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Matrix / Snow Wolf Full Metal M9 PTP High Power Heavy Weight Airsoft Gas Blowback

43 Customer Reviews

by gaylynn s. on 09/23/2010
"this gun in amazing ive shot and held a kwa m9 and kwa products and their good and same iw marui ,this gun is better than both
by joel j. on 09/21/2010
"what mag will fit in here !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by Blake M. on 09/19/2010
"I am thinking about buying this gun, but what mags would work with it?
by gerald t. on 09/18/2010
"Ok what's the catch?! Lol I DO NOT have this is it really fully metal is it really 350 fps and fer real is it REALLY only 70 bucks?! Quality?
by Shay D. on 09/16/2010
"I got this gun and it is GREAT amazing a must have sidearm but i dont know what spare magazines fit it so if anyone could tell me that would be great otherwise 10/10
by elliot k. on 09/15/2010
"i just got this gun yesterday. i was really excited for it to come in. but when i opened the box.... I WAS LITERALLY BOUNCING OFF THE WALLS :) when i took the gun out of the case it comes with, i immediatlely knew i bought the right gun because its full metal and weighs like 3.5 pounds!! i havent been able to shoot it cause i dont have an adapter :( but my friend has the same gun so i have been shooting his. the blowback is really strong and the orange tip comes out easily. this gun shoots far and accurate and fast! if your looking for a really good full metal gbb m9, then you have came to the right place.

full metal
gun case included
good for side arm/ or just a handgun

saftey is alittle bit hard to push but i got the hang of it, so pretty much no cons
by Sean L. on 08/22/2010
"i got this gun it is great the best all metal gbb m9 for less than $100 ive found. the gun i got dosent have any markings at all the hand grips didnt have the logo just a blank circle. this the first gun i got and i think its the best. i got a kydex m92 paddle holster and it fits perfectly. the weight is great it fells real. the orange tip fell out about 5 mins after i got the gun out of the box. i said to my self "i wonder if that orange tip comes out?'' so i pulled on it and it came out i was happy. oh and i would really like you upgrade it and im not sure what type parts fit its not very specific in the decription. any ways this is a awesome m9. 10 out of 5 stars.
by Thomas M. on 07/09/2013
"Ive had this gun for about a year now. Its unusable at the moment due to the poor mag that is included. Other than that it is a solid heavy gun with a smaller amount of kick than other gbb.

orange tip fell off of mine (can be a con)
paint chips (can be a con)

bad mag
Orange tip fell off (can be pro)
paint chips (can be pro)

overall for the price its a great gun.
by carlos f. on 03/17/2012
"This pistol is great for $80.
It's pretty heavy. weighs in like about 2-3 pounds, more on the 3 side.
it works great, has a good kick, nice feel. Orange tip is glued on to the barrel. Pretty Loud.

Pros: Heavy weight
Nice blowback action
Looks real
Nice kick

Cons: Paint chips really easy
Gets a used look after a while (might pro for some who like that)
(had to think pretty hard for the cons even though its only 2)

Overall: Great gun. I would buy another one just to duel wield it.
by Margaret H. on 02/02/2012
"This is one of my first reviews, but i must say, AMAZING!

-Real Feel
-Full metal, basically you can buy a low quality marui M9, spend a ton of money on reinforcement parts, maybe double the price of this, and come out with the same product.
-Blowback XD
-Easy to maintain

-My magazine seems to have a rattling noise, and it wobbles a little bit.
-Paint chips easily.
Thats all i can really think of right now, but all in all, if you have 90 bucks, get this.
by ian w. on 03/04/2011
"Overall i am very pleased with this weapon. For not having hop-up, it is very accurate. It hass pretty good power, cronographed at 320 fps using .20's. It is a bit heavier than most hand guns, about twice as heavy as my buddies WE 1911, but it feels solid.

My only complaints are that the mag wobbles a little, not a big deal.
And that (this might just be mine) When it is running low on gas, it fires fully automaticly at reduced performance.
by Alex F. on 07/31/2011
"Ive had this gun for not very long and so far, im decently impressed. You get what you pay for. for $80, its a good beginner gun. But PLEASE by new magazines. the one it comes with is a stock WE mag(THE GUN IS A REBRANDED WE), after only about 2 months, the magazine that came with the gun is leaking like no other. now me, im not much of a GBB tech, Im more of an AEG tech myself. Ive taken apart the mag, done everything i can to fix the problem, and it still leaks really bad. if u dont mind spening 5 dollars on new o-rings, get this gun. If you have the money though, Buy a KWA, no questions asked.

good FPS
full metal
nice sound
good gas comsumption(about 60 shots off one fill)

leaky mag
outer barrel wobbles a lot
fired on safety once
by Justin k. on 01/11/2011
"I have had this gun for about one month and i love it, the wait was worth it. I got .25 with it and it fires far and straight. when I got it, it wasn't black but part grayish/ silver but was not shiney and I love it. The mag that came with it either lets all the gas at once or just malfunctions so i told evike and they sent me another one to replace it so all in all GET THIS GUN IT IS WORTH $70 TO GET A GBB

Evike I Love You Guys =D