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Model: AP-P628B
Location: D9-019 WO2-M14

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by gianni m. on 2012-05-14 14:10:49
"very fun gun ....really nice for a dollar and there was only one problem but it was easy to fix...the slide would always come of because the slide split in half i put the slide back on and super glued it and now it never comes off
by Devon F. on 2012-05-02 15:39:17
"i just got mine and i love it i mean yes i did break it in the first 10 min but i still use it all i did was break of the piece that was already broken then tapped the top back on and ta-da it is fixed but i can only get the gun to work if i take the top of then it works
by Kristy R. on 2012-05-01 11:45:40
"I really like this gun great for backyard wars awesome for a "Throwing Gun" i really like it alot
by Ramsey C. on 2012-04-25 00:05:15
"This gun stands out. I bring this gun to my airsoft wars as a backup side arm in case someone from my team forgets to bring their pistol. At first we called it the gun of shame, but that stopped when one of your guys made a kill with it. Now its fun for every one!

Its a backyard knuckle buster!
Looks cool.
Can shoot around corners.

Had to tighten a couple of the screws when it came in.
Little range.
by Dylan O. on 2012-04-19 16:52:49
"This is my primary gun on the field. I have won plenty of games with this its just all out amazing. 150 FPS. Plastic, spring, breaks if you drop it from a few feet. What more would you want?
by alan c. on 2012-04-14 08:09:30
"this is the best gun ever it shoots a hole 100 fps and is super lighte weight plastic

is only a dollar
has a 10 foot range
needs to be cocked after every shot so you can get a small workout

by Cody B. on 2012-04-13 19:40:29
"this gun cant shoot further then 5 feet, but its great to buy as a target, the plastic is super cheap so it breaks super easily, or u can use it in a very small backyard war, not much good for anything else.
by Kim F. on 2012-03-12 14:22:21
"Haha this thing is halarious. you should buy one and use it as a tomohawk. My friend has like 3 and u can literally shoot yourself and not feel it. the bbs dont fly 10 ft and its terrible. good for 1 on 1 battles in a small backyard
by Stephanie V. on 2012-03-07 17:16:38
"I love this thing! I buy one with every order from here. It always makes me laugh seeing how mis-shapen the bbs are that come in the bag. They look like popcorn kernels! This gun shoots alright, but the only problem is that the gun is 1/3rd scale, so bigger people might have issues getting their finger in the trigger guard!
by Lex P. on 2012-01-11 20:24:50
"You have 1 dollar you can buy a snickers bar or this. A snickers bar will last a few minutes this will last a week. A snicker bar will rot your teeth and this may be the determining factor whether you get out in an Airsoft game or not.
Do the math
by Zachary R. on 2012-01-09 16:29:35
"Hey for a buck its not bad, Its deffinately worth the dollar.

Pros: Slim
Sneaky and small

Cons: Plastic
Breaks easily
Low fps

all in all if your an airsoft noob, need a good starting side arms, or just a safe toy for a small child its worth it.
by Nathaniel P. on 2011-12-20 14:21:08
"I got this gun today its accurate it shoots a few feet its pretty good i guess you can get it.

Displaying 25 to 36 (of 57 reviews)

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