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by Trenton S. on 2014-09-25 20:43:49
"Normally I would not write a review to give negative feedback about a weapon, but this just seemed absolutely necessary.

I owned this weapon for about two weeks before everything feel apart. I took it out and lightly played a few close quarters games with it. it fed well, the rate of fire was good, and the fps and range was consistent. However, one fateful afternoon I was tweaking the magazine catch and it was accidentally dropped off of the two foot table I was working on. At first I thought "oh no big deal, it will be fine". I was terribly wrong.The entire upper receiver and lower receiver broke in two pieces after only a two foot drop and hard wood floor impact. The plastic body on this weapon is the worst I have ever seen on an A.E.G. This was bought to be an upgrade platform, of course, but I was expecting to get some use out of it. I've seen better plastic on a toy you can buy at a gas station. I am not new to airsoft and have owned multiple weapons: G&G, G&P, Elite Force etc. Never have I seen such terrible body quality. The wiring also immediately went out on this weapon and I had to replace that as well. Eventually the entire gearbox gave out and the gun is now just spare parts for a different build. Keep in mind I only used this weapon on a 9.6 volt battery, NOT a lipo. Overall, If you want a reliable weapon, Save up some cash and learn about the internal parts and external parts you would like in your "dream gun" and make your own custom build. It will save you money, time, and be much less frustrating.
by William L. on 2013-06-25 12:42:16
"I'm gonna be honest. I got this in the Box of Awesomeness and I immediately thought I'm just gonna sell it. Then I test shot it and the distance was surprising. The ROF is poop and the externals are cheap. Internals I'm not sure but from what I've heard AIM parts are top notch. I like this gun and it has a lot of potential to be one of my best guns. Thanks evike! Although I wouldn't recommend using a lipo.

Good internals
Flash hider isn't glued

Externals suck but metal bodies are available on the page above the reviews

Great gun for a project or beginner
by jason q. on 2013-05-16 19:24:31
"Out of the box I was pretty happy of the color and look of the gun. Hits hard and is accurate at good range. Not to heavy and not to light. Saftey feature doesnt seem to work for some reason after a game. All 7 of my mags feed well including the one it comes with so if you want any extra mags they should fit in just fine. I attached a holographic sight to the gun which adds to the look making it seem the deadliest of all. Great gun for any play look for an m4. First shooting test was with 8.4 and I can say I was impressed. Still I recommend a 9.6 to make the gun a king. You might want to add a sight to the gun to give it that awesome look. Whith all the customizing possabilities you can go wrong with this gun. Getting a LiPo soon to make the gun unstoppable.

Great ROF with 9.6v
Nice feel and weight
Aggressive look with sight attachment
Good range
sturdy mix of metal and plastic
Lipo ready

No rails on the bottom of guns (but can be customized to fit your needs)
Made teammates want to use it :)
by Darion G. on 2013-03-24 07:36:05
"When I first got the box out of the gun the barrel started rotating freely, but a little tightening of a screw inside the hand guard fixed it. I used a 9.6v battery with it, and the ROF is amazing. However, of the three high cap mags I have, they all had difficulty feeding properly especially on full-auto so I recommend picking up a few mid-caps. The tight bore barrel shoots with great accuracy out of the box, but I upgraded to a longer 450mm barrel that was only 6.03mm in diameter (add a mock silencer for the longer barrel.) The gun separates much like metal M4's with you having to take out the front and back pins, unlike what the manual states.

Nice weight
High ROF
High FPS
Great accuracy

Feeding issues (not what you want in the middle of a firefight)
Came out of the box with a couple things out of place (barrel rotated, delta ring coil not in housing)
Fought to get the gun apart (longer wires would have helped)

Overall it's a great gun especially for starters, and will allow you to be competitive with most other guns. I highly recommend it.
by Brian F. on 2013-03-04 13:39:35
"I don't normally write reviews, but this one felt necessary:

I received this gun just a few days ago and right out of the box it was amazing. It hit hard and the ROF wasn't too bad. The gun felt solid and looked just plain mean; however, the hi-cap that came with it was cheap and fed terribly. I recommend a mid-cap mag for this gun. Unfortunately, the charging handle became stiff and locked open and the entire front assembly (ext. barrel, handguard, front sight) became loose. I tightened it myself and it felt like it was good to go. I took it out to fire a couple clips, but the entire barrel shook in full auto, causing a dramatic decrease in accuracy. This is the SECOND defective gun i have bought from Evike. In terms of gear and ammo, Evike has been perfect with excellent service, great prices, and fast shipping; however, I don't think I'll be buying another gun from them. Maybe it's just my luck. If you were to get one that has no issues, this would make an awesome starter gun. I'd recommend at least a 9.6v battery and mid-cap magazines.

-Nice look
-Great price
-Awesome fps
-Lightweight and sturdy (for the most part)
-Cross between ABS and Metal, awesome
-Great starter gun (if it works)

-Mag that comes with it is bad
-Wobbly handguard (not too bad)
-Stock seems kind of shaky, and the screw holding the handle to adjust it came off and doesn't tighten
-ROF isn't great, its okay for some people (Get a better motor)
-Mine seems defective, the whole front end shakes and seems like it'll come off.

Overall: More PROs than CONs, but the CONs are all major parts whereas the PROs are just little perks.
Personally, I wouldn't buy it again, but maybe it'll work out better for someone else.
by Josh K. on 2012-12-05 23:22:37
"I honestly didnt expect much from this rifle. I was planning on just having it as a loaner gun for buddies who didnt have their own guns but wanted to try airsoft out. Boy was i wrong! This thing is a very solid M4

It is very light weight and has a 2 piece outer barrel which is great for CQB. Internals are pretty durable, you should be able to run a lipo for a long time with no issues.
You might want to swap out the Hopup bucking for something a bit better. Maybe even RHop it if you are adventurous.

-Durable internals
-Polymer Body gives strength without sacrificing weight.
-Relatively LiPo ready. Havent had to do any work yet, maybe some AoE and/or piston swap in future if needed.
-350fps is perfect for midrange-CQB play.
-Accepts most m4 mags
-No Proprietary parts internally or externally to my knowledge
(I have a love-hate relationship with my KWAs and Classic Army's for this reason)
-Externally solid in most areas

-Hopup bucking isnt the best (Get a new bucking)
-Range isnt amazing
-RoF is slow, (Get a better motor)

Could go either way:
-Some people may whine about the plastic body, I personally own a custom Full metal G&P Polarstar m4 and I have no problems with polymer body guns. As long you dont:

A) Throw it off a cliff
B) Run it over with your car
C) Rage and slam your gun on the ground
D) Give it to Chuck Norris
E) Toss it into a volcano

You will be fine.

A simple SHS torque motor and King Arms bucking upgrade will run you around $40-50 total, but after that, this gun will be a perfect CQB/Midrange gun. Its lightweight but robust frame combined with its sturdy internals definitely make this a great gun for the starter-medium experienced player
by Victor I. on 2012-06-26 23:14:02
"I got this gun today and I fell in love with it! After that is i unjammed and made it fire, Unless im just a total noob at this... This gun is great my Brothers fell in love with this gun and they wanted one themselves. I got a 9.6v battery(nunchuck) and it put a hole through the sticky target that is available in the accessories.

Highly Accurate
High ROF
High FPS(chrono'd at 425-435 with .28bbs)
Feels realistic.

Mag was hard to get in(unless it was just my gun)
Jammed on the first shot,but when it was fixed everything went smooth.
Barrel got wobbly after two hours(easy fix)

With the cons i still give this a 5/5 :)
by Matt K. on 2012-01-12 22:32:50
"i just got this gun today and wow it feels awesome. with the matrix gearbox already installed it has great power and rate of fire. the 6.04mm inner barrel also helps alot with accuracy right out of the box. very good gun would recomend it to anyone that knows how to swap out bodies

great rof
great fps
great rps
has thightbore barrel instaled
has matrix m110 gearbox instaled
very nice feel
has a fuse box which is usually only found on guns at least $250+
by Robert H. on 2011-06-21 11:36:24
"This gun is the best ever!! it shoots really hard and is dead on accurate to about 75 yards. The fire rate is amazing for how much power it has. It works best with a 9.6v 2600 mah nunchuck battey. it doesnt come with a battery so i would recomend that one. The hi-cap magazine it comes with is all metal. I would highly recomend this gun to anyone.
by parker v. on 2011-06-06 19:05:49
"My brother got this gun it is amazing

trust worthy
perfect aim
it is tan/green so it can blend in to trees
(he got the first one in stock)

by Ruth B. on 2010-10-12 17:17:09
"Would a Tenergy Airsoft Crane Stock Large Type Battery - 9.6V NiMh 4200mAh
battery fit in the compartment? If not, can someone suggest a good battery that would fit?

Webmaster: I recommend the 9.6V 2300mah nun-chuck battery.
by Kevin S. on 2010-10-12 13:10:22
"Can I put just one foregrip rail on this or do I need buy to buy a whole RIS for it?

Webmaster: either way works.

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