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by David S. on 2012-02-06 18:08:05
"I got this gun today and i love it alot but i have some problems with it.
Good ROF
FPS is not what was in the review (350-400 ish) this is good for reserved fields and etc
Not to heavy but heavy enough.
Mostly metal
It has some recoil to not alot but enough to make the gun legit
The dust cover does not want to stay in place.
When i got my gun the front sling mount was broken
The hop up is not working.
Gun came with a 6.08 idk if this is a mistake.
bad connections to the battery (tamiya connectors)- switch them out for dean connectors

This gun is great for its price it is way better then a G&G raider and with a ris kit and a new hop up a 6.03 tight bore and dean connectors and maybe a better motor if you picky then your set
by Brian M. on 2012-02-06 17:07:54
"I have had this gun for about a week now and i also purchased2 2300amh tenergy nun chuck batteries, and 3 matrix universal fit 500 round hicap mags, it is a great combo. Unlike others i think that the ROF is decent
Good FPS
Very Accurate
Tight Bore Barrel Pre-installed
good gearbox

Spring for handguard came loose once but i fixed it
dustcover opens easy (i taped it, no biggie)

I recommend this gun to new players like me, that are looking for a gun with a bang for the buck.
by Tomas P. on 2012-01-18 13:45:36
"I have owned about 4 of these.

This is a very decent gun for the price.
You get a tight bore barrel and 380 fps out of the box
This is a great beginners gun and this is the gun I learned how to open the gearbox and work on and upgrade.


Shoots at about 380 fps with 0.20 gram bbs out of the box.
Really good air seal
Tight bore barrel 6.04
High Quality plastic body.
nice weight (not too heavy or too light)
Charging handle opens the dust cover
Outer barrel is 2 piece so you can fit a shorter barrel to make cqb gun

Trigger response is slow on semi auto
Some, not all, of mine have had trigger issues if your like me and have a heavy trigger finger
If you want to put a magpul handguard you will need to make adjustments to the front sight

Final thoughts:

The all metal version of the Matrix is a better gun because it has silver low resistance wires and gives a quicker response time. Also has upgraded bearings and spring guide.

This gun is great but you will probably eventually have to replace the trigger assembly and add silver wires to it.

If your like most of us in this hobby called AIRSOFT and love to open your gearbox and upgrade and see the enhanced performance benefits of your work then this gun is a great one to get. Low initial costs and upgrading a few items will not cost that much more and you learn how your gun works.

If you do not want to touch your gun ever then spend more on a higher end gun which will last longer but all guns will eventually require service.

I rate the Matrix M4 Sportsline 8/10
by Matt K. on 2012-01-12 22:32:53
"i just got this gun today and wow it feels awesome. with the matrix gearbox already installed it has great power and rate of fire. the 6.04mm inner barrel also helps alot with accuracy right out of the box. very good gun would recomend it to anyone that knows how to swap out bodies

great rof
great fps
great rps
has thightbore barrel instaled
has matrix m110 gearbox instaled
very nice feel
has a fuse box which is usually only found on guns at least $250+
by Jared B. on 2010-10-27 18:35:24
"I just got this gun today and I love it. I am constantly going to my room to admire it. This gun feels great in your hand, its weight is heaviest in the middle. It shoots pretty hard and is pretty accurate from what i can tell. It has a pretty good ROF with a 9.6v battery but it would be realy good with a lipo.

Havy weigt feel
shoots hard
Metal design (there are some plastic parts but it is strong plastic)

My dust cover does like do stay in place

My conclusion is that this gun for the price is very good i would choose this over a lot of other guns on the market.
by Sean G. on 2010-10-10 16:35:32
"Great gun! it's very accurate and fires about 350 fps. Very good deal for the price and good gun for begginers
by Timothy N. on 2010-10-05 00:33:40
"Look this gun is great gun dont think it is not good just because it is 115.00 it is well built and shoots amazingly fast you can do so many up grades with it to make just the way you want to.

300round hi-cap
non-functioning built catch
everthing is metal exp- body and for arm
realistic feal.
great price for what you get.

trust me you will love this gun. all of the other people will start calling them selfs nubes.
by cameron k. on 2010-09-25 11:47:58
"can you put grenade launchers and stuff on this? cause this looks awsome
by Chris S. on 2010-09-17 06:01:43
"I recieved gun after waiting almost 3 months from pre order..

The good...
Cheap, I got mine for the pre order 100$ price tag this is great for any airsoft player. comes with good barrel, and good gearbox internals, very good value here best ive ever seen in airsoft aeg purchase!

the bad...

gun has very slow rate of fire, the gears in it must be super torque up gear very whiny and slow cycle even with high output batteries (9.6v 3300mah elite) still is surprisinglly slow, the outr barrel and handguard has side to side wobble when handling using foregrip, the barrel nut may need to be tightened but I do not have a RIS wrench to try to tighten it myself,

When I recieved the gun the motor grip adustment screw was backed out to the point if I shot the gun I probly could have easily damaged the gears but I noticed this immediately and set it just right not too tight or loose, Upon further inspection, I removed motor cover and saw the wires were bunch up pushing the motor out of allignment causing a "whiny" noise when firing.. When I remove the motor to inspect it, it is an olive green color casing and red plastic end cap, blank with no writing indicating its type of motor, and also its performance is very sluggish when firing SO IM ASSUMING THIS IS A CHEAP CHINA CLONE STYLE (THROW AWAY) motor,

Ok so I reasemble the gun placing the motor grip wire properly and also adjustment motor height properly, shoot the gun and chrono it 330-340-350 range incosistent, so i realise the hop up needs lube so I lube it with silicon oil, now the gun shoots a more proper 360-375 range. The guns rate of fire is still super slow so IM ALSO GOING TO ASSUME THE GUN COMES WITH A TORQUE UP GEAR SET instead of the advertised RPM high speed gearset...

A few notes of misplaced advertisement, no harm done just a bit dissapointing thats all.

You get what you pay for (in this case a good deal), this gun is great, but needs a little work when you get it to make sure it doesnt crap out on ya in a game. Basically quality control could have went a long way with this one and also, make sure the gun has what it claims to have, the motor in this gun pllain sucks, and the gears are turtle slow.....

It still gets 4 stars in my book and I dont regret purchasing it one bit since the price was GREAT.
by Kim W. on 2010-09-15 19:47:50
"I must say that this gun is the best AEG you'll get for its price. It dosent include a battery but a recomend a 9.6. This gun feels just like the real M4 and it like 9 pounds heavy. Theres alot of metal parts on it and it feels sweet to hold it.
pre upgraded metal gear box
magnum moter instaled
metal sights,sling holder,buffer tube,triger,delta ring,clip,orange flash hider,inner and outer barrel,pretty much everything is metal
great FPS
plastic hop up
plastic rail on top
1 screw was striped on the rail so i had to get a new screw
charging handle sring kept coming loose so i took it out
front sight is not removeable

Overall great gun I love it. Its very durable. Some people said this gun sucks but it is pretty great.Also people said their stock was loose when they got but mine was not loose at all.
by Reese O. on 2010-09-14 15:31:56
"Good gun overall besides the no battery thing i cant figure out which one to buy can someone send me a link to it, webmaster or someone?
by david r. on 2010-09-14 13:25:55
"If i bought the gun today when would it come in with standard shipping?

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