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JG / AGM M3 Tactical Shell loading Airsoft Shotgun with Collapsible Stock

18 Customer Reviews

by Joe K. on 08/13/2011
"This gun is amazing. The only bad part about it is the stock and grip come loose very fast and there is no way to fix it. but other then that this gun is an amazing gun for begginers.
by Dominick C. on 12/24/2010
"This gun is pretty good. The only thing I dont like about it is that its pretty long. The bbs that come in the box are 12g so waste those and grab some 20g or 25g. 20g are really accurate at about 50-70 feet. In my opinion this gun is way better than the multishot shotgun because it shoots more accurately and it comes with 4 shot shells instead of just 1. I usually use a G&G GR16 EBB M4A1 and I used just this shotgun in a huge war with like 20 or 30 people on each team I got like 25 kills.
by James V. on 06/04/2016
"I hate to be the only one who gives a negative review of this gun, but here goes. First off, I took the gun out of the box and dry fired it twice. No surprise it fired. I tried to adjust the stock and it would not budge at all. Since the gun is plastic I didn't go crazy trying to pull the stock out so I removed the butt plate and out fell the first piece of plastic. So that plastic piece is what kept the adjustment mechanism from locking in place so now I have to remove the butt plate any time I want to adjust the stock. Not a huge deal, but disappointing.
Next, I loaded up a shell and went to try out the gun. I pulled the slide back pulled the trigger anf nothing happened. The trigger was locked in the fire position but there was no action from the spring. There is an internal safety that was catching keeping it from firing. I've since fixed that problem but then can't get any of my BB's to feed. I can shoot once and then nothing. Plus, when I clear the chamber all the BB's that were in the shell fall out. I've tried this with each shell and the same thing happens with each. So either its the shells themselves or a flaw with the gun.
I was really looking forward to using this based on all the reviews but iust have got the mother of all lemons. It's not worth even getting g it looked at. The look of the gun is great. The weight and length are perfect. But I cannot recommend this based on what I've been through.