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Model: AEG-MTX-SP-M4-B

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by jonah b. on 2015-07-04 16:36:59
"Well ill cut down to my review so it makes it easy to decide.

Note: I think i got a bad apple cause this gun keeps breaking for me but im just getting dif type of parts for it so it wont. Dont let this review stop your from getting this gun.

Lipo ready; You can get a very good battery
Weight; Not to heavy which is good
everything but the hand guard is very durable

Fuse broke 3 days after getting the gun
not a whole lot of room for battery (easily fixable)

So when i got it the fuse broke but i easily just replaced it and had a local gun store help me.

Later my hand guard broke. The spring that aloud you to pull down on the ring and take the handguard off for battery came out of place. for this i give it a four. My suggestion is get a different handguard with a railing system and then get a PEQ box and just run the wire from the inside handguard into the PEQ box and POOF! You have a much easier way of getting the battery in and out. But the PEQ box depending on which you get will determine which battery you get.

But this is a GREAT begginner gun for its price ive beaten my friends with polarstars with this gun i highly recommend!

- Jonah
by Gabriel G. on 2014-04-26 10:21:29
"I selected this gun for my two younger brothers to purchase. I'm pretty proud of the selection, as it will do exactly what you want from it. I am actually surprised by the quality ESPECIALLY for this price. Even the externals exceeded my expectations (the hand guard is sturdy and makes the whole gun feel solid and the polymer receiver is a sturdy polymer, while the adjustable stock is the only "flimsy" part). Both guns were consistent in quality, so I doubt that you have to worry as much about getting one of the "bad apple" guns that sometimes ship when gambling with cheaper AEG's.

I think the gun is a good base if you want to upgrade.

It's important to note that the gun seems to be a higher torque, lower ROF setup, but this is to be expected for this price range. My brothers use Elite Airsoft 7.4v, 20C Li-Po's, and all works well. (Lower voltage so the n00bs don't go frying the guns or something).

Overall, this is a great purchase. If Matrix put a prettier stock on the gun, they could easily sell these suckers for $200. Don't tell them I said that, though.
by Ethan M. on 2013-11-11 12:46:19
"Got this gun and I loved it. Good ROF and extremely accurate. Don't like the mags it comes with, they break easily and don't feed well. Overall great gun. Love it! Only problem is after about half a year and it broke. Wouldn't feed. But it's a great gun! For sure a good buy
by Jonathan J. on 2013-08-30 00:03:08
"I have owned this AEG for 2 years now, and im quite happy with it.
The Body is made up of a good quality ABS.

This AEG is perfect if your looking to get into airsoft, or are looking for a good project gun. the size to weight ratio is perfect, its non fatuiging to use all day long. The accuracy and ROF off set the FPS in field games. I like this AEG way more than any other that i have owned, even my Tokyo Marui M4, its just that good.

good quality ABS
great ROF
amazing accuracy

If your looking for a good starter gun, or a good project gun then look no further. This AEG is perfect for both the amature and pro player. I had mine upgraded to a DMR w. 6.03tb 650mm and a whole bunch of internals. Its the Best DMR i have ever had, surpasing my Tokyo Marui, and Echo1

This AEG eaisly gets a 5 star rating
by Justin S. on 2013-08-30 00:01:21
I have had this gun for almost a year and it is great. This gun has a Great ROF, all you can see is a stream of bb's. Get It

great ROF
Batt. lasts a long time

by Jerry Z. on 2013-06-06 12:36:34
"Got his rifle for a week, and am generally satisfied with it. As a beginner's gun it is very adequate for the price.

No handguard or stock wobble
ABS plastic receiver does not flex
Decent FPS for starter gun

When I received it the wiring from the trigger to the battery in the handguard passed through the magazine well. I had to remove the upper receiver and re-position the wires so my magazines could slide in and out smoothly
The front wired configuration makes adding a RIS/RAS system more difficult
The spring on the Delta Ring is incredibly strong. I am unable to remove the handgaurd without using a screwdriver to pry open the Delta Ring.
by Tomas P. on 2013-05-13 19:59:28
"The AR-15 M4 Hand Guard on a Marui, Real AR-15 or other big names like G&G or Echo1 is also plastic...for those that wants metal hand guard below please snap out of it.

For those looking for a sports-line rifle, these guns are build solid with a very nice gearbox. You can't find 8mm in this price range anywhere else. It also come with metal barrel and stock tube unlike the Lancer crap.
by Jacob M. on 2013-04-12 10:48:42
"I absolutely love this gun! Its fantastic for the price and has a nice weight to it even with the ABS body.

Metal and ABS for realism (real guns aren't solid metal)
You can customize the crap out of this gun

Handguard is pretty cheap, but a new one will fix that

Other than the handguard this is a pretty solid gun and i would deffinately recomend this to anyone!
by Ryan L. on 2013-02-09 10:29:19
"Got this several weeks ago in the mail. Overall,

Metal + plastic parts give it realism
Very accurate
Nice rate of fire
Looks very nice


I highly recommend this to anyone looking for a high-quality, less-expensive M4A1.
by mike s. on 2012-08-13 06:27:39
"got this in the box of awesomeness.

really nice gun, never really been into the M4 since just about everyone I know has one. I put my gemtech blackside silencer and a red dot on it, plus an 11.1 lipo. I get between 14 and 22 rps out of it.

I'm starting to like it more, I'm curious to see how long it will actually last using the lipo.


lipo ready
decent rate of fire
great base for customizing
can be used for in and outdoor games


front hand guard is pretty cheap
some mags can be really wobbly(expected)
trigger not as smooth as it could be

great beginner gun or backup gun, I'll use mine as a beater/BB hose for cqb.
by Dylan H. on 2012-05-10 15:43:45
"This gun is pretty sweet. The gun is very sturdy, and is fully upgradeable. However, with a 9.6 the guns fire rate is low, meaning that a lipo is necessary for that high fire rate.

Decent fps (350ish)
Accuracy is great
Durable, sturdy gun
Fully upgradeable as you choose
Metal gearbox that can support lipo's

ABS body
Dust cover likes to unhatch itself alot
Not a complete beast, but definately worth the money

If your looking for a good starter M4 or just a gun thats great and upgradeable, get this gun!
by Gabe A. on 2012-04-21 11:50:53
"This is a great gun. It is worth every penny.

Great fps
Good rof
Great gerbox


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