Reviews: VFC Full Metal M4 VR16 CQBR SOPMOD Airsoft AEG Rifle - Black


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by Dominic M. on 2013-08-12 12:35:11
"I've owned this gun for over a year now, so I feel like I can give a solid review about it.

1. Externals are absolutely glorious. Minimum wobble in the entire gun, extremely solid construction.
2. Easy 1-pin upper/lower receiver breakdown
3. Functioning bolt catch. Pretty cool, but it's difficult to reseat if you've taken the gearbox apart.
4. High quality internals- excellent compression, reliable gears, overall strong gearbox.

1. Wiring is garbage. Extremely thin and heats up quickly. Blew the fuse assembly on a 9.6 battery.
2. Motor is relatively low torque and low speed. To be honest, if you're spending 350 or more on a gun, you should put in a higher quality motor (lonex a2 recommended). With that one upgrade, you can get an extremely high rate of fire.
3. Trigger contacts are a little weak.

Little nitpicks:
1. Delta ring is black loctite'd. I had to dremel it in half to customize my barrel assembly.
2. Flash hider was a pain to remove.
3. Gun is picky about motor grips. Use the stock one or a magpul MOE and you should be okay. Otherwise you may have motor height problems.

Overall this is a great gun. With a few cheap upgrades, it will serve you for a long time. VFC is notorious for having the best quality externals on the market, and they live up to that title. You will not handle a more solid AEG. Additionally, the out of the box performance is stellar. I would recommend this gun to any experienced player.
by Jacob W. on 2012-04-15 07:05:24
"Its an awesome gun. Great fps 400-415, range IS GREAT! and its full metal.

Displaying 1 to 2 (of 2 reviews)