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Limit One Per Order - Black Two Tone Railed M9 Airsoft Air Spring Pistol

68 Customer Reviews

by karen k. on 10/31/2013
"For $1.50 I recommend this gun. This obviously isn't a secondary, but I might carry it in cqb. This pistol is better than some of the other low price point springers on evike. The mag is very loose, but 2 pieces of electrical tape at the bottom of the mag fix that easily. I'm probably going to buy a little holster for this gun. Also, buy it every time you order and collect the mags.
by Aaron Z. on 07/21/2013
"I bought it and I was suprised about how far it shot with 20g BBs and it breaks very easy my brother smashed it like the video
by austin p. on 06/22/2013
"When I first received this gun I was amazed buy the High Quality Plastic the gun is made out of. The internals are also made out of the same High Quality plastic as the outer frame. with an extreme hi cap mag of 8! that's right 8! rounds this thing will last you seconds on the field. it has a mind blowing range of 25ft with .12, a whopping 20ft with .20, and a unbelievable 15 that's right 15 Feet! with .25s. It also has a Expertly crafted Key Fob I mean lanyard loop. Probably the best part is the barrel which is made of a lower quality then the gun it self.

Extremely Fun
You can shoot your self
High Quality Plastic
Amazing Range

The mag comes out with a slight pull
you have to use fishing line for the key fob

All Jokes aside this gun is clearly............. The BEST gun on this website make shore you buy one evry time you order
by Logan G. on 06/19/2013
"For one dollar this is amazing for the first two hours you use it before it breaks. :P
by David L. on 12/02/2012
"Well, for only $1, it's cheaper than a cup of coffee.
I was able to shoot down a 15 foot hallway (I really couldn't bother to go outside and test the actual distance, get environmental variables, etc...) with plenty more capable range.
Before my purchase I actually thought the lanyard could be used on another quality pistol that doesn't have a lanyard adapter. I'm still trying to figure something out for that.

- Affordability.
- This is very good to teach a younger player the very basics of an internal airsoft replica.
- Clocks in around 80-90 fps with .2 Goldenball BB's.
- Fair range for the price.

- The quality is low, and likely to break.
- You might miss out on a cup of coffee. ;)
by Chris S. on 09/07/2012
"I got this gun awhile back lost it then found little pieces of plastic everywhere and realized I stepped on it like a million times and didnt even know

Stealth Weapons

Lightweight plastic
by James S. on 08/26/2012
"This pistol is ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE!!! I was disappointed that it wasn't 1:1 scale, but I think that it makes it more cute that way! It's only 1 buck! It wouldn't make sense NOT to get this gun!
by Matthew V. on 08/01/2012
Light weight
Cheap $ 1
Last 4 ever with proper care ....
so so accuracy

low fps
break easily with untended care

Over all Its a dollar And for a price like that this Springer is off the chain =)
by Nathan S. on 07/09/2012

Great Gun Shoots left and or up. Sight is small. Clip is 8 6mm bbs. Reaches 30 feet with 12 gram and about 20 feet with 20 gram. havent tried 25gram or higher. DO NOT TRY TO PUT A DIFFERENT SPRING IN IT, OR TAKE APART FOR FUN!!!! IT WILL BREAK. pretty small and ppl will make fun of it but it works well for a dollar.

its a buck
lasts forever if u take care of it
great weapon if ur primary and secondary are out
small enough to hide in blue jean pockets
looks pretty cool

bad sight
so-so accuracy
small magazine
will get made fun of
cheap plastic
breaks if not taken proper care and i dont mean cleaning the dum-b barrel
by Lynn R. on 06/11/2012
"I just bought this gun and what can u say. its $1 I think my gun is messed up because it shoots like its upside down and when upside down shoots straight.. pretty sweet
have video review (convinced me to buy it)
uhh when I pulled the slide back dry fireing a plastic piece fell out of the gun. but that coulda been from anything
shoots weird

Overall pretty nice
by gianni m. on 05/14/2012
"very fun gun ....really nice for a dollar and there was only one problem but it was easy to fix...the slide would always come of because the slide split in half i put the slide back on and super glued it and now it never comes off
by Kristy R. on 05/01/2012
"I really like this gun great for backyard wars awesome for a "Throwing Gun" i really like it alot
by Ramsey C. on 04/25/2012
"This gun stands out. I bring this gun to my airsoft wars as a backup side arm in case someone from my team forgets to bring their pistol. At first we called it the gun of shame, but that stopped when one of your guys made a kill with it. Now its fun for every one!

Its a backyard knuckle buster!
Looks cool.
Can shoot around corners.

Had to tighten a couple of the screws when it came in.
Little range.
by Dylan O. on 04/19/2012
"This is my primary gun on the field. I have won plenty of games with this its just all out amazing. 150 FPS. Plastic, spring, breaks if you drop it from a few feet. What more would you want?
by alan c. on 04/14/2012
"this is the best gun ever it shoots a hole 100 fps and is super lighte weight plastic

is only a dollar
has a 10 foot range
needs to be cocked after every shot so you can get a small workout