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0.40g "Sniper MAX Grade" 6mm Airsoft BB by Matrix (Color: Brown / 1,000 Rounds)

18 Customer Reviews

by Wayne G. on 07/30/2017
"I just ordered more of these. They are wonderful. Very consistent and straight flying. I measured about 50 bb's randomly with a good micrometer (brown&sharp) and I couldn't find anymore than a couple tenths inches between them. Thats .0002 inches. Thats way closer than most bb's if checked. Average tolerances on most bb's run up to a thousandth or more out of round. These are by far the most accurate and consistent bb's I've run to date. The grey color is harder to see but you can still track it's path. Pretty much invisible on the receiving end of the deal which I like. Until I find something better, if thats even possible, these will be my bb of choice. Hope this info helps.
by David Glenn W. on 06/21/2016
"I ordered these bbs 3 week ago or so they shoot wonderfuly from my Echo 1 PSR stock rifle. 200 ft shots and my grouping is torso size. They cut thru a slight breeze with ease. The only gripe i have is that the package arrived open and spilled inside the envelope. Other than that 5 stars.
by James C. on 04/24/2014
"Works magnificently with my wide bore barrel and NG3 1911 using Reaps. (0.30g was recommended but 0.40g works even better. Amazing range achieved.

Works good with my tight bore as well.
by Josh P. on 11/15/2013
"Simply amazing sniper rifle bbs. Very good polish, good roundness and consistency. The best I've ever used. However, pick up a cheap bag of KSCs for target practice, save these ones for games.
by CJ E. on 11/06/2013
"With the KJW M700 shooting at 600 FPS out of the box, these BB's will decrease your velocity to 425 FPS.

In a standard ACM, it will give you an effective range of 192 feet. Now imagine an airsoft gun with a Prometheus tightbore with these, doing 400 FPS? You'd be able to hit people at about 250 feet EASILY.
by JR. F. on 11/06/2013
"I have an M4 Carbine that I built that shoots 470+fps and these bb's work great with the standard 6.08 barrel. They do not jam and fly strait. No one would get anywhere near me when I was using these things! I was shooting from 70 yards into a building and guys in the building said these BB's hitting walls, doors and flying close to them sounded very intimidating. I actually didnít shoot anyone but the cover fire allowed my son to sneak up and take 3 of the 5 guy's inside out. After that the other 2 didn't last long at all... Very impressed and will buy more.
by Alex M. on 11/06/2013
"I absolutely love these BB's. I have a JG Bar 10 with plenty of Laylax upgrades and a 6.01 barrel as well as an upgraded spring and when I was using .30g BBs I could engage targets at about 250 ft when there was no wind and about 100-150 ft with some wind. When I got these I immediately wanted to try them but the wind was blowing. I didn't care I wanted to try them.I put them in my gun and fired............ OMG! They were hitting accurately (within 2 mils plus or minus) at 275 feet with 3/4 value wind. (45 degree cross wind). They are amazing. The wind says, "Go that way!" and the BB says, "NO!!!!" then when the wind died down I was able to hit a standard piece of paper consistently at about 300 ft! I will never buy another type of BB for sniping!

by Kelvin v. on 11/06/2013
"these are great for day/evening missions because if u have a stream of bbs u can see where they go and u can follow your enemy with them
by Greg M. on 11/06/2013
"After ordering the Matrix 0.4's I was told by another player that Matrix was substandard compared to the higher priced Mad Bull 0.4's. Having used the Mad Bull's previously I have to say difference in my rifle (Well L96) ...except for the price. The Matrix rounds flew just as straight and stayed on the horizontal for consistent 40 yard shots. The increased control past 30 yards that the 0.4's provide really keeps some distance between you and the opposition. I was able to consistently hit a 12"x18" target from beyond 50 yards compensating for some drop with less then 4 inches of horizontal movement. Well worth the money for any bolt action players.
by Richard J. on 11/06/2013
"I have been using Madbull 0.40's UNTIL I tried these Matrix .40's. They fly just as nice as the madbulls out of my upgraded UTG L96 shooting 275fps w.0.20's. You can see the BB flight w/o any trouble making it easier for seeing your Hop Up adjustments. Try finding another bright colored BB in this weight. You wont find it!
by Rene J. on 11/06/2013
"great bbs i got 2 of the wg revolvers and i use these bbs. i may only have 12 shots but i send my friends running. these are accurate and they hurt alot when u get hit my them. great bbs
by Forrest G. on 11/06/2013
"Good bb's use them in my A&K SVD Dragunov that shoots about 600fps (with .20) after upgrades.
The quality on these are even to madbull!!!
Great for snipers!
by Simon L. on 11/06/2013
"These bbs have performed consistently at 300 feet / player size target for me.
by David R. on 11/06/2013
"reliable bbs. come lubricated perfectly out of the box: not wet but not dry. i get 200+ feet of range with these on my a&k svd
by izzy s. on 05/01/2010
"I just bought a bag of these there amazing
very accurate
never jammed

small quanity