Reviews: JG / AGM M3 Tactical Shell loading Airsoft Shotgun with Collapsible Stock


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Model: SG-M186A

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by Nathan Y. on 2011-05-07 07:02:01
"This is a great gun! Its very durable and light. It is tough to cock, so if youre a kid, you probably wont be able to shoot it properly.

Very good for its price. I do recommend buying the TM shells for it. They hold 30 rounds, whereas the shells that come with it hold only 14
by Dominick C. on 2010-12-24 15:11:26
"This gun is pretty good. The only thing I dont like about it is that its pretty long. The bbs that come in the box are 12g so waste those and grab some 20g or 25g. 20g are really accurate at about 50-70 feet. In my opinion this gun is way better than the multishot shotgun because it shoots more accurately and it comes with 4 shot shells instead of just 1. I usually use a G&G GR16 EBB M4A1 and I used just this shotgun in a huge war with like 20 or 30 people on each team I got like 25 kills.
by william h. on 2010-12-22 15:22:25
"its pretty awesome for a springer i bought it a few months ago and it works just fine.

pros: accurate


pretty cheap

looks cool

fun to shoot

cons: scope sucks

i wish it cocked like a real m1014

nothing else
by James G. on 2010-09-21 18:03:14
"i got this gun today its a great gun for beginners or a pro for a side arm not to hard to pump the shell work good hasn't jammed yet it came with a red dot but its all plastic. accurate with the hop up on with .20
by Kelvin C. on 2010-09-18 06:36:14
"i have about 2 questions

1.can i put a pistol grip on it ?

2.where do i load it?
by Laura M. on 2010-06-01 13:59:16
"amazing gun when i got this gun i felt like i stole it because its just that good if i knew it operated like it does i would have bought it for 100 no questions asked. me and my buudy bought a pair and i have a pretty big yard and we set up a target about 150 ft away it was about a foot wide maybe thinner and we had no issuses hitting it.

pros: deadly accurate
good fps
pretty good realistic weight

cons: iron sight isn't great but not bad
just a little long (but that's what gives it the accuracy so im fine with it)
shell loading (more realistic but not a fan)

Displaying 13 to 18 (of 18 reviews)

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