realy accurate

the only thing i can think of is that the thumb safety you cant use it with just your thumb u need quite a bit of strength to pull it down
by peggy g. on 12/22/2010
"i finally got this gun in the other day and it truly is full metal. the quality is amazing, its very smooth. the only downfall is that the orange tip was painted on, but you can buy a new outer barrel for $15 or just sand it down and get a can of flat black spray paint and it will look just s good.
by Griffin R. on 12/10/2010
"Great gun, really the best, and most economical side arm solution. It is full metal, and its a good quality metal. The finish is beautiful, and the weight and balance are perfect. It has a good kick, firm, but not hand pain hard. The magazine works well and doesn't restrict the slide if you have your secondary hand on the bottom of the hand grip. I've heard some complaints about the Safety, but it just has to be lubed and pushed a few times to break it in, then it turns like butter.

Good weight and balance
NO lose or wobbly parts
Realistic and easy breakdown
Good FPS
Good ROF, you can fire pretty much as fast as you can pull the trigger in Semi, and in Full auto
it empties a standard mag in a flash.
Mag doesn't leak and feeds well.

Nothing really, but I feel it's prudent to mention a few things.
As with all gas guns, firing it too fast (including full auto) can cause Green gas to get to cold,
especially in colder weather, and turn back to liquid. That liquid gets all over the place and is
VERY cold to touch.
Like I said earlier the selector switch needs to be slightly lubricated and broken in.

The only real con I can think of is an issue I have with the full auto. Now it isn't advertised, but this gun does have a full auto setting. There are 3 stages to the safety. Safe, Semi, and if pushed all the way horizontal, the gun CAN fire full auto. The problem I have is that it doesn't fire full auto when I pull the trigger, I must rapid fire 2-3 times and hold the trigger to engage full auto fire. Not the best method of laying down fire in a high stress situation, a situation one might find himself in if he is in need of his pistol.

All this being said, this is one of the best gas M9s I've used and for under $100, hell at current sale price this gun is the obvious choice for anyone without pockets 2 ft deep. Get it, it's worth it.
by Graciela C. on 10/27/2010
"Does this m9 come with a threaded barrel or is it separate?
by Ann M. on 10/01/2010
"WOW! I bought this gun and I have to say the first time I shot it I was amazed. This gun is so powerful!!! and the blowback action is amazing......I did experience a slight problem but after letting my gun sit and warm up for about a minute it was fine. The FPS is great! The acuracy with .25 bb's is amazing too! BUY THIS GUN IF YOU WANT A GREAT PISTOL!
by nick l. on 09/23/2010
"great gun shoots very accurately. Kicks hard and shoots fast. I would highly suggest buying this gun. It is $110 cheaper than the kwa and just as good.