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MAG 170 Round Midcap Magazine for P90 Series Airsoft AEG (Set of 4)

4 Customer Reviews

by Jonathan S. on 02/09/2015
"I had a high-cap that came with my gun (CA90 sportline) but it would never feed more than 2-3 BB's before completely un-spooling and causing a whole lot of stress, and taking it apart to build a ramp (look it up) etc. etc. So I decided to switch to mid-caps.

I bought a few of these and they work great! The plastic feels very sturdy and it does not feel like it will break easily. It feeds very fast: I've held down the BB release with my thumb (not loaded in the gun) and all 170 rounds will eject in less than a second.

There is a bit of a break in period where the spring may not push the BB's all the way forward. If this happens in field, just take the mag and smack it (like really, really hard) against your thigh and it will start feeding again. To fix it, I got some cheap-o 0.12g BB's from wal-mart and spent a night watching TV while loading and unloading them repeatedly into a Zip-Lock bag until I got bored. I've also used 2 squirts of silicon oil and all of this has seemed to fix any misfeeding issues.

The only other issue I have heard of (but have not tested myself) is that these mags will break spring speed loaders. I bought a stick speed loader ( which can hole about 58 BB's before you have to push them in. Just mark off where 50 BB's are with a permanent marker so you don't accidentally overload the magazine.

Mag pouches are tough to find for cheap and they are very big (check out a google search for vests with p90 mag pouches). I have an old-school camel pack without the bladder and I've been using that to hold my mags which works surprisingly well once you figure out a system to tell by touch which mag is full in which are empty (I make sure the circular side is up for full mags and the square side is up for empty mags).

And Evike If you guys want to get some drop leg pouches for p90 mags I'll definitely buy one or two!


Feeds fast
Hold lots of BB's


A bit of a break in period
need a stick speed loader
Hard to find cheap magazine pouches

Verdict: Get these if you want reliable p90 mags!
by Bradley B. on 12/03/2014
"These are the most reliable and fastest feeding magazines I own. Aside from the break-in period, where all four jammed at once, they have been a P90 dream. Its strong spring makes this magazine a must have for high speed builds.
by Josh K. on 08/23/2012
"I own 2 of these and they are great

They feed perfectly and hold a lot. Very good if you dont want to use a box mag on your p90

-As usual, mag brand magazines are very good
-Holds a lot
-Very easy to maintain (some silicon here and there)
-Way better than hi caps (they suck)

-I overpaid at my local shop. evike has them WAY cheaper!
-Not a lot of pouches to choose from for p90 mags since they are so big.
by jack z. on 05/12/2011
"awesome magazines. never buy p90 high caps they all suck so hard. these mags feed amazingly well and almost come pre broken inthey are super cheap and can hold way more ammo than other other mid cap on the market. evike also has them way cheaper than any other place. i really havent found a single flaw in these magazines. i always do my shopping here and nowhere else. thanks evike.

buy these mags!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!