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KJW KP07 M1911 Full Metal Tokyo Marui System Gas Blowback

15 Customer Reviews

by Roger M. on 01/18/2018
"Solid. Feels very much like my Kimber. The checkered front strap is a nice plus on an Airsoft pistol. Highly recommended, so much that our team has chosen this as our side arm.
by Zachary Z. on 09/01/2017
"amazing pistol, the safety and mag release on it is set up so you can us it ambidextrously with out shifting your hand if your left handed, it has some decent power to it and an amazing range. my only issue is when i bought it the magazine leaked a bit but i just tightened up on the screw and all was good, all in all good pistol and good price i highly recommend
by Isaiah F. on 06/28/2017
"Very good copy of a Colt, works reliably. Chronographs with .2 bb's at 308 fps.
by Zack F. on 11/27/2016
"First off I definitely recommend this pistol, and I loved it even before I shot it. As the title says it is full metal with exception of the grip, which is a extremely nice textured rubber w/ a griffin (look it up) logo in the middle. One gripe I have is the outer barrel, which wobbles immensely but won't effect the performance.

Now to the part your here for: how it shoots. It shoots pretty well clocking in at around 280 fps with Elite Force 25g bbs, which is fine as a sidearm for me. This gun is most accurate to around 50-60 feet, but I usually have o trouble picking off guys from 100 ft, and worked pretty well with green gas in 60 degree weather (Airsoft arms green gas). Now the only REAL problem is how many bbs you can shoot.
The most I can get out of a fill (6-7 seconds, I've tried longer but this time seems to work best) is roughly 8 rounds. Now this may be a problem to some (just pick up some extra mags), but it is just fine for me seeing as the real-steel 1911 only holds around that much. pros and cons:

kick (doesn't kick much though)
doesn't use much green gas
very easy to strip and clean

Rounds (not for me but there is is)
barrel wobble

Overall a fantastic gun which I would highly recommend.
by Canyon I. on 07/29/2015
"Great gun, good range and accuracy right out of the box with 0,20g bbs. It feels very well built and strong. I use c02 and it works very well you can get 2 maybe 3 mag per c02.
I would definitely recommend this gun!!
by Chris F. on 06/28/2014
"This is a very nice gun. When i got it i instantly fell in love with it. I loved the weight and the details of the gun like the griffin on the grips. One of the things i did notice was there is a little slide wobble and alot of outer barrel wobble. But it in no way affects the performance and is something that can be fixed.

Pros: Detail
Sound and kick
Gas consumption

Barrel wobble
Orange tip is painted on
Slide release is a little bit difficult to take out by hand.
by Tieng N. on 07/28/2013
"Great Buy!
Slide dosnt rattle as much as WEtec
Easy/quick white dot sights
very durable
2 slim double stacked mags (co2 & greengas)
comes lubricated

Cons: (after a year of usage)
Paint gradually chips off on the places were you grip it the most
Just because it holds allot of rounds doesn't mean it will fire it all in one gas fill ( propane CA weather)
right safety lever broke

The box it comes in is pretty standard, and the gun is in a plastic bag already lubed. When i first picked it up i noticed that the slide doesn't rattle like We does and the weight is closer to the real thing then the heavier pot metal WE 1911s. Before i got a holster i have dropped the thing waist height onto concrete and down 14 steps of stairs, none of which affected the guns performance despite the right slide safety no longer moving with the left which still works. Range is amazing if you tune the hop up correctly. If you are looking for a reliable meu 1911 go kjw, great bang for the buck
by Ryan L. on 07/13/2013
"AWESOME GUN!!!! I got this gun for my birthday six months ago and I must say I have ZERO complaints about this gun. Most of the time I throw my ak47 in the dirt just to use this pistol. Accuracy is 100% fps is incredible. The only complaint I would have about this gun is the magazine. After several uses it has started to leak green gas, and I don't have the money to buy a new one now.
by Mike S. on 02/20/2013
"This gun is AMAZEING it's beyond all my expectations. I did not get this gun from Evike however because its out of stock. The gun has great build quality overall the only wobble on it is the outer barrel but it's not major. All other reviews keep saying this gun is a gas hog but honestly it has average gas consumption it's just that because of the mags size it isn't capable of holding enough gas to shoot all the bbs. The grips of this pistol are really comfortable due to the fact that they're rubber, not rubberized plastic. The sites are very nice as well. The wires dots help line up the sites a lot! I've seen a lot of reviews where the person says their orange tip was painted on to the outer barrel but mine is the average plastic plug type thing idk if that's cause I got a newer model, if it's cause I ordered it from an Asian retailer, or what but I'm glad for the plastic.

-great build quality
-little wobble
-VERY accurate (for a pistol)
-double stack mag with a single stack size
-comfy grips
-great sites
-CO2 capable
-nice kick

-the little outer barrel wobble
by Billy S. on 11/25/2012
"This gun is amazing! I have had it for 7 months now and there have been no problems. Even after some guy at airsoft dropped it from 5 feet onto concrete

Looks cool w/out the orange paint on the barrel
Great price
Comfortable to hold (good weight, comfy grip, and perfect amount of kick)
Fairly Powerful
Accurate(for a GBB pistol)
Rail under the barrel

Orange ring of death (VERY VERY bright)
Magazines are kinda hard to find
Uses A TON of green gas (it won't even finish a full mag of BB's because the gas will have run out long before then)
by Matthew D. on 02/15/2012
"this is one of the best pistols i have bought from this is a full metal 1911 with a brand new designed magazine. it takes all standard singlestack magazines but you can get the thin double stacks for it as well. so nobody is confused it is NOT a HI CAPA. this is an meu. i love the weight. it feels like a real one. the barrel comes with a painted orange tip on the barrel, not on the slide. it was a fix for me because it just painted over it. the sights have well painted white dots for easier target aquisition. there is a small tactical rail underneath the barrel but if you use a matrix m3 it does get stuck the first time you put it on. but after a while it comes off with some force from you.

Pros: light weight, high FPS: 315 on green gas, 350 on co2. good white dot sights to see align with. Highly accurate. I got 17 kills over 7 games with this( I was up against aegs as well).

Cons: NONE
by Chris w. on 12/10/2011
"I just got this gun last week and love it! It is my first gbb and it has a ton of recoil and firepower. It can shoot through about 20-23 rounds on one magazine. (The $105 gun package deal only comes with the green gas magazine). I have only tested this gun at a 75ft range and is quite accurate.

-Full metal construction
-holds a lot for slim 1911 style magazines
-Nice weight
-MEU style with wrap-around grips
-accurate for a pistol

-O rings in my original type 1911 Kjw magazines looses its o ring.
(I got this magazine through the Holy Cow deal
-Paint scratches off the barrel. (Expected)
by Nate B. on 07/06/2011
"Just a stunning gun, the weight makes it feel perfect, and its slim body actually feels like a real MEU 1911. You will be able to shoot about one clip with the propane mag. and if you get the Co2 mag. you get about 2 magazines worth of shooting.
by jason r. on 12/24/2010
"I just got this gun 2 days ago from here at evike and im very happy with it. I used to have a marui hicapa 5.1 upgraded with little over $200 dollar spend and i tell you this gun is far more superb specially the fact that it can take co2 and green gas with upgraded internals. The only problem is it did not came with the silver mag that i was expecting but came with 1 black ones and the co2 mag. Shoots hard and strong with the co2 and i prolly get 10-12 shots with the regular mag with full fill.
by rodney u. on 10/04/2011
"I got this gun about 6 months ago and it works fine. I didn't shoot it like in a month then when i got some co2 and shot it again and it still shoot great. When i shot it with the co2 the hammer broke off i guess cause the kick was too strong.

Pros: Strong Kick With Co2
Full Metal
2 Mags
Easy To Use

Cons: Hammer breaks off if you don't treat it well
Also Lube The Gun Every Month or So
Thats All