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Limit One Per Order - Black Two Tone Railed M9 Airsoft Air Spring Pistol

68 Customer Reviews

by Lex P. on 01/11/2012
"You have 1 dollar you can buy a snickers bar or this. A snickers bar will last a few minutes this will last a week. A snicker bar will rot your teeth and this may be the determining factor whether you get out in an Airsoft game or not.
Do the math
by Hunter M. on 11/27/2011
"Hey.... At least it aint comin from wallmart!

Pros - It aint comin from Wallie World
Cons- You can't throw it at people

overall this gun get's 8 slices of bacon out of 7.
Defenitly a good buy!
by Brian L. on 11/16/2011

FPS- shoots around 350-400

Accuracy- Doesnt matter where you point it will hit the target

Plastic- the cheap plastic is way better then any metal, tougher than titanium and lighter


No cons, id take this gun over an echo 1 mini gun all day i use this gun in professional matches and i win every time this gun is worth 1 million dollars but evike is kindly selling them for 1 dollar so go and get one NOW ITS THE BEST GUN ON THE MARKET!
by Vincent M. on 09/13/2011
"This is the best airsoft gun I have ever bought in my life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pros:It is amazing
Great range
Good FPS
Awsome rate of fire

Cons:It is alot of money!
by Francis O. on 05/05/2011
"I just bought this little thing with my other order of more expensive stuff, cause I mean its one dollar, why not, it looks pretty amazing, and this is the thing im looking forward to most in my oreder!
by William S. on 03/26/2011
"Excellent weapon for training those new to airsoft. Good gun for the price.
by Thu L. on 01/09/2011
"This gun is pretty good actually i shot it from about 20 feet away and it was accurate as heck! LOL pretty good for its price i guess to mess around with and shoot people in a small backyard XD its only a dollar!
by CHRISTIAN P. on 12/31/2010
"this pistol is great for the price! it is fun to shoot my brother with it and he doesnt even feel anything.
lol good pistol
by jack b. on 12/11/2010
"this gun is pretty ok,. the slide came off 4 times, but you can put it back on easily. it isnt very sturdy, feels like it will explode in your hands, but its only a buck. the fps is utter shit, i swear the spring is tissue paper, but it goes an average of 150-180 fps and hurts a litte from 15 feet. but overall this is a good gun to get with your order.
by Yankdogger S. on 11/24/2010
"Ok I'll just do some pros and cons. This thing is pretty bad.

-It functions
-Super cheap

-Teeny tiny, my pinky pinky doesn't have room on the handle when I hold it.
-It shoots weak
-Cheap plastic, can break easily
-This one probably will not apply to you, but the top slide was out of place when I received it, but its an easy fix, just pull the slide into the right position.

I just bought this thing for just kicks, it was only a buck anyways. I'll give this to my 6 year old brother. So buy it if you have young ones, LOL!
by Jake C. on 10/09/2010
"LOL THIS THINGS SOOOO BAD but its a dollar so idrc i mean its fun to play with and its so small and stuff.
by Nexton M. on 09/17/2010
"this gun is agood for shutting birds and i shot my sister with she cried for
by Richard S. on 06/10/2010
"I threw this lil guy in with my order just for the heck of it. The accuracy, power and range are somewhat laughable, but expected. i mean it's a 1 dollar pistol. has a tiny 8 round magazine, and a nearly useless little rail on the frame. But it's a fun little gun for just playing around with, and you can shoot it safely just about anywhere.
by cormac m. on 05/31/2010
"very fun gun. I bought this along with a uk arms m998. Me and my friends invented a game, where 2 or three people would be in a canoe on my friends pond (about 40x30). and one person would be on the shore trying to shoot the people in the canoe. its harder than it sounds, and you have to tilt the gun at angles and lob them over come even close to hitting them, and half the time they land in the boat right next to them or in the water, its funny cuz they can see bbs landing in the water next to them. Also little skirmish free for all wars are fun with these. get on of these along with an m998 wih every order.
by jackson n. on 07/06/2012
"This was my first pistol and I thought it was petty good. It is very good for indoor wars like in a house and for $1 it will last for a long time.

It shoot petty accurate.
Good for first time airsofters
It's $1

It will fall apart after a while
The mag and gun are very cheap
The grip is small

I hope this helped u for info.