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Limit One Per Order - Black Two Tone Railed M9 Airsoft Air Spring Pistol

68 Customer Reviews

by Raine C. on 04/11/2017
"very fun cheap gun. Breaks very easily, best part about it is that you can play inside because it isn't strong enough to dent the walls and only 1.50$
by Oliver R. on 12/03/2016
"First of all this is no doubt this is the best pistol ever made. It has incredible range up to 1000 feet, great accuracy up to 750 feet, very durable, nice kick, and brings fear to all of my opponents. I have recently been nominated as the best player in the world with the best gun. Buy this pistol you will not be disappointed.
by Michael K. on 10/21/2015
"Got this for my kid, to show him basics of firearms safety. He is seven, strangely enough he is not strong enough to pull the spring back. It's only strange because this little hand cannon has an effective range of *maybe* 5 feet, 6 feet tops if you are aiming up at a 45 degree angle with the wind to your back. I could throw bb's further.

Pros: can get you free shipping, finally a use for .12g bb's and the ones that come with every airsoft gun!

Cons: will disappoint even the lowest of expectations if fired

Worth every penny!
by luke W. on 10/06/2015
"Bought this gun and it is great. you can 360 noscope with it all day long. sooo much better that my $200 GBB. I brought ths to a game and took out the entire team in one shot. Great for a serious MLG pro noscoper.
by shengfu w. on 09/02/2015

I did a stress test by stepping on it. It's now in fifty pieces. Nuff said.
by Adam s. on 08/27/2015
"Bought it as a joke, shot it, broke it after the first shot, shot it to pieces with a airsoft sniper rifle! Best as a gun to shoot at.
by Darrin L. on 08/08/2015
"I ran out of ammo for my DMR and was thinking of surrendering when I remembered I had this in my pocket, I knew if I threw it at someone they would be out, so I got down and crawled to the enemy base. They saw me a few seconds later and opened fire so I rolled into cover behind a pallet. I pulled the UKARMS M9 out and realized that I could only throw it if I was within 20 feet (field rule) so I decided to empty it's clip as a joke. I sighted in at a guy with a ak and fired one BB, suddenly it's polarstar fusion ultra engine came to life, the BB laser initiated, and a consistent stream of BBs flew at him at 9000 feet per second, the gun caught on fire from the 100 RPS and melted. I looked around and the concrete buildings had BB holes in them, the trees all knocked down, and the guy, he was killed instantly.

I have hidden the UKARMS M9 away in a safe place so NO ONE may ever use it again.
by Vance D. on 07/11/2015
"This gave me MLG aimbot and I got a Call of duty black ops 6 tactical nuke in the first minute of the game. buy this if you want to be an mlg pro.
by bridget b. on 06/22/2015
"i bought it i shot it.


i call this gun the "git rekt`d nO0b" because it is too op

i love sarcasm :)
by Jared M. on 03/11/2015
"This is shooting about 10,000FPS and seriously kicks butt. I killed over 50 people in the first 3 seconds of the round. And if it breaks you can use the pistol for a melee weapon. (because it will probably break anyhow.)
by Elias R. on 02/21/2015
"This gun was AWSOME. Why pay for a 90 dollar gun when u have something that shoots WAY better for 90 times less! I totally recommend it! No upgrades needed for anything because the FPS is so good I shot through 3 cinder blocks and they all just blew up. Good for airsoft games against people you hate 10/10 best gun ever

FPS broke my chronograph
Perfect for Mil-SIM evens
Very tactical with a gun sling
Pro players went wild when they saw this gun
When testing the range, I just saw the bb go straight up into the sky
No drop or cuve just buy any bb
Imposible to jam
Very compact
Used by our military's special ops today

None at all this gun is the dream every peniless man wants BUY IT

*Sarcastic review, just for fun :)
by shengfu w. on 01/10/2015
"This gun is just for lols, but it wasn't as poopy as I thought it would be.
The plastic is cheap, all right, but they made it thick enough so it dosent flex
Fits your hand very nicely
Magazine slides out very nice
No wobble
Cheap packaging (obviously)
Low mag capacity (although you can just order this every time u order so u get to mag swap on the field)
Frequently jams (I sorta expected it)
Now if you were going to buy a pack of trident gum I would recommend this more because the gum will last you one week but the pistol will last you at least 2 weeks.
by Sean E. on 12/13/2014
"So I was about to enter an airsoft tournament not that long ago, but I needed a nice pistol that was accurate, fast, and could go a long distance, and then I found this beauty, never in my life could I ask for such a airsoft gun that could make even the pros jealous. I went out to that tournament and won, not the mention I was the MVP. Thanks to this I got 58 kills and didn't even die once, THIS IS A MUST BUY, if you don't they might realize it's actual worth and raise is to $140 most likely.

Long Range
Can shoot up to .43G BBs without a problem
Really intimidating

Sometimes its so powerful they won't let me use it at some fiels
by Mr C. on 11/24/2014
"This is the best gun on the market. I bought it 1 month ago and it works great. I used it at an event near me and got 50 kills with it.

It's fun
Looks cool
People got jealous over it

The fps is too low
The range is low

by Trevor E. on 02/20/2014
"ill keep it short..
highly amusing and fun
more durable than I expected
even for absolute last resort, I highly doubt I would actually use this PoS.

Buy it just for the hell of it!!