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Limit One Per Order - Black Two Tone Railed M9 Airsoft Air Spring Pistol

68 Customer Reviews

by Devon F. on 05/02/2012
"i just got mine and i love it i mean yes i did break it in the first 10 min but i still use it all i did was break of the piece that was already broken then tapped the top back on and ta-da it is fixed but i can only get the gun to work if i take the top of then it works
by Kim F. on 03/12/2012
"Haha this thing is halarious. you should buy one and use it as a tomohawk. My friend has like 3 and u can literally shoot yourself and not feel it. the bbs dont fly 10 ft and its terrible. good for 1 on 1 battles in a small backyard
by Stephanie V. on 03/07/2012
"I love this thing! I buy one with every order from here. It always makes me laugh seeing how mis-shapen the bbs are that come in the bag. They look like popcorn kernels! This gun shoots alright, but the only problem is that the gun is 1/3rd scale, so bigger people might have issues getting their finger in the trigger guard!
by Zachary R. on 01/09/2012
"Hey for a buck its not bad, Its deffinately worth the dollar.

Pros: Slim
Sneaky and small

Cons: Plastic
Breaks easily
Low fps

all in all if your an airsoft noob, need a good starting side arms, or just a safe toy for a small child its worth it.
by Nathaniel P. on 12/20/2011
"I got this gun today its accurate it shoots a few feet its pretty good i guess you can get it.
by Henry M. on 11/15/2011
"OK I got this an for a dollar it was a plesant suprise. It lasted like a week. At the end, the pellet didnt get out of the barrel so it threw it on a slab of concrete and it smashed. Amazingly, none of the pieces broke, they were just scattered. Its not all that bad.

durable for $1
comes with ammo

low range
low durability
very plasticy

overall if a dollar is burning a hole in your pocket, buy it.
by larry t. on 09/26/2011
"Pros. Fun,good fps,ok range and very stealthy. Cons. Cheap plastic,breaks easily and very loud sharp noise when you fire it..... But over all it's one of the best pocket springers I've ever had....
by Ryan G. on 08/03/2011
"well my friend actually got this gun and its OK i mean you get what you pay for and in this case is an easily breakable cheap plastic gun but HECK its pretty cool it shoots maybe 15ft at the most. if i had to give it a rating it would be 4/5
by zach d. on 06/02/2011
"so i got this just to get because it was a dollar and i felt like buying it.
i could probably squish it with my fingers if i wanted, but it works fine and i havent had any problems.
its fun to shoot people with if there not listening to you because it doesnt hurt but it gets there attention though. this was definantly worth the dollar, Evike should sell the cool gold one that comes on the bag.
I would definently buy this again when i get another order, id even pay 2 dollars for it.
by CHRISTIAN P. on 10/18/2010
"it is funny how bad the gun is but it is a dollar and the m9 is actually stronger then the black dollar gun. the fps is about 200-230. the accuracy is ok, but the clip breaks easily if you dont treat it with care. it is a great little gift to get someone into airsoft.
by kris r. on 10/13/2010
"good cheap wepon for extra players if you have any one with out a gun (ps this is durabel and great for stareder players who want to have any body else play with you than your self)
by Delan M. on 08/12/2010
"Its a pretty good pistol for the price. Cheap quality, but wont like break if you fire 2 shots. My sister uses this gun as a primary(shes not into airsoft very much) and it works for her. A good buy, if you have no side-arm, or want to get sombody into airsoft
by Tyler H. on 04/22/2010
"For a measly dollar this is totally worth it. It looks cool and is a good absolute last resort right before throwing BBs with your bare hands.
by CHRISTOPHER G. on 06/08/2015
"You are in an intense game with only the best of the best players, you run out of ammunition in your AEG and you are the last man alive on your team. Your enemies close in on you, your heart pounds as you hear the bb's snapping by you, you have lost all hope, but then you remember... You "wasted" your money on this fine piece of plastic from China. You take this out of your holster, pull back the slide and with each shot you sear the flesh of every player around you. Even the most hardened of operators cry for their lives as you shatter their facemasks, their goggles, and their stupid pathetic dreams of ever playing airsoft again, with each blindingly powerful headshot. You feel the rage of a thousand underpaid chinese factory laborers in each shot from this weapon. It pulses up your arm and into your chest, making your soul scream "RUN YOU COWARDS! FOR YOUR EFFORTS ARE IN VAIN! YOU WILL ONLY BE SHOT IN THE BACK!" As you stare down upon the carnage, the muzzle is red hot and smoking with carcinogenic fumes caused by the heating of the high quality plastic. Breath it in, yes. One survivor pathetically crawls legless and bleeding towards the mangled corpse of his fallen comrade, you walk over to this worthless piece of meat and point your doombringer at his head. He says to you in a shaking voice "You killed him... it is just airsoft" You aim your weapon at him and say "Shut up, Dad" as your handcannon punishes every part of his anatomy from point blanck. The police arrive, with their inferior "real steel" weapons. You will be no man's prisoner, for you are a God among men. You aim at their unsuspecting silhouettes, slowly you squeeze the trigger preparing to mark history as the greatest warrior alive, and the slide falls off of your gun.
Don't buy this product.
by Julian C. on 02/12/2014
"This gun is hilariously bad. It exploded into a bunch of tiny plastic shards the first time I tried to shoot a BB through it. The laughs alone were worth the $1.50 and I super glued it back together to use it as a prop. Also scavenged the springs for whatever project they may come in handy for.