Reviews: Limit One Per Order - Black Two Tone Railed M9 Airsoft Air Spring Pistol


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Model: AP-P628B
Location: D9-019 WO13-M02

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by Francis O. on 2011-05-05 09:36:02
"I just bought this little thing with my other order of more expensive stuff, cause I mean its one dollar, why not, it looks pretty amazing, and this is the thing im looking forward to most in my oreder!
by William S. on 2011-03-26 12:49:00
"Excellent weapon for training those new to airsoft. Good gun for the price.
by Thu L. on 2011-01-09 14:49:24
"This gun is pretty good actually i shot it from about 20 feet away and it was accurate as heck! LOL pretty good for its price i guess to mess around with and shoot people in a small backyard XD its only a dollar!
by CHRISTIAN P. on 2010-12-31 08:06:39
"this pistol is great for the price! it is fun to shoot my brother with it and he doesnt even feel anything.
lol good pistol
by jack b. on 2010-12-11 08:22:16
"this gun is pretty ok,. the slide came off 4 times, but you can put it back on easily. it isnt very sturdy, feels like it will explode in your hands, but its only a buck. the fps is utter shit, i swear the spring is tissue paper, but it goes an average of 150-180 fps and hurts a litte from 15 feet. but overall this is a good gun to get with your order.
by Yankdogger S. on 2010-11-24 16:14:26
"Ok I'll just do some pros and cons. This thing is pretty bad.

-It functions
-Super cheap

-Teeny tiny, my pinky pinky doesn't have room on the handle when I hold it.
-It shoots weak
-Cheap plastic, can break easily
-This one probably will not apply to you, but the top slide was out of place when I received it, but its an easy fix, just pull the slide into the right position.

I just bought this thing for just kicks, it was only a buck anyways. I'll give this to my 6 year old brother. So buy it if you have young ones, LOL!
by CHRISTIAN P. on 2010-10-18 14:14:55
"it is funny how bad the gun is but it is a dollar and the m9 is actually stronger then the black dollar gun. the fps is about 200-230. the accuracy is ok, but the clip breaks easily if you dont treat it with care. it is a great little gift to get someone into airsoft.
by kris r. on 2010-10-13 16:21:18
"good cheap wepon for extra players if you have any one with out a gun (ps this is durabel and great for stareder players who want to have any body else play with you than your self)
by Jake C. on 2010-10-09 10:27:58
"LOL THIS THINGS SOOOO BAD but its a dollar so idrc i mean its fun to play with and its so small and stuff.
by Nexton M. on 2010-09-17 15:40:59
"this gun is agood for shutting birds and i shot my sister with she cried for
by Delan M. on 2010-08-12 23:26:07
"Its a pretty good pistol for the price. Cheap quality, but wont like break if you fire 2 shots. My sister uses this gun as a primary(shes not into airsoft very much) and it works for her. A good buy, if you have no side-arm, or want to get sombody into airsoft
by Richard S. on 2010-06-10 20:01:38
"I threw this lil guy in with my order just for the heck of it. The accuracy, power and range are somewhat laughable, but expected. i mean it's a 1 dollar pistol. has a tiny 8 round magazine, and a nearly useless little rail on the frame. But it's a fun little gun for just playing around with, and you can shoot it safely just about anywhere.

Displaying 49 to 60 (of 62 reviews)

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